Nutika Curling Wand Review

Everyone has a love for beautiful and well-styled hair, even from the comfort of their home. However, not everyone has been able to achieve the salon hairstyle from their home or have the money to spend since we are all trying to reduce spending.

However, nothing comes as easy as a bundle of hair curls that gets you ready for the day, whether you are headed for dinner, business meeting, or just a casual meeting with friends. But with the numerous curling irons out there, it may be challenging to pick something that is of a high standard, gives desired results, and also of an affordable price.

If you desire this type of curling iron, then you would use a Nutika curling wand. The company offers an exclusive line of amazing styling tools that will give you both quality and won't break your bank. So, you have to pay complete attention to this Nutika curling wand review as it contains every information you will need to curl your hair into a beauty queen.

Nutika Curling Wand Review

NuTika Curling Wand, Hot Pink, 32 mm

Nutika 32mm Curling Wand Professional Styling Iron

If you love to have a beautiful and amazing professional curl than this 32mm inch curling wand should be your new best friend.


Nutika curling wand is built from top quality material to give you a long-lasting usage. It is designed with tourmaline-infused ceramic plates to keep your hair shiny and wavy as well as stops any form of dryness or damage. Whether you are going for the beachy waves, tight curls or flips, the round barrel will give your hair a smooth curly and silky-textured finish.


This 32-inch curling wand also features a unique ergonomic design that makes it easy to use and manipulate your desired hairstyle in the shortest possible time. Beyond that, this curling amazon can heat up to 410-degree Fahrenheit in seconds with a far-infrared heat for saturated heat distribution and a negative ion technology for total hair conditioning from frizz.

Also, it is built with a 7ft 360-degree rotation swivel cord for more ease and flexibility while styling. It's clipless design, and dual voltage function also gives it a creaseless finish, and flexible,  multi-power usage. For safety, this large barrel curling wand comes with an on/off power switch button with indicator light and a heat-resistant glove for your styling usage.


  • Tourmaline-infused Ceramic Plates- this helps to lock in moistures and prevents them from dryness and damage. It also ensures that heat is administered on hair evenly.
  • Negative ion Technology- it is excellent for reducing static, frizz, and flyaways and delivers a shiny, silky, and more manageable curly finish.
  • Rotating Swivel Cord- for smooth movement and ease to reach the back of your head while styling.
  • Lightweight and Durable Material- it is made of highly durable materials, so you don't have to fear having your hair burnt from inferior quality materials, and its lightweight protects you from hand strain or exhaustion while curling. This feature also makes it easy to carry while traveling.
  • Heat Resistant Gloves- this feature assures you of more safety as it shields your hand and prevents you from any burn or blisters that may occur while using it.

Pros & Cons of ​Nutika Curling Wand Review


  • Saves time - it heats up fast as well as gets your hair done in a short time, thus reducing your wait time, especially when you are in haste.
  • Easy to use- it is made with a simple on and of a button, not a fiddly control option.
  • Conditions hair- the negative ion technology conditions and removes frizz from hair. However, it leaves your hair smooth and shiny.
  • Suitable for a variety of styles- regardless of the type of curls you are going for, the Nutika curling wand will impress you as it's just perfect for any kinks.


  • It doesn't have a handlebar at the tip, which can be a bit challenging. But with the help of the included safety gloves, you are safe from any form of hand burn while styling.

Get Your Curl On

Take a section of hair that is less than one inch, part them from the rest of the mane. If you do not do that or more than that, you will not get the good result.

Flip the wand close to your shoulder. Do not touch it any part of your body as the wand is hot and causes an accident.

Wrap your hair throughout the base of your iron that will remain higher than the tip. The tip will stay nearer to your shoulder.

From there, wrap the hair towards the tip of the iron. Hold the iron for few seconds; not more than five seconds.

Different Curls for Different Wands

Do you like to replace your old curling wand? Or have you been looking for a curling wand very recently? There are many wands on the market. A new shopper will go into confusion for various types of wands.

Some wands do not like wands. Try to buy something that is uncommon to all. You will buy one that someone has not seen before.

Do not think much as beauty lab has all types of scoop on wands. Later, we will discuss how the wand works and which type of hair is fit for the wands.

If you have no idea, read the section carefully. Then you will be able to know what the wand provides.

The Reverse Wands

A normal wand is in the conical shape. The diameter goes from the large to the small at the tip. On the other hand, a reverse wand is just the opposite. Start from the small and then go to the large at the tip.

Bubble Wands

The wand is bike version since it appears to wands. As you are a beginner to make the beach waves, you should better bet at not messing up. You will wrap hair with the bubble-like swellings around the grooves.

It makes loose waves. You may finger comb the loose waves to create the most natural look. As your hair is not long enough, this is a bit hectic, but you may use heat resistant glove to hold it.

Classic Curling Wands

In the market, you will get two types of curling wands, both are conical shaped, clipless and clipped. The clipped one aid you to keep your hair in a fixed place finishing curl.

This one is best for the short hair as it is difficult to stay in a place while curling. The second one is the best type of for longer hair. As it needs no clip to hold the hair to keep in a place. You will get the spiral type of curl with this.

Large Barrel Curling Wands

A large barrel curling wand means the wand is larger in diameter. How can this type of wand make waves of the hair? The wand makes beachy and looser waves. To work on your hair, you must average length to the wind in the barrel.

Thin Barrel Curling Wands

If you like to get tighter waves, spiral in shape, you should select thin barrel for your hair. Try to get one that is small in diameter for making springy curls.

The wand is best for the medium and short types of hair. As it cannot be wound the large barrel. Longer hair types desire longer wants.

What type of wand would you like to use? It is based on whatever kind of curl you like to get.

Use thin barrels to get tighter curls and large barrel to get loose waves. The reverse wand makes classical Hollywood waves. The bubble wand makes even and beaches waves.

25 mm VS. 32mm Curling Wand

Nutika Curling Wan (FAQs)

Is Nutika curling wands good for natural hair?

Nutika curling iron will remove frizz and provide you with smooth, sleek, and classy locks with ionic, ceramic technology.

What is the right barrel size for you?

The size of the barrel is what determines the shape and curl you desire. Besides, choosing the right barrel size most suitable for your hair depends on the length of your hair and the hairstyle you want.

However, if you have short hair, you should go for a curling iron with a barrel of 25mm or less as wrapping your hair around it becomes easier and thus gives you the perfect style for your hair. But if you have long hair, you can use curlers with longer barrels like 32mm or more. On the contrary, people with medium or shoulder-length hair can use either a 25mm or 32mm curlier.

Using the right curlier is essential as using the wrong curlier can either lead to hair burn or lack of curls.

How hot does the Nutika curling wand get?

The classic wand gels to a heat temperature of 410 degrees F in a short while, giving you a more classy look while helping you save time.

Are Nutika curling wands good?

Nutika is one of the brands of the global company NuMe. They are one of the best companies in producing professional hair styling products. Their products are suitable for every hair type, whether for business or personal use.

Do Nutika curling wands work on thick hair?

The Nutika curling wand is designed to condition the hair with its negative ion technology making it suitable for different hair types. Also, the ceramic wand can guarantee you of a beautiful styling experience without being afraid of damage. However, the curling wand has 410 degrees Fahrenheit heat temperature, which will work on thick hair.

Final Thoughts

Although buying curling iron can be challenging, but, with this Nutika curling wand review, you are sure of where to get the best curling iron in the market.

Nutika curling wand is effective, simple to use, and leaves your hair with no damage while it gives healthy curls. Also, its negative ion emission makes it perfect for a variety of styles, from the bouncy, beach to mermaid waves.

You can also get additional details on the product from our buying guide