Bed Head Deep Waver Reviews

Ladies like to have beautiful hair at all times. They crave to have bouncy, natural waves that last the whole day. Not everybody has natural waves, but it is the envy of many ladies. Wave-like hair is always beautiful but not everybody has it. 

If you want to create beautiful waves with your hair, you'll need the help of curling and styling tools. It now falls your lot to get the best kind of product for your hair. Not all styling tools work the same way, and some are better than others.

Bed Head Deep Waver has been known to be the best tool for creating natural wavy-like curls. This is why we have come up with this review to help you see why you need to choose the product. This article also includes the fantastic features of the product, as well as its pros.

Bed Head Deep Waver Review

Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver for Beachy Waves Generation II

Bed Head manufacturing company is known for producing quality hair styling tools. Their products are available for all who need to add some bounce and shine to their natural hair.

Bed Head produces hair dryers, curling irons, curling wands, and other styling tools.

Bed Head Waver gives you wavy hair in a few minutes. You can make your hair into different styles with this product. Bed Head Wave Artist Tourmaline Ceramic Deep Waver has a deep barrel design that produces waves on the hair quickly and easily. The Tourmaline Ceramic Technology feature helps to prevent frizz and adds shine to the hair.

This product heats up to 400°F that makes it very hot and works fast on the hair. It also features multiple heat settings that make it suitable for all hair types. You get to choose which degree of heat you want per time. You can use it for just a section of your hair or the whole hair for uniform waves. Below are some of the features of this great product to give you an idea of what to expect when you purchase it.


  • Multiple heat settings - Bed head deep waver comes with multiple heat settings. You do not have to worry if the product is suitable for your hair type or not; you can switch between heat degrees to suit you. It also features instant heat recovery to prevent damage.
  • Heats up to 400°F - it can be very hot and produces the best results, especially when you're in a hurry. However, you have to be careful as to how you increase the temperature. It is best to increase it gradually to avoid damage or breakage to your hair.
  • Comes with deep barrels for beautiful waves - the barrel-like shape of this tool adds to its ability to be able to create nice looking natural waves. The tourmaline heating technology provides you with enough heat you need for your waves. It also helps to prevent the heat from drying out the hair's moisture, leaving you with shiny waves.
  • It has 30-second heating - you do not have to wait for too long before the tool heats up. It is a time-saving tool.
  • It comes with a professional Flexi cord - you can take it anywhere you want. It is ideal for travelers and very easy to use.

Pros & Cons of ​Bed Head Deep Waver


  • The product is easy to use - You do not have to worry about how to style your hair like a pro. All you have to do is go through the instructions in your manual, and you can style your hair as a professional hairstylist would. You end up with waves that are long and look very professional. 
  • It has multiple heat settings - whether you have thick or thin hair, this product is suitable for you. All you have to do is adjust the heat settings to suit your hair type.
  • This product is maintenance free - you do not have to go the extra mile to keep it in good shape. You just have to clean it regularly.


  • The product has barrels, not just one wand. This can make it look difficult for some people, but it is easy to use. All you have to do is to make sure the barrels do not come in contact with your skin as they will be hot.

Bed head wave artist tutorial

How a Bed Heads Wave we use to perform its function for your beautiful hair? Good. The temperature is not much enough to make neat waves. 30 to 45 second is enough to reach heat to the highest temperatures. It will let you know as it reaches the temperature by glowing instead of flashing that is very good features.

The Steps

  1. Use heat protectant
  2. Blow smooth and dry
  3. Straighten crazy spots
  4. Make section of hair in half
  5. Make section of the hair. Spray back half with brush and hairspray through. If the hair is dry, use the tool LABEL SIDE UP for the back half.
  6. TIP: do not crimp last half inch to one inch. Make part and use hairspray. Press the finished hair to the other side of the shoulder. Finally crimp before the half, make the part and use hairspray.
  7. Do the same thing for the other side of the hair also
  8. Remove all finished hair to one side and permit let down layer two
  9. Move back to the front, spraying, separating and move aside if finished
  10. Section into 3. Let down top layer. Do it with tool faced label down.
  11. Make apart and spray. Flip head upside down as you desire to add more volume

Why We Love Best crimping iron (And You Should, Too!) – Bed Head Deep Waver

If you like to have frizz-free and bouncy waves for all the day and the night, then move to the head 3 to 4 inches tourmaline thick ceramic wafer.

Bed Head Deep Waver is tourmaline technology which will offer you frizz free and shiny style. This process will provide you high, and the heat penetrates all the parts from inside to outside and makes the hair very natural and frizzes freestyles.

What creates it differently?

The using of this iron makes the texture of your hair very great. Like other iron, it falls out some at the time of moving your locks. You will get a lot of styles. So do not worry about the entire flat. The style will remain for the whole day. It will give you piece y beachy look that you like much.

Things you have to consider before buying hair waver for short hair

Make yourself free from the natural straight or ponytail tresses and use the updated technology and best quality lock crimpers. You may select tourmaline, metal, and ceramic hair crimpers.

Choose the best technology that will be best for your hair type. This is the best to apply which as strategies as you may create the finest use to make styling instrument and confirm the best result each time.

The iron is made of tourmaline plates and has a great ability to raise temperature very rapidly. It ensures very efficient static electricity as well as frizz prior to the even begin. It produces negative ions and the ions fight with the positive ions, and the hair becomes significant.

At the same time, the infrared heat technology distributes heat equally all the parts. It makes the hair silky and best for professional utilize and for the standard hair and dense for the rough hair.

Tourmaline is applied with some other elements like ceramic at the time of using tools. A semi-precious stone, then Tourmaline is crushed and fused layered or together on ceramic or titanium material to circulate negative ions.

The ceramic ensures extra smooth for the hair and save from friction that may create for using ceramic only.

The damage may be less and reduces high heat and makes the hair shinier. For regular use, you may use the Tourmaline infused ceramic hair crimper, leaves no damage to the hair and thin to coarse the lock.

The ceramic plate is less expensive and best for the natural moderate and light hair. All the hair crimpers are not made with the similar procedure.

The cheap one scrimps on the element by applying for a ceramic coated plate that is fundamentally metal or plastic plates treated with ceramic.

For more layers, you have to spend more money. So why do you think such kind of product? Select 100 % ceramic plate to save your more dollar. The plates are kept from chipping and may not cause annoying hot spots which leave damage to hair and thanks for using infrared heat.

User Review On Bed Head Deep Waver

HIGHLY recommended for long & thick hair

I have very thick, straight as well as very long hair. The time to make curl will need more and does not stay for a long time. My lock is down in the middle of my back and one and a half inch in a ponytail.

The size is perfect I think. I have used many things like irons, wet sets, double barrels, hot rollers, etc. I would like to use it for the rest of my life. It looks like finger waves or natural look. If you have hair that does not hold curls, then you may use strong mousse then apply hairspray to utilize the waiver.

Do not touch the hair until it becomes cool well. In this way, the curl will remain for a long time. This is suggested for Highly, Highly and Highly long and thick hair to make style.

The BEST thing about my thin hair!

I possess straight and flat hair. For thickening the products, it falls flat directly. I like to make curl as it gives volume and stays for a long time. I am a mother, and I have no time to do so.

But this waiver takes only ten to fifteen minutes, and it remains all the day. This is my precious thing ever, and the price is also great. I would suggest everyone buy it.

Why you choose bed head deep waver

Waves That Last (Most) Of the Day

They feel your hair will get from that iron will look good right off the bat, however just like most irons, then it will probably fall out a few if your hair proceeds. It’ll give only enough body to survive during the day and provide you the piece-y beachy look we adore oh-so-much.

Long Hair Can Maintenance

If you are like me and have super long hair, you may not get the look you desire using the Waver. The barrels are not large enough to get through your entire mind quickly, which could make it dull to design with. It is likely better for shoulder length or slightly longer hair, even though it’s likely it may work for nearly anybody.

No Burns

On this iron is not entirely burning evidence since it gets scorching and may touch your skin. However, it is not likely to be likely to burn you as additional alternatives due to the black plastic at the upper end of this gadget. The little ring prevents individuals from burning while holding to the limit to find the proper place on the facial skin.

Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver - Hairstylist Review and Tutorial!!!!

Bed Head Deep Waver Reviews (FAQs)

What is a deep waver? 

A deep waver is a styling tool used to produce beachy waves or curls. It also helps to increase shine in the hair. 

How do I stop my bed head hair from going Curly? 

Pack your hair to the top of your head and make the tip lose. Then clip the curly tip with a headband. 

Does crimping your hair damage it? 

Regular crimping of your hair can cause damage to it, especially if your hair is thin. 

Why is bed head deep waver the best? 

This tool helps you to minimize the time spent in styling your hair. It gives your hair texture and elegant finish and stays that way for the whole day. 

Can I use bed head deep waver for my thin hair? 

Bed head deep waver is suitable for all hair types. It comes with multiple heat settings that help to adjust the temperature. All you have to do is adjust to the temperature that suits your hair. 

Final Thoughts

Bed Head deep waver is used in achieving beautiful natural waves that are usually difficult to achieve. With this fantastic tool, you don't have to worry about how to make your hair look nice always. It also helps to add volume to your hair. 

It is straightforward to use as you just have to follow the instructions. This product will leave your hair looking beautiful and become the envy of others.

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