BaByliss Pro Straightening Iron Reviews The Hair Straightening Iron

It was several years ago, and I used the straightening iron for my hair to make it straight. BaByliss Pro Straightening Iron is not the exact procedure.

Then I visit my friend, and he showed me this flat iron. Then she used her flat iron on my hair, and I got a very excellent result. I was surprised to see the result, and I was pleased. This was the BaByliss Pro Straightening Iron.


BaByliss Pro Straightening Iron

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I like to have my hair straight. But I am not interested in spending a lot of money for my hair. Sometimes I like to keep my curl iron as this is my natural locks. The flat iron of my friend does not change my life entirely, but this makes my hair shiny and flat and very easy to handle the flat iron.

The irony is that I use the straightener on my curl locks. I feel no sorry for changing my flat iron instead of curl iron. I with the help of my straightener do all works, and I think a flat iron does not offer all these.

Features of BaByliss Pro

  • Super smooth titanium plates which conduct high heat easily and resist corrosion.
  • Lightweight design makes the tool easy handling
  • 50 different heat settings
  • Ryton housing confirms safe touch
  • Ceramic heater for promoting heat as well as recovery.


  • The Babyliss specialist nano titanium plates are charged with negative ions which fight the frizz!
  • If you want this great Babyliss hair iron for perfect curls without investing money into a Babyliss curling tong, then this straightener is your way It stinks as well as it straightens.
  • The small housing on these straighteners means you could straighten or curl with much more accuracy. This makes the curl perfect for those who have short or mid-length fashions.
  • The plates might be lean, but they’re quite long (5 inches), which speeds up the straightening.


  • There’s no “auto shut-off”, so if you don’t want to burn down your house, then you must make certain to turn it off when you are done
  • Reviewers with coarse or thick hair report that it is not the best version for curling their hair.

Nano Titanium Babyliss Pro

The pro nano titanium series of Babyliss flat irons are very amazing and most popular irons so far. There are lots of models in the market and all come with various features.

Here is some of the information about the most popular 3 models from pro nano titanium series.


FeaturesStraightening IronUltra-Thin Straightening IronMini Straightening Iron
Plate MaterialPro-nano titanium platedPro-nano titanium platedTitanium/ceramic plates
Plate width1-1/4”1”, 1-1/2” and 2 inch0.5 Inch
Maximum heat450°F450°F440°F
Sizes3 sizes3 sizes2 sizes
Auto-shut offYesNoNo
Required hair typeBest for all hair typesBest for all hair typesBest for all thin hairs
Heating Time40 seconds40 seconds30 seconds

Babyliss pro nano titanium flat iron reviews

Nano Titanium has a superpower to absorb temperature up to 450 F, and there is a wide plate of 5 inches, which easily make my hair straight. The speed is very fast, and I get my desired result.

BaByliss Pro removes the hand fatigue, and the styling stability will remain for a long time. Nano Titanium has the uncommon conductor which maintains the heat of the flat irons.

The ultra technology of making this iron makes the iron lightweight, and this is very easy to use and the housing made by Ryton, which resists high temperature.

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 How to use best BaByliss flat iron

There is a long plate measuring 5 inches with this flat iron. BaByliss Pro will cover an extended area of your hair in a short time. Meaning that you would not be able to cover your half of head at the same time.  However, this flat iron can cover most of the areas you want first

babyliss pro titanium flat iron

There are different types of sizes, like one inch to one and a half an inch. I usually like one inch as this is best for my hair. You can use other types according to your hair. BaByliss Pro entirely depends on the length of the locks. If you have long locks, you can use 1.5 inch

BaByliss Pro is the credit of the Nano Titanium that this absorbs heat up to 450 degrees with a short time, and this is the best types of heat for my hair.

A lot of irons are found in the market which becomes hotter more than this one. But you need to consider the product as you have sensitive hair. At the same time, more heat is not fit for all types of locks.

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Troubleshooting of BaByliss Pro Titanium Flat Iron: If the tool does not power on

Please never bend or twist or pull the cord of the 360-degree cord of the flat iron. Do not wind the cordage throughout the device. If you damage the power cord, it may cause shortly. Notice your cord now and then to detect the problem. If you see any damage, contact the manufacturer.

Be sure the switches are in the correct position. When you use the switches more, it may be loose or may not fully engage.

Notice the outlet well. If you use the GFI or FGCI along with a reset circuit breaker button, you need to reset again to start the electricity for your flat iron. Try to use different outlets to avoid the faulty outlet issue.

Check the power cord and noticed the cables, expose wires or cord separation well. Before repairing any damage be sure your iron is power off and disconnect from the electric outlet.

Where to purchase BaByliss Pro

You have the chance to buy the product from reading this article. We like the satisfaction of the clients, and the product has a guarantee offers.

Product info – BaByliss titanium flat iron

  • Size: 1″ | Color: Blue
  • Product Dimensions:2 x 2.2 x 7 inches ; 2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight:1 pounds
  • ASIN: B00176B9JC
  • The model number of the Item: BABNT3072

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on BaByliss Pro Titanium Xtreme Flat Iron

Question: How does it work?

Answer: It emits negative ions for digital ionic technology to reduce frizz.

Question: Can you make the curl with the flat tradition flat iron?

Answer: It works very wonderfully. You need to do it well. If you do it for the initial time, I think you will get a very wonderful result. At the time of doing practice, you need to be careful and do not try this at home.

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 Final Verdict

For the above reason, I like the flat titanium iron. BaByliss Pro is set by the experts, and this gives me the very fast heating system and raises the temperature to the utmost level. I am not a love of ceramic flat iron.

All the people like this flat iron as this offer so many styles. The shape of this Babyliss Pro Nano  Titanium is attractive to the users.

If you think the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium is suitable for you, then you can buy this thing from online.

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