Best Hair Color Remover For Black Hair Buyer’s Guide

Black hair dye is the fabulously complicated dye to remove from the hair. It is up to how much lighter you like to gel. It may take few steps to have the desired result.

You can remove the black dyes from the hair without leaving any damage to hair. You can strip out the color of the hair color and go anything from brown to blonde color with care and time.

Major hair color type

Natural Hair Colorants

People from a long time coloring their hair by using minerals and plants. Some of the usual agents hold pigments. Some have natural bleaching agents and cause reactions which alter the color of the hair.

Natural pigment does work coating the shaft of the hair with color. Some of them remain for a long time through several shampoos; they are not safer or gentler instead of the modern formulations.

This is very hard to get consistent results by applying natural colorants though some have allergic to the elements.

Temporary Hair Color

Semi-temporary and temporary hair colors can deposit acidic dyes for the outside of the hair shaft. They are consist of little pigment molecules which may slip inside the hair shaft, applying a little amount of peroxide or none at all.

For some cases, a collection of few colorant molecules goes into the hair to make a bigger complex inside the shaft of the hair.

Shampooing may normally dislodge inconsistent hair color. There is no ammonia in this product meaning that the hair shaft would not open up during this process. The original color of the hair is retained if the product is washed out.

How to make color remover more effective

  1. Do not dry shampoo or products in the last time you wash your hair as well as using color remover.
  2. Please do not apply the coconut oil method- it is for bleaching nor color removing. It may interfere with the chemicals involved.
  3. Overestimate the washing time when you see the water pressure is low, or you have thick or long hair. If you wash for a longer time, it is better. It makes sure more undesired color gets out of the hair.
  4. You need to wait for at least two weeks after applying color remover before use any box dye, chemical perm, bleach or straightening – notice the instructions to have a look if you have to wait for longer time.


B4. Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength

B4. Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength

Colour B4 is the secured as well as a most effectual way to eliminate any unexpected color from the hair. It shrinks the fake dye molecules for the hair. It also helps you to wash them very naturally.

It typically does not stroke your hair color, so you are keeping behind with color which remains under your fake shade. It takes you near to your lightest shade.

Colour B4 will give the hair its usual color used in lighter than the natural color. The natural pigment is chemically lightened within the hair.

Thought Colour B4 removes the artificial dye, you can see the natural hair color has lightened. For this situation, choose a colorant to adjust with your natural tone and depth.

Always choose one shade lighter than you depth to confirm a realistic result. Colour B4 is made with high attention to remove permanent colors within twenty minutes. So this is the stated, suggested processing time.

Therefore follow twelve months customers’ feedback. It stated that to have stubborn color build up, a more time is needed to process the whole system. So Colour B4 updated users’ instructions to suggest up to sixty minutes for willful color build up.

Features of B4. Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength

  • Work faster
  • Has no side effect
  • Simple to use

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Roux Hair Color Stain Remover

Roux Hair Color Stain Remover

It eliminates hair dye that stained the shower counter for few weeks prior a have bought it.

It also removes the hair dyes which were on the floor along with a side of the vanity. I do not like to use it on my clothes as we have particular coloring shirts.

They have ruined a few years ago and applied each time we color. Remove the dye from the skin very quickly and simply. It has no terrible smell.

Features of Roux Hair Color Stain Remover

  • Eliminates additional colors from the hair ends
  • Removes the color from the clothes also
  • Rapidly erase tint from the skin.

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Pravana Hair Color Extractor 3combo Set

Pravana Hair Color Extractor 3combo Set

Pravana’s Artificial Hair Color Extractor system is a good system to remove the hair color.

You can remove color from the hair without affecting the natural base color of the locks.

Corrective color may be done instantly following the Color Extractor service. PRAVANA’s Color Extractor 3 part system has no formaldehyde, any dangerous and harsh ingredients.

Features of Pravana Hair Color Extractor 3combo Set

  • Normally removes artificial color in three simple steps
  • Kit has 3 10. 1 oz bottles
  • Re-color the hair for the similar day; except affecting the usual color formaldehyde free
  • Keep hair condition as well as soft

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Color Prep Hair Color Prep System

Color Prep Hair Color Prep System

Color Prep neutralizes and shrinks the color pigment and permits you to have your expected hair color, as well as escape tones and color, build up: with the passage of time hair color has become saturated with dye, makes it dull and off tone.

Color Prep removes old dull color; leaves your hair for a color application for having truer results.

Move to hair color easily: if you like to give your hair color a lighter shade, or other shade altogether uses Color Prep to eliminate any unexpected color up to three levels.

The Prep may prime your hair for coloring and aids you to have the hair color you like to get.

Features of Color Prep Hair Color Prep System

  • Remove dull hair color build up
  • Switch the color of hair shades simply
  • Updated formula makes your hair for real color results
  • Smooth and simple to use every time as you re-color your hair
  • Made for applying on oxidative hair color

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ColorZap Hair Color Remover

ColorZap Hair Color Remover

ColorZap eliminates all unexpected permanent hair color and makes the hair ready for new shade application.

It is great for color corrections and helps you to change your desired color changes. ColorZap will not give the hair its original or natural color.

It eliminates the tint revealing the underlying base from where the normal color has been removed in the hair coloring system.

Features of ColorZap Hair Color Remover

  • Great for all color corrections
  • Removal for unexpected dark shade, muddy or uneven result or the color build up
  • Permit desired color changes
  • Get the hair ready for instant re-coloring

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Color Oops Hair Color Remover

Color Oops Hair Color Remover

Color Oops is a great and revolutionary hair product used to remove hair color to have the hair its normal color. The product is a miracle in the sense that it removes unwanted colors and leaves no damage to the hair.

If you use the hair color, smaller clear dye instantly is deposited in hair. At the time of coloring procedures, hydrogen peroxide oxidizes the dye intermediates to big colorful pigments which are very big to wash away from hair.

Color Oops alters the system. If uses color Oops shrinks the pigment of color back to little clear dyes intermediates.

The intermediates remain in the hair. Shampooing well will remove the intermediates if washes away cleanly from the hair. We suggest doing it for five minutes from three to four times, but no longer you wash better.

If any dye remains on the hair for a long time, you may oxidize over time and your hair will re- darken?

Features of Color Oops Hair Color Remover

  • Eliminates hard or difficult colors
  • Takes only twenty minutes
  • Easy and safe
  • Bleach free and ammonia free
  • Softly removes semi-permanent and permanent hair color

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L’Oreal Paris Feria Hair Color

L'Oreal Paris Feria Hair Color

Feria is for the gallant. The trendsetters. The colorful. Shimmering, multi-faceted all over color ensures brilliant results with 3x the highlights.

Promoted by the runway Feria’s prismatic color gamut is custom blended by L’ Oreal master colorists for heat turning and bold shade-no engagement is needed.

The revolutionary Power Shimmer Conditioner conditions and hydrates week after week so that the hair never ravaged or wrecked.

Features of L’Oreal Paris Feria Hair Color

  • Never flat or dull
  • Multi-Faceted Shimmering Color
  • Never ravages or wrecks

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How Color Remover Works

What really occurs with fixed dye is that you may be free from some of the molecules of usual color prior any artificial color may fit inside the hair shaft.

When normal colors are removed, the artificial color is pressed to hold the place. So the permanent colors hold ammonia combo or peroxide.

How Color Remover Works

As they become free from pre-existing natural color molecules, the artificial one cannot get inside to alter hair colors as there may be nowhere to adjust them with hair shaft.

In the diagram one two and three, color remover may not work. It has no effect on natural hair.

There is no artificial color to alter- It has no effect on semi-permanent and it will not work on bleach- there has no artificial color to eliminate as in bleach there is no color.

Color remover may act on the hair in picture four and five. It enters into the hair shaft and shrinks the hair molecules- they may not mean the bonds or atoms of the molecules obtain smaller.

It means that it gets oxygen out of the hair molecules, makes them small much to add back to the place. When it is colored in the 1st place, the developer made the hair shaft.

If you use color remover, you have to wash your hair with inordinate amounts of time. Since the color molecules remain on the hair, it will combine the oxygen and make your hair colored again.

If you like to get free from the semi-permanent like in picture 2, the color remover does not work as the procedure you stick to your locks is different. This color does not go inside the locks shaft.

Therefore it may be removed by using some types of color removers. This is a different place, added differently and may not use the similar chemical color compounds.

By this semi-permanent color, you can wash your hair enough as long as it comes out. I like to say you need to wash and dry it fully. Wash it once again and dry it again as long as the color comes out. Rinsing may not seem to have the same effect; I am sure about it why.

Why the recommended hair color remover best?

Do you ever get a hair bad day? It may destroy the way you like. Think walking into a salon for a new hairdo and for a new color for going home.

Wash your locks and understand your locks are a pot of green. It makes you a laughing stock really.

Why the recommended hair color remover best?

There is no need to say that we like a makeover to see more glamorous. But a false choice may leave you with an awkward style which may be very embarrassing.

You are all time free from this dangerous ordeal with a range of locks color removers out of the market today which may regain your hair color to its usual shade.

What is more? Hair color gives hair its natural or original gloom; rather they make your hair for re-coloring. If you are invited to a re-coloring session, you cannot stand out such a painful thumb.

What does the user say about that?

Hair color remover product does great for people but varied with personal interest. I possess dark red hair, I did not like it.

Therefore I would like to use ombre hairstyle. The product is great and removes all the dark red. Keep in mind the product will not turn dark hair to blonde.

It remixes an unexpected color. I transform my hair into orange but any color remover or bleach may do the dark hair. I am very happy and it works as if applying bleach but not as much of chemical.

How to use hair color in simple steps

Get Ready

Step 1

Confirm that your hair is detangled and dry enough

Step 2

Use the glove given with the kit. Drape towel on the shoulders to save clothing.

Step 3

Dispense all the developer (1) into Haircolor Remover Powder bottle. (2)

Step 4

Flick open tip. Keep your gloved finger on the open tip, keep away from your face and stir thoroughly as long as the mixture is wholly blended.


Be cautious to flip spout to expose position to use. Do not permit to remain unopened after mixing. For this bottle can burst.

Apply Haircolor Remover

Step 1

Use gloves on the hands and use Haircolor Remover mixture to one-inch sections of the hair, begins from the darkest area first, normally mid-length and ends. Do the task as long as the hair color is covered with hair color remover.

Step 2

Use it finally to the colored root area finally.

Step 3

Do not touch it with the scalp and do not use it for new hair growth. Please do not wipe it on the scalp.

Step 4

Do not contact with the skin. If it happens accidentally, wash it with lukewarm water instantly.


You have to be careful to see the development to stop the product if it develops faster than the last test strand indicated or give more time if required. Please do not give more than sixty minutes.

Dark Shades

Hair which has dark shades or has many haircolor applications: twenty to sixty minutes.

Medium Shades

Hair that is medium brown or red to dark brown: twenty to fifty minutes.

Light Shades

Hair which is reddish blonde or colored blonde: 5 to 20 minutes.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on hair color remover for black hair

Question: What’s the best way to remove hair dye from my skin?

Answer: You have some options if the question comes safely hair color removing stains from the face and from the neck. The quick Google search can suggest, the nail polish remover is not one of them.

As the skin on which you like to dye tends to fall the delicate, you should use the best gentle method if you can. As the target of the professional product is to remove dye strain in the effective and easiest ways, view of the Matrix celebrity stylist, George Papanikolas, you do not like to enter any one of them at home.

Rather than Papanikolas suggests putting laundry detergent, baby oil, dish soap, olive oil on a moist washcloth and smoothly rubbing the skin.

Detergent will work rapidly but how sensitive skin has would like to use oil that softens the skins and aids break up the colors.

Question: How to remove hair color at home?

Answer: Color Remover –Purchase a color remover. You need not worry about bleaching the natural hair under it. It becomes free from artificial color. It does work for permanent colors; other ways have more problems getting rid of at one.

Various manufacturers sell different color removers and have various instructions. To get the best result, you need to read the instruction carefully and follow it well. You fail to remove the color just now.

You should do it several times to become free from it. It may work for semi-permanent color. There are much gentler ways of life which sort of color you would like to follow is listed below.

Vitamin C Treatment

People like to use the treatment to remove color from the hair, semi-permanent and permanent though difficult pinks to deeper red shades. There are 2 ingredients in it named crushed effervescent vitamin C tablets as well as shampoo.

There is no exact measurement but use only 2 tablets or more to get the desired result. Mix it with more shampoo and envelop your hair. Keep it for twenty minutes or up to one hour to wash off it completely. The procedure is very simple. You can do it for several times to have a good result as the color has not faded well.

Dishwashing Soap

Dishwashing soap is a soft way to eliminate color. Really, you may substitute this kind of soapy liquid for the shampoo and apply it to your vitamin C tablets or along. It also works best for semi-permanent color mistakes.


Another simple fix for pastels or little shade changes is anti-dandruff shampoo. Some people vow it may remove color appropriate amount without going out and purchase an expensive color remover.

If you use quickly it will work best prior the color has time to add totally? It cannot work well for the permanent colors. Some people like to use this shampoo with vitamin C tablet mixture to ensure it for a boost in color removing power.

Final Verdict

There are lots of color removal ways in the market which contain few chemicals particularly some may irritate the skin. Some are of home-made ways that you can do it at home.

Natural a hair coloring alternative may be done by the application of natural herbs like henna. To get a certain color, you can use different types of herbs. Black walnut or Indigo powder gives dark or black color.

Calendula and Chamomile give darker bond. Teas like hibiscus or black are made from tea leaves.

Hibiscus flower is also a natural way to color the hair. For hair coloring sometimes henna derivatives that are used particularly in South East Asia to get Orange reddish hue.

Many of hair colorings may be done at your home. Some products come in the market as a kit which may be bought or salons applied natural ingredients for the color of the hair.