Bio Ionic Onepass Straightening Iron Reviews

There are a silicone speed strips in the Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening Iron. The Ionic OnePass will aid you to make your hair flat very quickly. There is a dry strip technology which offers 3x greater smooth hair.

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Infrared technology is applied here for making hair straight without leaving any damage with the flat iron. The iron has the high power to maintain up to 400 degrees F quickly.

Bio Ionic Onepass Straightening Iron

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Features of Bio Ionic Nano Straightening Iron

  • Silicone is applied for faster straightening as well as develops shine
  • 3rd silicon narrow piece gives 3 x smoother locks
  • Rapid heat raises up to 400 F and direct revival
  • Applied Nan-Ionic element to fuse on cushion plates
  • top levels having negative ions and aloof infrared energy ensures glossy flat trained hair
  • Bioceramic five second heaters
  • Control heat from multilevel
  • 10ft swivel cord

Bio ionicOnePasss pro straightening iron 1.5 inches

The iron has one pass, and I am happy with the Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening Iron. The only difference between one pass and other many passes is that this takes only 15 minutes more in the morning. This extra minute is more time for my sleeping in the morning as this does not work very fast enough.

There are many straighteners which claim that it has one pass and does function well, but only some of them do work well. They become heat in the short time, but other do not do so quickly. Meaning that I have to go to the same is for several times, instead of getting them in one.

The primary feature of this flat iron is that this has wrapped all things in one package. The name is right. As this has great power to make your hair flat by one pass only. There is a long handle, and this is very easy to hold it at the time of making the hair flat. It is like controlling a car in a race.

There is a silicone plate in this iron which will leave you very smooth and shiny hair leaving no hair to catch that does a lot of irons. It is great news for the users if an iron flat does not grab hair at the time of making this flat. Catching hair is very painful to the users.

How to use Bio ionic one pass hair straightener

STEP one

At first, make a section of your locks. Then use a clip to make separate sections or layers. Then start from the bottom layer to the top layer. It will lead toward a smooth finish. When you finish one layer, then put this aside and keep this section on your shoulder so that you can make the other section iron in a well mannered.

STEP two 

At first plugin, then switch on the device and pick up the expected setting. Adjustment of setting temperature is up to you. If you have curly or thick hair, you can increase the temperature gradually. Then bring the flat iron close to your scalp and move the Bio Ionic Onepass Straightening Iron smoothly on the root of your hair. The bring the flat iron down to your hair.


Never keep the flat iron on your hair for a long time this will damage your hair. Use good-toothed combat the time of rolling each portion. It will help your hair to be ironed and does the work bitterly.

  • There is a long cord in this system so you can easily move this hair straightener from here to there. You can also travel with this, and this will aid you to remain at the hotel. There are two outlets of this system, so this is extra bonuses for you. You have the chance to use two items in the store at a time.
  • This becomes heat very quickly and becomes calm down also very rapidly. So you can make your hair
  • There is an excellent setting of temperature control. It is perfect for all types of locks. My locks are curly underneath as well as wavy and thick. So I need more heat to make it flat which is more than my daughter’s shiny and thinner hair.
  • Like my lock super straight
  • I have very shiny hair, so I would not like to obtain that dry or crisp looking at the time of using Chi. I used two items side by side, and I got that Bio Ionic is something better

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  • I have coarse and curly hair, so I need the highest temperature to make my hair flat. So I use the thermal protectant. There is no way to frying my locks at all.

Product Information – Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening Iron

  • Color: Black
  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 3 x 5 inches
  • Delivery Weight:7 pounds
  • ASIN: B0016P4P4K
  • UPC:874822005211
  • model no. of Item: ST-OP-1.5

Buying guide of bio ionic OnePass 1.5 inch

You can buy this product while reading this review from online or from other stores who have the authorized product. There is also the chance to buy this from online.

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Final Verdict

Finally, I can say I like the Bio Ionic OnePass Nano Ceramic straightener flat iron. It does great work for me. In the morning, I have no time to take care of my hair. I just like it beautiful so that I can go out and do my job. It is made of silicone, and I like this as this help to get my desired style only using the single pass.
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