Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer Reviews

The best Babyliss Pro is very tuff and hard to select for the hair. All the dryers do the same function. There are some dryers which save times and offer excellent, shiny and smooth locks. Some dryers also offer different styles of the hairs. It is the best hair dryer for the fine hairs and people like this dryer very much. Read the whole article on Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer Reviews with pros and cons.

Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer Reviews

The ceramic technology is applied here which makes the dryer scalding quickly and leave no damage to the hairs. The tourmaline and titanium technology is used here.

So this produces negative ions and makes the coat frizz free and moisture free. There is another important feature of this is the cool shot switch which gives the cold air to the hairs to formulate the style permanently.

The other important features of this best hair dryer are that there is a long cord, the size is right, and the weight is very light. So we can doubtlessly say that this will ensure the best hair, and this is the best hair dryer for the incredible hairs.


Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer Reviews

The lunar combination of the power, motion, and design is perfect for 2000 watt presentation as well as the lightweight method of doing performances. The best hair dryer has speed settings and a cool shot switch. The best dryer also has a concentrator nozzle which offers various styling options. There is a removable filter which is very easy to clean.

If you used the dryer first, then you know the importance of the motors. Babyliss Pro enhances the power of making styles, and this saves times. The speed of the motor is a significant factor for the coarse and thick hair. For the thin hair, the process may be finished in a long time. A powerful dryer needs a powerful motor which speeds up the job and finishes the job thoroughly.

Encircle Heat tools

You might have heard the name 3d sound effects. It is the term fit for only the Babyliss Pro BABNT5548. There are lots of dryers that have only one heat setting, and the heat remains in a particular place. But this 3d has exclusive power to distribute the heat equally all parts of the blowing areas around your hair to make the best curls.

Two benefits of Babyliss pro hair dryer nano titanium

Buy this best dryer of hairs; you can watch the hair dry more quickly than other dryers. The reason is that this distributes heat equally all the area of the dryers and creates the hair dry quickly.

The next factor is that this dryer makes the hair dry in a good and healthy way. Now the question is how? If you compare this with the traditional hair dryers, you will see that they put heat directly to the hairs.

The Babyliss Pro BANT 5548 totally converge your hair in all areas. For this, the hairs become dry uniformly and leave no damage to the hair for inappropriate heat settings. The imbalance damages the hair and leaves breakage of the locks.

Nano Titanium

The Nano Titanium is applied here and how this distributes heat in all parts is mentioned before. Now let us talk about the Ion Generator. This addition of the dryer blows the air as there are Ions in it which is the primary factor to make the style permanent.

The positive and the negative ions make a balance of the dryer. When the positive ions get the charge, then this absorb frizz from the hair and makes the hair dryer quickly.

Six Mode Operation

There is three heat settings and two-speed settings in this The Babyliss Pro BABNT5548. The switches are placed over the buttons so you can set the exact velocity and temperature by pressing the buttons, then you may get your desired result.

Concentrator attach

The Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 keeps a good concentrator with this device. You can employ this for the intensification of the power for the dryer. At the time of making styles, this is the ideal thing to use for the specific areas. Suppose, if you make the hair wet to a particular position you need to dry the spot quickly.

Lightweight.  The weight of the dryer is tiny not more than two pounds. So you need not think about the timing of the hands at the time of using the best dryer.



  • The cord is very long. So you may use the iron far from the outlets.
  • The design is very simple, and the weight is very light. Babyliss Pro is very easy to handle. I need not use gloves to protect my hands and shoulder.
  • The air is freezing. So I love this device. The iron gets hot very quickly, and this is very nice to frizz me off quickly. Sometimes this helps to seal the cuticles, but I am not sure about this.


  • The cord is long, so this is very easy to use from a long distance, but sometimes it will take 1 or 2 min to pack up the device
  • There are many settings in this device, so sometimes I fail to select the right settings from the different settings. My dog is afraid to see the high speed of this instrument.

How To Use Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer At Home 

At the first time of using this dryer, you will feel tired. So you should improve yourself through practices. As I have stupid frizzy hair, I have to work hard to make style. Now I have improved a lot. So regularly practice this dryer.

  • Try to build the hair dry until the hair dries up to 75%. You may use the blow drying if your hair is damp much. If your hair is wet, you need a lot of time to create the hair dry. To construct the hair dry much heat is also necessary
  • If your hair is too much dry, you can utilize serum to get frizz. I would like to use Paul Mitchell’s best serum.
  • Use a protectant before using iron on your head. High heat may damage or split your hairs. I would like to use the tree seme’s heat protectant
  • At first, make the section of your locks and then start to make the curls. I would like to start from the back head as this is the leading part of the hairs
  • You have the options to see the videos on YouTube. Watch many videos and try to know the way or procedure of the product. They try to practice by your hand
  • Use the iron on one section for two times to formulate the hair completely dry. If you keep the hair wet, the locks will be frizz again. Remember that frizz is the first one enemy of the hairs
  • Babyliss Pro is easy to make the style of the long hairs. The hairdryer is also fit for the short hairs. For short hair low temperature is the best and for the longer hairs, you may use the high temperatures
  • To fix the style of the hair, you may use the new hair button. It will fix up your style and-and makes the hairs shiny and smooth. If you like to have the extra volume keeps your head down and come to an end with stinging hairs. Then raise your hair to the head and use your fingers to comb the hairs
  •  If you like straight locks, finish off with the help of straightening irons. Pass this through the strands to have a nice look

Product Info – Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer Reviews

  • Merchandise Dimensions:2 x 3 x 10 inches ; 1.8 pounds
  • Distribution Weight:2 pounds
  • ASIN: B001T0HHDS
  • Item model number: BABNT5548
I have used a lot of offerings of the Babyliss’s product, and then I came to the conclusion that all the products are almost the same. Only some certain parts, there are some differences.

The prices of the product have risen, so the features and specs and functions have changed. The reality is that the ratio of the price and the feature of the product go to the same levels as the price is something going rise.

Watch: Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer Reviews

So this is a good sign that the dryer is developing the quality and added more features. There are lots of reviews of the products.

The main thing is you can exercise the Babyliss Tourmaline Hair Dryer and try to acquire more by spending less.

In our review and analysis, the article Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer Reviews may useful for you for taking right decision to buy the product.


A consumer tester preferred the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Portofino that topped the record in regards to hair dryer. Volunteers will be delighted to invest their own money in it.

Straight and curly haired consumer testers alike commended the dryer for its comfortable handle and “strong airflow”. It has a “fine heat” which dries hair fast. Many volunteers commented about the dryer’s “light” weight. Weighing 1.8 lbs, it was shown to be among the thicker versions in our test.

However, laboratory performance scores were not quite as good — the Babyliss was just average in drying rate. But the fact that it can generate hair glistening with the dryer remaining cool means no burnt fingers or scalp. A

n excellent bonus: The dryer includes three concentrators and a diffuser, and a generous string, providing lots of versatility for styling.


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