Best Luv Curling Iron 2019 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

The heat styling tools fight with frizzy hair and add volume and bounce to it. The iron is made with a pure ceramic plate and combines with a flexible membrane which swivels with user’s movement. At the time of styling, there is no chance of breaking or catching hair.

The iron is fitted with five interchangeable barrels in a range of crafting, size everything from the tight curls to loose waves. There is a thermal glove with the tool to save the hands from the heat at the time of styling sessions.

We also give you tips to express yourself for all ages. The tools to have the desired style of your hair.

The LUV curling iron will give you the professional style of your hair by sitting at your home. You will feel salon like comfort at your home. All the products are designed in USA and engineering with European heating technology.

luv curling iron set reviews

Each product is tested individually to test any defect. All the products ensure the great amount of safety. All products satisfy the hardest standard for certification and electrical quality. LUV hair inc. Is ready to give most innovative and finest technology out to date.

The best Luv hair professional flat iron reviews 2019


LUV 8 Piece Interchangeable Curler and Styling Iron

LUV 8 Piece Interchangeable Curler and Styling Iron

The hair styling tool works against frizz of the hair. It combines volume and bounces to the hair. There is a pure ceramic plate with the iron.

The iron saves hair from breaking and catching the iron. It has five interchangeable barrels in different sizes, makes the tight curl to loose waves.

Along with other features, the iron has thermal gloves to save the hand from burning during making style.

Features of LUV 8 Piece Interchangeable Curler Iron

  • Iron having 100% solid floating ceramic plates
  • Distribute heat smoothly
  • Negative ions, nanosilver, and far infrared technology
  • No hair breakage for the flexible membrane
  • Nine-inch cord with swivel 360 degree
  • Thermal Glove
  • Added with a curling iron
  • Five interchangeable barrels infused with tourmaline
  • Clipless design
  • Adjustable temperature from 175 to 450 degree
  • All products have dual voltage

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LUV 5 piece Interchangeable Curler and Styling Iron

LUV 5 piece Interchangeable Curler and Styling Iron, Dazzling

The iron has heat resistant thermal glove for making the style of hair. The iron makes the unruly frizzy hair to straight strands and wave to sleek, curling wand creates tight ringlets, bedhead waves, loose curls by the interchangeable barrels.

Ceramic plate smoothly runs over the hair without keeping any damage pull or snags. The iron emits negative ions for the hair.

The ions seal moisture, add shine and prevent humidity from the hair. It has also heat resisting thermal glove to save the hand.

Features of LUV 5 piece Interchangeable Curler Iron

  • 19mm clip-in curling barrel
  • plate made of ceramic
  • 25mm clip-in curling barrel
  • curling iron base
  • heat protective thermal glove
  • 33mm clip-in curling barrel

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Luv Single Hair Straightener Solid Floating Ceramic Plates

Luv Single Hair Straightener Solid Floating Ceramic Plates

Luv’s advanced styling iron is a great iron for making the hair smooth and shiny. It has adjustable temperature control options to control temperature for different types of hair.

The other features are nine-inch swivel cord that makes the hair tangle free. The iron has the far-infrared technology. The plate is made of solid ceramic. Hair remains between floating plates and solid ceramic.

The strands are bombarded by the negative ions. The styling tool is user-friendly. Plates are added to the flexible membrane.

The nine-inch swivel cord is great to use in your outlet. The range of temperature is 175 to 450 degree.

Features of Luv Single Hair Straightener

  • Nine-inch swivel cord
  • Plates are added to the flexible membrane
  • Salon grade iron having 100% solid floating ceramic plates
  • Temperature controlling system
  • Emits negative ions for the hair
  • Resist to grow bacteria
  • Temperature setting from 175°to 450º F

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How to use Luv curling iron at Home?

How to use Luv curling iron at Home

You like to use iron at your home. The task is not difficult like flying a rocket. You can use it at your home. Here are some tips to use the iron properly at your home.

  • Wash your hair with a good shampoo or conditioner. Then use the blow dryer to make it dry. If you have frizzy or thick hair, you can use a conditioning or smooth shampoo. For thick hair, you need to avoid volumizing products. Wipe your hair with a towel to make it dry and then use a blow dry. Make the hair dry from the roots to the top of the hair. Come to the hair well to remove tangle or unmanageable detangles. This is the beginning step to make the hair straightening.
  • Then you need to use the hairspray. Do not compromise on the price. You should not use the cheaper product to do so. Do not use serum to the root as it may make the hair greasy. Heat protection is a must as you like to get hassle free straightening.
  • When the hair is ready to use the iron, make a section of hair into layers, sections, and strands. This will help you to focus on all the parts equally.
  • Read the manual guide to set up the temperature. It depends on the types of hair. Adjust temperature according to the need of the hair.
  • Use the iron one inch above from the root. Then begin straightening. Straighten individual layer of hair at a time. Do the same thing again for each of the layers and strands.
  • If you see any sizzle or steam over the hair stop your process
  • Look in the mirror to see the whole process, and enjoy the style

Warranty of best curling iron

LUV Hair Inc. and LUV hair brand electrical hair products have five years limited warranty. All the products have strictest standards and well craftsmanship.

It applies all the modern technology. If you like to return the iron within the warranty period, follow the instruction very well-

Mail the defective product to WARRANTY DEPT along with a copy of the original purchase receipt. (Cash, check or money order only). The packaging the product is not very essential to return.

To ensure quality and give assurance of the product, the manufacturer has done experiments over the years.

The manufacturer has taken extreme measure to safeguard LUV hair’s intellectual property rights. They are ready to exchange the product if it is verified by authentic LUV hair merchandise.

The suggest their customers buy the product from the trusted retail authorized or establishments online resellers.

You should keep the receipt to return the product or exchange the product to verify the product is authentic or not.

You have the right to choose your best beauty product. We offer thanks to you for buying LUV hair Inc.

What does the media say about Luv curling iron set?

There are many features with this iron. So I think you will like it. I suggest seven pieces set Luv hair dazzling hair straightener amp interchangeable curling wands Blue Silicon Watch for your hair.

What does the media say about Luv curling iron set reviews

The brush of the paint are long lasting and offer you more comfort. The non-slip pearlized polymer handles, a patented soft rubber grip is favorite to tole painters, decorative artists, hobbyists, and teachers.

The multi-diameter filaments give you more paint holding capability. The other thing is a thermal hand protective glove to protect you from the unwanted accident.

Watch: Luv curling iron set reviews

Final Verdict

In the market, you will get lots of hair straightener. You have full freedom to choose them. Some are good, and some are bad. In another way, we can say the equipment is both tricky and effortless.

Effortless means you do not need to spend more times to look for this tool. Just go to the market or visit the online shop, you will get dozens or hundreds of straighteners.

At the same time, it is tricky because you have to choose a best one from the many irons. to choose the best one, you have to follow the instructions and take an account at the time of choosing it.

Above we have listed luv curling iron set reviews and the kinds that are available. Depending on your requirement or your choice, one model or the other might be more proper for you.

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