Best Hair Chalk For Dark Hair Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Is there anyone who does not like to be more attractive? Who has no desire to look a bit crazy? It is clear that there are some weak sides in our personality. Do you know, what is the way, to see the crazy and wild side of a personality?

The answer is normal, just color your hair. We are not talking about the permanent color of hair. We are only discussing the temporary color of the hair. You can color your hair according to your desire.

Best Hair Chalk For Dark Hair – Comparison Chart

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Hair Chalk | Metallic Glitter Temporary Hair Color

4.8 ounces4.7 out of 5 stars

Aoert Temporary Hair Color with Comb

0.8 ounces4.9 out of 5 stars

Rosenice Hair Chalk Comb Shimmer Temporary Hair Color Cream

3.7 ounces4.5 out of 5 stars

Temporary Hair Chalk – Non-Toxic Rainbow Colored Dye Pastel Kit

11.2 ounces4.8 out of 5 stars

SOOKOO 6 Color Hair Chalk Set, Metallic Glitter Temporary Hair Color

8 ounces4.6 out of 5 stars

Besides, it will not stay on your hair for a longer time. Normally you can wash the color off immediately as you do not like the way it turns out.

Would you like to add color for your hair to attend the party and spice up the party? If the answer is yes, we have decided to dedicate the post to the wonderful fashion invention- hair chalks.

Here we will discuss the top hair chalks in the market. Besides that, we will discuss the features of these chalks. After that, we shall see the various uses of hair chalks by the various things you are looking for. You have to select the best type of hair chalk for your hair. Now be ready to start to use it.

What are Hair Chalks?

Hair chalk is a non-permanent type of chalk used on hair to color it for a short time. One can get very wonderful color with using it for a couple of days. Like permanent color, it does not stay on the hair for a long time.

Chalks may be washed away, and one can get the normal hair color at any time after using them. This is a very easy way to present your creativity and talent in the world then end up with great fun for the process.

If you like to enjoy the party for a short time or would like to have a great time over sleepovers, you can use it to enjoy.

There are different types of chalks found in the market. It comes within a set or with the individual piece. Select the best type of chalks which may be fit for your hair. To do so, we say you some of the important factors which should be thought of buying hair chalk.

Best Hair Chalk For Dark Hair

Hair Chalk | Metallic Glitter Temporary Hair Color

Hair Chalk | Metallic Glitter Temporary Hair Color - Edge Chalkers

It remains on the hair for three days, Brand novel Edge Hair Chalk Stix. New Hair Chalk Cream technology is self-sealed for sixty seconds. Metallic Sparkle colors blend into one another making so many dissimilar looks.

There is no need to use hairspray on hair. It sets quickly, and there is no mess. Every Tube revolves the lively blendable sparkle color and rinses on the hair smoothly. All are color blends.

Lastly, a hair chalk does not obtain all over on your hand. You can color your hair with this color. It is very vibrant. Edge hair Stix are semi-stable and may remain on hair for three days or more.

Color will set automatically. You can flat or curl iron locks with colors. Mix them any colors you like your hair. Mix 1 color with other to get a wonderful look. Semi-permanent hair and temporary color.

Features of Metallic Glitter Temporary Hair Color

  • Inside one box there is six edge hair six colors. Patent pending. Blendable hair Stix with an Easy applicator.
  • As Seen On The Voice as well as What The Stars Use – Rainbow Collection | Eighty Applications Per Hair Stick
  • Three new procedures to use on hair with directions presenting the way to blend in Bangs, braid, layered looks and feathers.
  • Remains on hair for three days or until wash out with shampoo, no mess.
  • Having wonderful packaging may be utilized in various ways and on all hair colors

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Aoert Temporary Hair Color

Aoert Temporary Hair Color with Comb

Our vibrant array of non-permanent hair chalk is the best dry hair chalk found everywhere with reasonable price. There are different kinds of chalk which will match with your costume and wardrobe.

All chalks will last for a long time, and you will be happy to have such type of chalk with cheap money. The hair chalk salon is particularly made for hair chalk dye which has various colors.

The ranges of the chalks are from dark to bright, ensures you to match the color of the hair. The chalk is very beautiful colored hair which manages its vibrancy for soft hair chalk. This is the best type of hair chalk that you like to get.

Besides the chalk is safe, ideal and appealing as there is no toxic element in it. They are blendable and semi-permanent hair chalk. Four vibrant rainbow colors so before using use hand gloves.

Features of Aoert Temporary Hair Color with Comb

  • You should not use a glove or wear gloves before using the chalks, softly dye color from the top to the end.
  • 4 Vibrant Rainbow colors, apply hair chalk on wet hair.
  • A rainbow with having four colors in 1 handy tray, you can use color on your hair and hue imaginable.
  • EASY CLEAN-UP – Our non-permanent colors are all water based and simple to wash out with water or regular shampoo

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Rosenice Hair Chalk Comb Shimmer Temporary Hair Color Cream

Rosenice Hair Chalk Comb Shimmer Temporary Hair Color Cream 6pcs

Turn your hair colors within minutes: the comb applicator makes it rapid and simple to put dazzling colors on your hair, making a unique and beautiful look for yourself.

This is very super for clubbing, parties, cosplay, and festivals and so on. It is very safe to use and simple to wash out. We have made hair chalks from FDA approved ingredients.

Besides, it is water soluble and non-allergenic. At first, remove ordinary shampoo by washing hair. Now hair will be soft as well as flow through you use a lot of colors.

When you brush it out, the hair will be natural and supple not sticky and stiff. We are ready to give all the cash back if you do not get the expected result. For any reason, you are not satisfied with the product. We will give all the money back.

Features of Rosenice Hair Chalk Comb Shimmer Temporary Hair Color Cream

  • These do work on darker hair
  • You must not work for darker hair
  • They are small enough
  • The picture is just like the flat iron size
  • You have to use more pressure and move on the hair several times but may show up

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Temporary Hair Chalk – Non-Toxic Rainbow Colored Dye Pastel Kit

Temporary Hair Chalk - Non-Toxic Rainbow Colored Dye Pastel Kit

The original hair color on hair will remain for three days Brand New Edge Hair Chalk. The different colors of all blends sometimes confuse you for having the same appearance.

There is no mess and problem free to use. Show off the real colors along with the Hair Chalk Salon. By the help of the bright chalk, pens add temporary streaks of color on your hair. Make a fashion treatment with the help of particular tools to insert beads and complete you designer hair. This is surely a fun activity for girls and parties right out.

Removing chalks from the hair is very simple. Use shampoo on hair for several times and try to remove it. If you see the color remains, you will wash the hair few times to remove it.

Near water or rainwater can snow the chalk on your clothes so be careful. Take it note that hair will be a bit dry after using fleeting hair chalk. It does not affect the hair or the appearance of the hair.

Features of Temporary Hair Chalk – Non-Toxic Rainbow Colored Dye Pastel Kit

  • Hair chalk is fit for any colored dry hair. But before using it, construct the hair wet or make the chalk wet to get the best result or to make it easier. Remains up to 3.
  • Blend one color with other colors to have a blended look. All colors blend with one another

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SOOKOO 6 Color Hair Chalk Set, Metallic Glitter Temporary Hair Color

SOOKOO 6 Color Hair Chalk Set, Metallic Glitter Temporary Hair Color

There are lots of benefits using the Metallic Glitter Temporary Hair Chalks. It will save your money. The product will leave no hair damage after using it. It has six colors. Besides you can mix these colors to get your desired color.

You need not use hairspray. The color will remain on your hair for two days and very simple to clean.

This type of color is huge for everyday use or special occasion which will add special appearance for your hair. Be careful, do not go very close to water, rain or snow as the chalk can rub off on your dresses.


Features of SOOKOO 6 Color Hair Chalk Set, Metallic Glitter Temporary Hair Color

  • Match the color with the color of your hair. You can blend the colors or use it individually. This is up to your choice.
  • Very simple to use and dries within 30 seconds. It remains on hair for up to 3 days. Very trouble-free wash away normally.
  • Color is safe for skin and hair also. Suggest for five years or five plus. There is no toxic element in it.
  • No side effect
  • For a waxy lipstick surface, twist to open, on hand no messy, it moves on hair smoothly and beautifully. Own sealing on for the hair

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What to Look For

Getting is a good hair chalk is not very difficult. Still, you have to be careful to choose a hair chalk. Try to get the elements which are natural. Secondly closely notice the color shade they offer. As we have told it before that some come in the market with set and some are individual. These which are found in sets having best and bright colors.

Then try to get experience how the color is used on your hair through chalk. Some have mascara type brush though some have roll up sticks. Besides, some come with tongs for coloring.

Try to get some chalks that are very simple to use and ensures a good combination of color. At last, give more importance for the price. When you are looking the price does not forget to see the pieces.

Some have a set with 24 chalks or 6 chalks, while some have single pieces. Moving forward for different types of hair chalks for sale, you may stumble upon some wonderful discount and prices.

How to Chalk Your Hair

How to Chalk Your Hair

The chalk procedures vary for what type of chalk you like to use. There are some common rules you have to follow to stick to all such cases.

  • Wrap some cloth or towel round you to avoid cloth stain.
  • Obtain a bowl of water and a fresh paintbrush; just you need to use them. You should not use lots of water. If you use less amount of water, you will get the more vibrant color
  • Wear rubber gloves before you like to use it.
  • Suppose hair is dark, you have to moisten slightly before you apply the hair chalk.
  • For blonde hair, you need not moisten the hair at all as it may stain.
  • Since the stain falls on the thread of hair, you do not get color and then wash it off very quickly with water.
  • You have lighter skin and darker hair, the more contrasting and the brighter chalk colors you require to show performance. Red, bright green and red tones are the best-preferred ones for brunettes.
  • For blondes, light pastel color is the best option. Still, hair chalking involves trying and experimenting new effects. You may apply different colors to make the stylish Ombre effect.


And this is the step-by-step hair chalk tutorial for everyone!

Step 1

Make section of hair you like to use chalk and water. You have to dip a piece of talk in lukewarm water then moisten the paintbrush touching the most chalk with it to soak up color and water and begin painting the strand of the hair.

On the other hand, you may use a little amount of water of that strand of hair except using the color or the paintbrush.

Step 2

Bend that strand of the locks and rinse the chalk into round the hair. If you go more over the area, you will get more powerful color. When you like to use dissimilar colors at a time, begin with the lightest shade.

If you like to begin with darkest one, it can blotch all over the gloves later on marking the lighter colored segments of hair.

Step 3

Wait sometimes to make the hair dry. Then use the flat iron for every colored strand to adjust the color. You can make the style of your hair according to your desire; enjoy it with braids, lovely buns and beachy waves. Keep in mind that brushing more and more will remove the color from the hair.

How Long Does the Hair Chalk Dye Last?

It is up to your care for your tie-dye hair. Normally, the color will remain for few days as long as you rinse your hair.

Before using shampoo, brush your hair more and more to remove more colors as much as possible to wash off all chalk easily. In spite of intense colors, the hair chalks stick normally fade off instantly.

How Long Does the Hair Chalk Dye Last

As you are taking preparation for a certain type of event, you have to chalk it up in the morning to get a flawless type of hair color for the whole day. Remember that the chair chalk tends to stain be linen, so it would be better to wash your hair before you like to go to bed.

Besides, if you keep the chalk for a long time on your hair, it will dry up very quickly, or it may harm your strands.

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