Infiniti Pro Curling Iron Reviews Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Iron by Conair

The Conair Infiniti Pro Nano Tourmaline is a great alternative for all types of hair and has many features which stand out for the same products.

The receiver of our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for curling irons is the Conair Infiniti Pro Nano Tourmaline. The curler comes with high-temperature settings, a spring clamp design, and five heat settings.

By our test, it secured top score for its ease of use and performance. Moreover, the curling iron has five years limited guarantee that is the best guarantee of such type of product.

Conair combines the efficient technology of tourmaline along with the usefulness of ceramic as well as offer a fantastic curling iron. There will no frizz and users get natural hairs. Tourmaline technology is not at all harmful for the hair. Read the detail of Infiniti Pro Curling Iron Reviews for checking out what you are looking to buy.


infiniti pro curling iron reviews


  • The plate of this iron is made of ceramic which has the greatest power to raise heat very quickly. There is a LED display on which you can see the level of the temperature. This curling iron is a great curling iron. The setting of temperature is 400/ 205 degree Celsius.
  • The Conair 1 1/2 Inch Professional Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron has auto shut off the system. There is a protective shield or gloves for safety. It is very easy to use. There is a swivel cord which will give you the chance to use by standing one place. The curling irons have only five years warranty

Adverse aspects of this curling iron are the lame button as well as weird heat button. I also agree with this. Generally, I use the button to, heat up, return to use the product then again a turned off… the result is the pain to the derriere. I would like to mention two outstanding reviews that were not present in the reports. I would like to see the reviews before I want to buy this product.

Features of Conair Infiniti Pro Curling Iron

  • The small one inch barrels make the great curl and make waves or aid to make curls for the short hair.
  • There is a heat protector which will save the hand and furniture from burning your furniture.
  • Infiniti Pro will give you the total control of your curling hair.
  • You need to wait for 30 seconds to warm up the curling irons.
  • It has the new surface so safe from breakage.



Infiniti Pro Conair curl secret reviews

There is a tourmaline ceramic technology in this flat iron, so this resists the frizz of the hair and makes the hair shiny and smooth. The Nanotechnology is applied here to create the perfect style of the locks. The 1 1/2 Inch Professional Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron will give you long lasting curls for your hair which is very smooth and beautiful.

 conair infiniti pro tourmaline ceramic curling iron

Details info – Infiniti Pro Conair curling iron curl secret

  • Dimensions of Product: 15 x 12 x 4 inches; 1 pounds
  • delivery Weight:9 pounds
  • Domestic Shipping: Item can be found only in the U.S.
  • ASIN: B000F5AG5E


Watch: Infiniti Pro Curling Iron Reviews

Infiniti Pro Conair curling iron how to use


infiniti pro conair curl secret

Keep the curler on a flat place. Then plug on the switch. Wait for two minutes to get the product ready. Make the section of the hair.

Then comb the section very well. Use the clamping arm or you can use the clips to keep the hair in the exact position. Gently slide the curling iron on the hair.

Wind the hair as much as you like to make the curl. Be careful so that your curling iron does not touch the scalp of your head.

Wait for eight to ten seconds this is up to the texture and length of the hair. The small barrel is fit for the little curls, and big size is for the big curls.

For changing the barrel turn the lock mechanism and drag the barrel. For the removing or the curling iron force the clamping arm to make the iron free. Please keep the device in a cold place to make the iron heat free. For this, you need to wait for sometimes.

There is a dual voltage system in this device. So this can do function at 100 to 240 volts. The Infiniti Pro will adjust the heat automatically. You can use an adapter to get the correct configuration. There is the auto turn off the system. It will be automatically off after sixty minutes of your use.

User Review on Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret Reviews

Worth Every Penny

infiniti pro conair curling iron curl secret

I have used a lot of curling irons for many days of different sizes, brands, and prices. This is one of the best curling irons I have utilized for sometimes.

I have short and thin hair, and I use one hand half inch size curling iron for my hair. But the fact is that maximum of the irons are bulky, heavy, clamp and is not fit for my thin hair. To use, this one is not a problem at all.

The clamp will hold the hair well. For me, I use the lowest heat setting curler. My hair will not stick to the ceramic either. I like the curler that is lightweight and simple to use. The curler lasts for short time though the price of the curler is very much.

For everyday use, I would like to use this one. I would like to buy a new one every after two years, and it saves my money. I like it.

Great Product but…

infiniti pro conair platinum curling iron

I have bought the item, and it seems to me the iron is very great. This is my first time curling iron, and I am not sure how will they are supposed to do its function as the price is much higher.

The cord is long. It is long for me to style and move. It has a cover so you may store it anywhere you like. I have a three-year nephew, and he stays with me.

So I use the cover. It is not matter thought he touches the cord of the curler. I have thick hair, and I use the curler, and I hold it on my hair as I like.

The barrel is made of ceramic and so the hair slides easily at the time of curling and has only a few snagging and pulling.

It has on and off functions and me sometimes accidentally touch the buttons. This does not matter at all since I push it accidentally. But sometimes it is very annoying at first.

Cutting Edge Technology

infiniti pro conair curling iron 1 1/2

The Conair 1 1/2 Inch Professional Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron possess Tourmaline Ceramic Technology which circulates natural ions to remove annoying frizz for healthy-looking and shiny hair. So you may expression the day having great sureness. Nanotechnology will give you some extra smooth for your lock and simply glide.

Tips And Tricks on Conair Infiniti Pro Curling Iron

  • As you possess wavy, dry and curly hair. Wash this type of hair with shampoo along with the conditioner and keep some conditioner on your hair to ensure more softness.
  • Do not use the hairspray to make curl the hair on the section of the hair. Aerosol spray cannot expose heat so do practice with caution. You may make your lock stick to the surface of the barrel and snag too. This may damage the outer coating of the hair. Now think of the damage that the curler leaves for your hair.
  • Apply heat to save the serum but do not on the scalp or the roots
  • Put together the curled part and bobby pin to make it cool down. Coarse and thick hairs are bulky, so if you let the warm curl drop just after making curl, this may be flat for the weight of the hair.
  • If you do totally over your head, then cool it down. Softly shake your head for sometimes and make curl where you like. If you are fully satisfied, use the hairspray. If you use the spray instantly after making curl, the curl may seem unnatural or stiff. Though the retro waves or the vintage curls may hamper the stiffness. If you like, you may use the hairspray immediately after making the coil. This is all that you want to make the curl of your hair.
  • If you use the bigger barrels for, the thinner sections to make it spiral and use small barrels to make the part bigger for the excellent look.

Where will I purchase Infiniti Pro by Conair Nano Tourmaline Ceramic?

Infiniti Pro by Conair Nano Tourmaline Ceramic is the best product in the market, and this is the best choice for the people for its quality. The price of the product is very reasonable.

To purchase the product you can click here. There are a lot of options, and there are a lot of stores who are also selling the similar product by the same amount of money. They would take two or three times more than the real price.

Be sure the result you will get is not enough. So people like the product as this has a very honest confession and respectable performance.

If you order the product, you will get this just within 24 hours. They will give you discreet package for which they would demand no money or extra charge. There are some embracing slogans above the package.

Still, they are ready to refund all the money if any custom is not satisfied with the result he or she has got. They are willing to offer some extra assurance.

You will get a warranty on the product for 60 months from the date of buying the product. You will get the warranty if you correctly use the product. For some reasons, you will not get the warranty.


People who are facing difficulties of using the iron on the hair, they can easily use this iron for their hair. Infiniti Pro is very simple to use. There are different settings of heat in it, and this is fit for any temperature. I am sure this will help you much, and this will save your time.

You will get the beautiful curl. It is a promise of the product. If you love your locks, then you can use this product.


The Conair Infiniti Pro Nano Tourmaline is a fantastic option for spring based hair curler. There are high as well as low-temperature settings with the iron which are great for all types of hair. The other features are auto shut off the system and digital screen.

These features are absent in other same products. The product has a five-year manufacturer warranty that is comparable longer than other products. Finally, we can say that the Conair Infiniti Pro Nano Tourmaline Curling iron is the best tool to make beautiful curls.

Thank you very much for reading the Infiniti Pro curling iron reviews on this website

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