Awesome! Remington S9520 Iron Review

After washing it, your hair will slide very easily. On the face of the handle, you will find three pink buttons that handle the temperature and power. The ceramic plates also modulate quite individually from the grips. When you flip to the straightener, the screen light should remain lit up. After turning if you put it off, then it will automatically turn off. It wouldn’t be happening should you utilize it immediately after setting.

In case you’ve got African American hair and your hair is curled, long curled and thick afterward the Remington S9520 Salon Collection Ceramic Hair Straightener is right for you. Since it’s lightweight that you can do the job in a moment. It does its very best job on dry hair. If you employ thermal heating protecting serum or something like this, you may secure your hair from any harm.

Do not be worried if you’re a medium size baldness proprietor. It works nicely on moderate hair but may not comfy for short hair loss.

On the contrary, growing healthy hair makes the day shorter that you aspire. With the wonderful hair, you may keep your hair high up hoping little than a compliment. If you are more careful on your hair and keeping it harmless, Remington S9520 Iron Review is something you should not ignore.


  • The provided Remington hair straightener is your well-recognized hair styling instrument because of its use of innovative technology which paves a method for attaining the exact outcomes.
  • It comes equipped with all the genuine pearls smashed ceramic coating that offers incredible effects with perfection.
  • It can be warmed up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit to do the appearance.
  • It becomes prepared to work within 15 minutes.
  • It’s intended to supply the smooth glide since it efficiently moves down in a simple method to cover every inch of your hair.
  • It comes with the fever controller lock System which helps to find the wanted temperature to design your hair.
  • The locks move quickly and smoothly within the iron, no snags, and pulls. The hair is smooth free and frizz free.
  • Has the quick power to straighten and make the shape
  • By using this straightener, my locks held shape as well as this creates natural looking waves.
  • It becomes heat very quickly and is suitable for different temperatures.
  • The button is fixed for a place and needs proper pressure to use the button but no accidental pushing of the button.
  • It has a swivel cord which allows you to use all around your head
  • You can see the digital display from certain angles. From the other angles, this is not possible to look at
  • The locks on the handle are stiff but function well

How to Care of Remington S9520

The Remington S9520 appears to you with a good manual in where you will get the details of using it. A proper understanding is a must to use the iron very well. Follow the guidelines, and you will be able to use it properly. The performance will be great. Only proper maintenance is a must for all the iron to use it for a longer time.

What is the reason hearing from me on Remington S9520?

You need one who knows well about the hair or hair straightness in general. I am in the hairstyling business for a long time and selected as judges for hairstyling competition for a long time I have gathered experience.

I am a user feedback. So I read the whole review of the users and found that you need to give the full picture of him straightened.

The Product of Remington S9520

There is a large ceramic coating plate with these flat irons. Remington T|Studio Pearl Ceramic 2-Inch Straightener ensures salon quality result sitting at home. Remington S9520 has the best power to reach power to 450 degrees. Hence, you can enjoy the smooth and silky hair using this product. There are also different settings for temperature with this system.

best curling iron for African American hair

If you would like to have salon quality straightening in your home, you can select the Pearl Straighter. Ceramic is one of the most talked topics in the world of straightening. Remington S9520 has the high power to receive the heat very quickly.
No hot spots are seen on the device. There is the protecting plate that will save the Straightener from any scratching. It has the high power to distribute heat all the parts of the device equally.

Remington S9520

Ceramic plates made of pearls

The Remington S9520 boasts 15 times more plates than the normal hair straightener. Ceramic has the ionic effects which will ensure you healthily and smooth hair. There is infused in the ceramic plates which will go easy on your hair without any scratching and be tearing and pull in.

450-degree extreme temperature

The Remington S9520 is fit for any texture of the hair though this has significant power to heat up to 450 degree, which is a great one.

Digital controlling power

There is a digital display with this Remington S9520, so this is very easy to know the level of temperature as the reading shows on the screen. There is also heat recovery method and heat controlling program, so it functions of maintaining a temperature at the time of processing the hair.

Two-Inches plates

There is a two inches barrel with this Remington S9520, which most of the people like to have. It has the great capacity to make the hair curl from the roots to the near of your head. There is a swivel cord with this iron.

This hair straightener has full plates which are very useful for the users. People who have long hair will appreciate this iron as the iron has very broad plates which help them to make their hairstyle according to their will.

How to Use Remington S9520

How to use Remington S9520

If you are a newcomer, you will be awakened to use this straightener. So you need some practice to use this straightener. Use your thumb and make the section of your hair from the top to the bottom of your hair.

Pull the upper part of the sections to the top and secure with a scrunched. Make a horizontal section to your neck, then straighten one-inch section at a time.

Keep the straightener close to your scalp, not too near to burn the head. Grip the straightener tightly so that this can move on your head smoothly, and permit the straightener to move your head smoothly so that the hair may move to the curler easily.

Do the same thing again and again until you finish the last section of your hair. You can use hair serum to prevent the hair from fly away.

Remington S9520 Iron Review

Works great!

Remington S9520 Curling Iron Works great

Remington T-Studio straightener is a good straightener, and my friend used it. I also like the T studio. The straightener is something new, so I have purchased it.

It has a blue Bed Head straightener which can heat up 400 degrees, and I would like to go over it, again and again, to make the hair straighten.

After an hour the style would not hold. The heat may go up to 450, and I use only 420 to 440 degree. This works just like a charm. I have thick hair, and so there is lots of straightening.

My lock is naturally straight, and they flip from all the different directions. I like the cord as it is swivel.

At the time of using it, my fingers press the button, and I just alter it back and keep going on. Some people feel irritation, but it does not matter, it happens ones, and it is great.

In love with Remington S9520

The straightener got A plus. For a previous couple of weeks, I had been using a curl master straightener. I like the straightener, but it broke. I meet Remington straightener and love the features as well as reviews.

Consider the price and why would not replace this one, I think. I fail to believe that it heats up very quickly and the plates are very smooth at the time of running the flat iron over the hair. I have naturally curly and thick hair and makes the hair soft and shiny.

When I take a bath, the hair becomes somewhat damp, and I face no problem to use the straightener. I have seen that my hair is habituated to fall out a lot when I apply the old straightener.

I saw two or three falls out and now happy as I have bought the straightener. It is a fund, and I do not like to style my hair. I make only one swipe, and the hair is frizz free and very shiny.

How to Straightening African American Hair with an Iron?

How to Straightening African American Hair with an Iron

The important tip gets a best flat iron for the black lock or best flat iron for the natural African American hair. Then you will get straightening process. Try to follow the steps:

  • To get the top end style of hair, wash your hair well with the top quality conditioning product. Do not try residue or avoid using sulfate. You may get a less straightening finish.
  • To get the best straight, blow dry the lock. There will be no additional residue or moisture on your hair.
  • Make section of your hair. Then start from the end to the top of the hair to get the good result. Maintain a balance between section size and plate’s size. You may use a good comb to make the hair straight and tight.
  • Give more emphasis to the hair near to the scalp. Do not do near to the root. As the frizzy root, locks render a bizarre look to the hairstyle.
  • Give more attention to the near to the scalp of hair.
  • The iron is not for straightening. Be innovative, and flip the iron for the bouncy and very wavy hair.
  • After finishing straightening, use wax or pomade on your hair. For doing this, it makes the hair shine and adds value to the hairdo

Buying Guide of Remington S9520 The Best Iron for African American Hair

The reason to buy Remington S9520

You would not get the same type of salon quality hair from the straightener. But the Remington S9520 may give you the result same to the salon.

It has a pearl infused ceramic plate that may give wonderful heating power, and the wider range of temperatures setting is versatile for the styling of the hair.

It is simple to store and use the product afterward. The device is very user-friendly. Everyone desires to have a wonderful style of hair and only it can ensure this.


The Way to Purchase Remington S9520

There are lots of products on the market. So among them try to get the best product. You should know the quality of the product as so many products are found in the market which is fake, or the product would not give you the desired result.

The Place Where You Can Buy Remington S9520

best curling iron for African American hair

So this product is the best in the market, and people like to have this product as the price is very reasonable.

To get the product click here. There are also many stores who are also selling the same product or the inferior product.

The price may be two or thrice time greater but do not offer the same result. People like to have this product as the product is honest and there is no falsehood in this product.

If you order the product, you will get it within 24 hours. They will deliver the package in exchange they will take no charge. There are some good slogans on the box. Still, the customers are not pleased with the result of the product then you will get all the money back. At the same time, there has some assurance of the product.

Information – Remington S9520 Iron 

  • Dimensions of Product: 9 x 5 x 13.8 inches ; 1.6 pounds
  • ASIN: B003V21WO2
  • The model number of the Item: S9520


Watch: Remington S9520 Iron Review 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Remington S9520 Iron

Question: Can I use it for my wet hair?

Answer: Though the hair is not totally dry it works. You may go over the hair slowly one to two x and you can straighten your hair what you like.

Question: What is the watt of the straighten?

Answer: The wattage of the straightened is 62W

Question: I left home without turning off the device. Do I need to go back to turn off the flat iron?

Answer: The question is very good. There is an auto turn off the system with the device after sixty minutes. It is better to unplug the device if you have needed no to use it.

I love to get the high-quality product. At the same time, I love cheap things. The two sentences sometimes may not produce the rhyme as the higher type of flat irons is very expensive.

The performance of the product is very great. One important matter for the product is that the design of the product is not mattered at all.

The reality is that the Remington get the top rank for the hair straightener in the market. If you compare its performance the product is very great.

The tool can make the hair wonderful design. Price may be the same but performance will be different. I suggest using the Remington hair straightener as it performs well.

Be happy with the great product. There is no compromise with the low-quality product. Only Remington is the product which may ensure wonderful hairstyle for you.

The Remington S9520 hair straightener has 15 times more ceramic and eight smoother glides compared with other straighteners. The product is made with good technology to perform as best as possible. It defeats all the odds and can be preferred product by anyone wishing to get a quality product at affordable price.

The Remington S9520 Salon Collection Ceramic Hair Straightener has very wide plates. It is great for the people who have thicker hair. The device has two inch wide plates. It is a professional type flat iron.

Advanced ceramic and pearl technology are applied here to make the tool effective for the users. The wide coverage makes the iron more efficient for thick and long hair. It has adjustable temperature setting with is perfect to make curl without damaging. The price of the tool is reasonable and makes it perfect for professional stylists.


With the low price, I would like to get the top quality product. These two sentences do not rhyme all the time normally. The reason is that the flat iron which offers higher performance is very expensive all time.

There is another funny thing that is the size of the hair straightener. The Remington is not very beautiful to look at compared with some of the top-ranked hair straightener in the market.

Now think about the performance of the tool. The device is very simple but performs well better than the double priced straightener as they have an excellent design. I would like to come to a conclusion by saying that the performance of the Remington S9520 is great compared with other devices of the same prices.

If you’re deciding to choose what kind of iron to get, Remington S9520 Iron Review could help you.


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