Babyliss Pro Miracurl Reviews

Babyliss Pro Nano Miracurl Steamtech Curl Machine forms one perfect curl after another for any hair texture and length. It has a revolutionary way to make the curls. The Babyliss Pro is the world first automatic professional curling iron. Read the Babyliss Pro Miracurl Reviews with pros, cons, and features.

Everything occurs inside the machine. Just hair goes inside it and curls come out. This is a totally new way to consider styling.

Miracurl is led by the forceful next generation max life pro brushless motor technology. It gives long lasting and precision curling hair.

miracurl babyliss pro

The styling process does not take more time. It is also very simple. With the Nano Titanium curl chamber, it makes curls one after another.

You just simply wrap and use heat for all direction of the Miracurl. The iron is great for all types of hair.

There is no hesitation to use it. Get the wonderful product and be happy with it.

Babyliss Pro Miracurl Reviews

Features of Miracurl Babyliss Pro

  • Gives 20% more curl, formation for 50% and remain for the whole day
  • MaxLife PRO brushless motor keeps control over the curling hair
  • Nano Titanium curl chamber creates negative ions to make the hair more shine
  • Have beautiful settings of time and temperature along with curl direction
  • Takes time less than the traditional curlers to make the beautiful curls


  • Curls will remain on the head for the whole day. There is a steam feature which holds the curl to its fix place
  • You can make spirals, defined curls, swirls, and even squash waves – this is up to your choice
  • Receive heat and give off heat quickly- heat up to 450 degrees to make curls for the fizziest and thickest locks.
  • The real result of every curl. You will get salon quality at your home


  • The beginners will face problem to use this curler. Hair will go into the boardroom mechanically and by hearing the sound, you can release the hair
  • Make curls for the small amount of hair at a time

Babyliss miracurl pro nano titanium

My initial concern when considering this version was that the concept of a system that pulls the hair through it since it may get jammed. The room with this one though was made to prevent that from occurring. It is feasible for hair to get captured (in ways).

However, the device will stopover rotation and reverse therefore that will not become tangled. You try again, and can quickly launch it, alter the place or lessen the quantity of hair.

Heated All Angles

This item can make it super, and stinks. I am stunned at the quantity of time that it takes. By merely doing precisely what iron does, is. A fantastic straightener can straighten hair fast since it soothes the nose and the warmth gets it from the all sides.

The room with this curler will do the similar. It does not quite squeeze up to a flat iron does, but it ensures a relatively excellent job of earning sure the right quantity of warmth gets on each aspect.

Touch of The Steam

Among the perks of Miracurl Steamtech is in the title, the vapor purpose that is optional. Just fill the storage with warm water and rather than direct heat which may burn off your hairs you currently get steam to warm hair.

The fantastic thing of steam is that it is much gentler for your hair, along with your hair curls will last longer too.

The drawback is it takes more time to moisturize your hair, mainly if you’ve got long and thick hair just like me. This is because the storage cannot hold much water (and it should not, or the device will weigh a lot) so you are going to need to refill very frequently.

I completely enjoy the concept of steam and that I like to give it a go but given that the additional time it’d take me I am not entirely satisfied if I wish to use it.

Direction of Curl? There are many of them?

And if you already understand this, maybe you did not realize it makes a variance which path you float in. The MiraCurl, you may put the leadership until you curl to be confident that you’re getting the same look from all sides. Or use the alternative setting to get a more ordinary appearance, with left and twisted right curls, blended up.

Watch Miracurl Video: Babyliss Pro Miracurl Reviews

How to Use Babyliss Miracurl Steamtech

Before buying the Miracurl Steamtech Curl Machine, you should remember that this machine will curl a small section of hair at a time. If you have more hair, you need more time to make the curl of the hairs.

If you like to use the stream, you should use the heat protective product on your locks. The steam will help to make the hair longer lasting, does not mean that you need not use the hairspray; this will aid your curls.

You should keep the device far from your nose and ear as this becomes scalding and may burn your ear and scalp.

The handling of the device is very easy. Be sure whether this is the plug or from the plug. There is indication light with this system.

Make the portion of the hair, then set the temperature, then select the time, hold the hair for one to two inches far from the root. You will get the time set by the indication of the beep.

For three beeps it represents eight seconds and for four beeps it represents ten seconds and for five beeps it represents twelve seconds.

The faster beep indicates you that the curl is now ready to remove and then you can go to the first curl.

If you like to get the steam function, at first, you need to fill the reservoir. Before that, you need to be sure that the device is turned off.

Put out the component then disconnect the rubber caps. To get more longevity of the device, you should use distilled water into the reservoir.

At the time of placing the reservoir in its place, then you hear a click by which you will be sure that the device is fitted. Make the reservoir empty when you finish your work.

How It Works 

Of all the hair styling gadgets on the current market, everybody is stating that the Miracurl Babyliss is your quickest and easiest one to use. In reality, some folks have dubbed it as a “No Brainer.”

All you need to do is place the temperature, place the timer, place the kind of curl if you need it moving in, going out or alternating afterward, you should begin curling or instead, it will the curling to you.

Once you set your warmth shielding solution to your hair, all you have to do is work on every one-inch part of your hair using the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Miracurl by setting it under to clamp the region in which you would like the curl to begin from.

With any additional curling iron, then you get started curling out of the hints going up. Together with the Babyliss Pro Miracurl Professional Curl Machine you begin from that component of the hair closest to the hair follicles or where you would like the curls to start, and the machine does the rest of the

It is like a clip, and there is a groove. To initiate the curling, then a clip which group of hair along with the curling pole inside rotates to tug in the strands thoroughly. If the first batch of hair strands is curled up on the hair placing the pole, it is going to proceed with all the hair placing based on a programmed temperature and length.

After the fixed length has elapsed, the warmth will stop, and when you give up the clip, your hair uncurls in the pole and flows using a beautiful intricate curl.

If you place it in alternating curl, you do not need to make any alterations with the positioning of your curler. When you get started working on the upcoming one-inch batch of strands beside the ones that you’ve completed, they’ll be curled another way around mechanically.

How Do You Fill Water Reservoir in Miracurl Babyliss Pro?

  • Lift the edge slightly and pull it from the unit then fill it with the reservoir.
  • 2 Expose the cover to enter the black rubber cap and fill up the reservoir with the pure and fresh water.
  • Keep the cap on the place. Be sure it is sealed tightly and keep the reservoir to the own position. Then you will get a sound click.
  • Be sure the device is off at the time of removing it. Put the reservoir back to the unit again.
  • Follow the instruction well. At the time of emitting steam keep the flat iron away from the scalp.
  • At first, turn on the steam option and enter the hair into the unit. The steam will come out when the hair is foaming

 Buying Guide of Miracurl Nano Titanium by Babyliss Pro

The Reason to Buy BaBylissPRO Nano

Babyliss Pro is the best curl product in the market now. We must admit that the service of the product is excellent. The design is also very fine. 

It has the side button, the compact shape, and wonderful curling chamber. The streaming option is very good, and this fit for the regular users and fit for the people who are afraid of making curls regularly.

The size of the curler is medium so this is the best product for all users but something difficult for the short hair. The price is somewhat more than the traditional curlers in the market.

How to buy BaBylissPRO Nano

Today many stores are selling the same product. But all the goods are not qualified. Some are false, and the quality is not very good.

Even they take more prices for the product. So you need to be severe to choose the best curling iron to make the natural hair in a good way.

You can take help from the YouTube, or you can read the reviews of the users, or you can observe the comments of the users on online.

Justify first the sellers are very honest or not. You need to know the quality of the product then you should buy this. Otherwise, you will not get the real product.

Babyliss miracurl vs. Conair curl secret 

On this issue of this Babyliss MiraCurl vs. Conair Curl Secret, understand this: precisely the same business creates them. Fundamentally, the Babyliss professional unit is larger and harder, using a stronger engine, a ceramic + ceramic winding room that makes hotter and keeps more heat, three temperature alternatives, and two curl-direction choices.

Less durable than the professional version (it is designed for significantly less frequent usage that may happen at a salon), it provides a single curl direction.

Last note: stick by the “place this aspect toward the mind” directive on the Conair Curl Secret. Should you use it together with another hand toward the mind, the twisting chamber will draw on the hair from the incorrect direction, so it becomes severely stuck.

I’ve attempted the Conair Curl Secret; it is pretty cool. Acquiring the down technique requires a little time, but that is to be expected. I like the Babyliss, however.

I enjoy the choice to change the management of the curl to get a more arbitrary, natural impact, and the extra durability of its layout is reassuring but unnecessary for home usage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Babyliss Pro Miracurl

Question: What is about the voltage?

Answer: The standard voltage in the USA is 110v-120 volt. As we import some product from the USA, all the products have US voltage rely on the manufacturer and the product.

Question: What is the way to use the steam function?

Answer: Fill the reservoir as directed. Then switch on the button and allow to heat up until the steam function works. If you see the red light is blinking, turn the steam off/on switch on. If you do not use steam, be sure the switch is off and make the reservoir empty

Question: do you think it is easy to use?

Answer: You may watch YouTube videos. At first, it is confusing. But if you use much it will be very easy. Keep in mind everything at the first time is confusing.

Final Verdict

The review of the product on online is very near where the product is the main issue. One concerning thing about the product is the price.

Think about the time it takes to make the hair curly. The weight of the product is also a great thing to consider. It is a good mix of curling and toning which makes the product great.

Some users find that the curls last for more than 24 hours. For this, they are happy with the product. The curls may last up to 3 days. This a great advantage of the product.

The style of hair you get is better than the salon quality. Going to the salon every day is a boring and costly matter. By sitting in your home, you will get curly hair cost-free.

Gradually the tool is becoming more popular to the people of all classes. The technology applied here is very simple for all types of users. To summarize, Babyliss Pro Miracurl Reviews may be confirmed for you to make a decision to buy it.

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