Top 4 Nume Hair Dryer Reviews

A hairdryer is an electromechanical device that blows heat over wet hair to accelerate the evaporation of water to dry the hair. They help to control the styling and the shape of the hair, by controlling the formation of temporary hydrogen bonds within each strand.

Hair dryers are mostly used by professional stylists in beauty salons, but can also be used in the home as well.

Using hair dryers helps to lessen the time used for the hair to be completely dried.

There have been a lot of hair dryers, but Nume Hair Dryer stands out. It differs in price to other hair dryers, but the investment is worthwhile. These are some of the reviews for Nume hair dryers.

1. NuMe Bold Dryer

NuMe Bold Dryer Black

This product is the official hairdryer meant for salon professionals. It has a DC motor that runs for 30% less drying time. It makes the hair smooth and shining.

Women always want smooth and shiny hair after every wash, because it makes them look more attractive. We would be reviewing this type of hair dryer to give every woman who wants to have a professional hair look a chance to know what hairdryer to use.

It gives the hair a glossy blowout and also infuses moisture back to the hair. The design of the dryer is such that it has the cutting edge technology which makes it light to handle. It gives the woman who handles it more confidence since it is harmless for every hair kind. This product has the following key features:


  • It has specially enabled temperature that moves right into the hair gland to shield components of hair.
  • It has cutting edge technology that helps to maintain moisture.
  • Ceramic grill
  • 2 temperature settings.
  • 2-speed settings

Pros & Cons of ​NuMe Bold Dryer


  • It dries hair faster
  • Enhances shine.
  • It causes no damage to the hair.


  • It is expensive.

2. Nume Signature Hair Dryer

NuMe Signature Hair Dryer, Turquoise

This product is similar to Nume Bold Hair Dryer. They both have the cutting edge technology which infuses moisture back to the hair. It’s an upgrade over the bold hairdryer.

It is perfect for when styling is needed and does not cause damage to the hair. The negative ion conditioning gives the hair a shining effect, combined with far-infrared heat to heat the hair safely.

This dryer achieves a 40% reduction in drying and styling time. It has different temperature settings, which allows adjusting the heat to suit different hair texture and condition.

It also comes with a button which seals the hair cuticle, locks in curls and cools down the hair to set for a long period with added shine. The features of this product;


  • Ceramic grill.
  • 3 temperature settings.
  • Cold shot button.
  • 2 wind speed settings.
  • I ultra-slim concentrator.
  • I mid-sized concentrator.

Pros & Cons of ​Nume Signature Hair Dryer


  • The compact size and lightweight it easy to use.
  • Has a no-slip grip which makes it steady to handle.
  • Has stylish design which makes it attractive.
  • It dries the hair faster.


  • It has some durability issues.
  • It is highly expensive.
  • It does not have a retractable cord.
  • It tends to get hot after some time.

3. NuMe Stealth Hair Dryer

NuMe Stealth Hair Dryer

This hair dryer is made with a matte black body and shiny rose gold attachments that dries the hair gently. It has a long nozzle tip that helps to control frizz.

It has a brushless motor that ensures quiet operation with little or no hair breakage and offers durability. The far infrared heater technology breaks the bond between hair molecules for highly reduced time in hair styling.

The dryer is quite large but not heavy. This product comes with the following features:


  • Negative ion conditioning technology.
  • Ceramic grill.
  • Integrated far infrared heater strip
  • Brushless motor.
  • Cool shot button.

Pros & Cons of ​NuMe Stealth Hair Dryer


  • It has up to 5000 hours of life.
  • 3 heat settings.
  • 2-speed settings.
  • It has a beautiful body.


  • The nozzle constantly falls off the tip of the dryer
  • The barrel is long, which makes it straining on the arm during use.

4. NuMe Blowout Boutique Reviews! Bold Dryer

NuMe Blowout Boutique, Turquoise

The applied voltage for the dryer is 110 to 240. It has negative ion technology and found in US plug wash style.

This applies ionic technology for safely and quickly set hair. The Bold Dryer and Ionic Round Brush releases supercharged ions for the hair for voluminous, blowouts and frizz free every time.

The convenient set of hair clips and a microfiber hair wrap aid a flawless finish each time.


  • One carrying pouch
  • One nozzle attachment
  • One Bold Dryer
  • One diffuser attachment
  • Two hair clips
  • One microfiber hair wrap

How does it compare?

Nume signature hairdryer differs from nume bold hairdryer in that it really helps in perfect styling. It comes with 3 temperature settings which makes it easier to adjust to any desired temperature to suit any kind of hair. The bold type only comes with 2.

The Nume stealth has a brushless motor which makes it really quiet during use. It also comes with a long nozzle tip that helps to prevent frizz in the hair.

How to choose Nume Hair Dryer

Choosing hair dryers in this present age has become very tasking, considering the number of dryers there are. Once you tapere down your choice to a particular brand you wish to get, you can easily get the type that suits your hair.

The following reviews will help to choose nume hair dryers for different hair types and textures.

Power voltage

This simply refers to the strength of the hair dryer's motor. When a dryer has a high power voltage, it dries the hair quickly but with too much heat. But when they have low power voltage, they rely on heat rather than air power to dry the hair. Customers, whose hair gets damaged easily, have to go for a dryer with a power voltage of 1800 or more.


Hairdryers should be comfortable to use. They should be light and easy to handle. Also, one should be able to access the controls easily and the dryers should be easy to operate.


The weight of a hair dryer should also be considered when choosing one. For those who have long and thick hair, it takes a longer time to dry them out completely; if the dryer is too heavy, one’s arms begin to hurt in a few minutes.

Temperature Regulation

Concerning  those with thin, fine hair, a temperature adjustment medium is required. It enables one to increase the temperature when time is not in a hurry, and in other cases, low heat can also be used to prevent harm from coming to one’s hair and keep the hair glossy, shiny and bouncy.


This is a very important feature to consider in choosing a hairdryer. For dryers that are on the high side, the warranty should cover at least two years of use.


Hairdryers have been known to function based on their prices. High prices don't always necessarily mean good quality, but expensive dryers work faster, better and longer.

Matched Hair Dryer According to Hair types

Thin hair

Persons’ whose hair volume is small tend to want their hair dryer to increase the volume of their hair. In persons like this, their hair mass is very fragile. However, the hairdryer should make sure that  he/she adds to the persons’ hair mass without destroying the person’s hair follicles. These people should never go for dryers with negative ion technology; though they add the extra shining effect to the hair, they also reduce the volume from thin hair.

They should rather go for ones that have ceramic or porcelain technology. Such dryers add shine and volume without damaging the hair.

Fine hair

Fine hair is easily damaged by high temperature and speed. Tourmaline dryers are the best for these hairs, as the heat from the dryers is gentle and even. They can also go for dryers with earthenware, porcelain, and infrared technology. Such hair dryers give off minimal heat without reducing volume.

Fine hair can be easily dried as compared  to dry thick ones, so dryers with different heat settings is also an added advantage. They can choose from different heat settings to reduce damage related to heat.

Thick hair

Those with very thick hair need dryers that can speed up the drying process, as the hair can be dried in one hour. And this can be tiring. Titanium dryers are the best.

They provide intense hair drying experience, and perform the action with minimal stress. They create consistent heat, though the heat level is hot, that is what thick hair needs. The dryer doesn't weigh much, it makes it easier to handle and use for the long period the hair needs to dry.

Natural hair

People with natural hair should hunt for dryers that combine speed with effects that are not destructive. This type of hair takes longer to dry; to prevent damage caused by excessive heat, customers should go for dryers with earthenware or porcelain automation. To quicken the process of drying they can also choose ones with ionic automation, this helps to smoothen the coiled locks.

They should also get dryers with different heat settings since they only need a mild temperature setting to dry and straighten the hair.

Frizzy hair

Frizzy hair occurs via humidity. Also, it can be due to excessive washing, and harm caused by heating tools. The result is that the hair lacks humidity, and it looks for any available source to get water. For persons’ with hair that is prone to frizz, dryers with multiple temperature settings are necessary. Severe heat levels can increase frizz, especially those caused by severe temperature. Those who want to decrease the rate at which their hair experiences frizz their should use the coolest temperature settings.

They could also go with dryers with negative ions, infrared heater, and high power voltage. They aid the reduction of frizz and leaves the hair shiny and smooth.

Curly hair

People with curly hair want to ensure that the pattern is not broken, because if it is, frizz sets in and the hair unmanageable. Dryers for this type of hair come with attachments that diffuse and have features that dry off easily.

Ionic dryers are the best for them, as they make the hair glossier and add voluminous curls to the hair. Also, it is recommended that they should subscribe to  one's with that possess cool shot buttons. This is to preserve the shining effect and prevent frizz. As curly hair takes extra time to dry, dryers with lightweight features are essential.

Damaged hair

People with already damaged hair do not want dryers that will increase the damage, rather, they go for ones that will help the hair. They should go for dryers with multiple temperature settings and high power voltage. The best dryers for this hair are ones with infrared technology, it causes less damage to the hair.

Maintenance of Nume Hair Dryer

Most people want their dryers to last, but very few actually do what is needed to make them last. Hair dryer maintenance should be a regular routine, just as the hair maintenance itself. If you've spent a lot to acquire a hair dryer, it is only of a necessity for you to take care of it regularly. The following tips will help to maintain and take care of your nume hair dryers.

How to prevent hair dryer from overheating

Hair dryers depend on their heating element to function. The heating elements consist of a long coil of thin wire that develops heat and a fan that blows air through the heater. If the airflow is blocked, the air becomes too hot as it has no free passage to pass through.

This increased heat causes a lot of damage to the hair, though most people believe that is what makes the hair dry faster. This isn't true, overheating damages both the hair and the dryer.

To prevent this overheating, turn off the dryer and clean the air space. It should be working perfectly after that.

Cleaning the hair dryer vent

The vent is the space through which the heat gets to the hair. This should be cleaned as often as the dryer is used. It is not much of a work to clean the vent regularly, especially considering the benefits involved.

Cleaning the vent improves airflow and allows the hair to dry more quickly. It also assists in prolonging the life of the dryer. A blocked hair dryer vent can cause a fire hazards, so it is essential to ensure the cleanliness of the vent.

To clean a hair dryer is simple and doesn’t take long. First, remove the plug; never clean a dryer when it’s plugged. Next is to remove the filter located on the back of the dryer, place it under running water until the dirt comes off, then dry with a paper towel. Make sure the filter is completely dry before reattaching it.

Watch Nume Signature Hair Dryer Review!

Nume Hair Dryer Reviews (FAQs)

How often should I change my hair dryer? 

This depends on the product's quality, but on average, it should last up to two to seven years. The durability also depends on how often you use it and how well you take care of your equipment.

Does an expensive hair dryer mean good quality? 

The kind of technology used in a hair dryer will play a major role in the price of the product. Many hair dryers have been improved with earthenware technology, this makes the dryer generate mild heat that will be less likely to damage the hair. This feature alone makes them expensive and definitely, with good quality.

How do I know which hair dryer perfectly suits my hair?

The first thing is to know your hair type. Once you know this, it will be way much easier to know which hair dryer type to use. Whether you need one with negative ion technology or one with high power voltage, it all depends on your hair type.

Can I use a hair dryer on damaged hair?

Yes, you can, but go for those that have complex temperature settings, and high power voltage. However, dryers equipped with infrared technology are the best.

Which is the best way to clean my hair dryer?

Hair dryers are very delicate, you have to be careful when cleaning them. When cleaning your dryer, ensure that you clean the vents it ensures airflows. A blocked vent can cause fire damage.

Final Words and Recommendations

If you want to buy Numes Hair Dryer, it will be cool if you go for either Nume Bold Hair Dryer or Nume Signature hair Dryer. Signature is an upgrade over the bold hair dryer. It dryer achieves a 40% reduction in drying and styling time.

Bold is perfect for when styling is needed and does not cause damage to one’s hair. it is the official hair dryer meant for salon professionals. So, it is not too suitable for personal use.

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