Top 4 Best Brilliance New York Flat Iron Reviews

Have you ever considered the level of satisfaction you can get from a hair product when used outside the salon?

Have you paid attention to how much heat you pass on to your hair from that flat iron you use?

Product Image and Name


Brilliance New York - 1.25 Inch Diamond Ceramic flat iron

Brilliance is the ultimate iron for the salon or your stylist kit

Brilliance New York Pro Flat Iron-Hair Straightener

The awesome choice for better results and faster styling

Brilliance New York Women’s Pure Ceramic and Diamond Ultra Flat Iron

The iron help you continue your salon experience at home!

Brilliance New York 1.25 Inch Flat Iron Hair Straightener

it Helps stimulate hair growth and improve the condition of damaged hair leaving your hair silky, smooth and healthy.

How about the way the flat iron you use has affected our hair type? Has the product improved your hair sleekness and texture? Or has the product worsened your hair condition?

All of these points should be what you should consider if you genuinely care about your hair. At intervals, whether weekly or monthly, you should stop to check these effects. You will get answers to all of these questions in the course of this Brilliance New York Flat Iron Reviews.

Design Features of Brilliance New York Flat Iron

Brilliance New York Iron is one of the pacesetters in hair care products. The bny straightener parades a host of amazing features to accompany its sleek design. These design features suit the lifestyle of many hair lovers. These design features are why a lot of users of the product cannot get enough of this new york brilliance flat iron. Follow through this Brilliance New York Flat Iron Reviews to see these design features.

Automated Power Control

As a user of this product, sometimes, you might have to rush put early in the morning for work. In those moments of rush, you might just leave the flat iron on and dash out. Do not worry; the Brilliance Diamond flat iron has got you covered!
The power control system of the Brilliance Diamond Flat Iron goes off whenever it is not in use. This way, you are saved as a user from different hazards that you might experience if you leave it on. This control is a way to regulate the heat also.

An Always Cool Tip For Safe Handling And Easy Usage

The tip of the Brilliance New York Flat Iron is always cool. This coolness is laudable, considering the amount of heat the flat iron itself emits. So, no matter the temperature of the flat iron, the tip is always safe to handle. This coolness also makes users enjoy the Brilliance New York Flat Iron with a premium usage ease.

Ultra-smooth Diamond Plates

The brilliance diamond flat iron comes in a sleek look. The ultra-smooth diamond plates further enhance this look. The plates are from precious stones, including diamonds. These stones give the plates an ultra-smooth texture. The smoothness of the plates enables them to deliver an even result of straightening it or curling. The brilliance New York diamond ultra-smooth feel maintains its frizz free output on any hair type. 

A Wide Variety Of Cool Color Options

The Brilliance New York iron has a wide range of color varieties. These colors are the coolest you can find around with that calm and classy look it has. You can choose from this wide variety of color options when you shop for this product. You have the Turquoise, peacock, black, hot pink and many others. This color option is a way brilliance New York makes provision for your different lifestyles. You will always find a color to boost your style.

Precise Temperature Control Through The LCD Screen

The brilliance flat irons LCD screen to help you exact a certain level of control over the temperature level. With the LCD screen, you can see what you are controlling clearly. And, this clarity makes it easier for you to get a precise temperature level. The amount of heat the brilliance flat iron emits is never a problem with the help of this excellent LCD temperature control.

Brilliance New York Flat Iron Reviews

Brilliance New York - 1.25 Inch Diamond Ceramic flat iron

Brilliance New York - 1.25 Inch Diamond Ceramic flat iron - 2 in 1 hair Straightener and Curler

The brand, Brilliance New York, has a reputation as a leading brand in the production of quality hair products. Their array of brilliance flat irons parades state of the art hair constructs.

The company combines diamond technology and other precious stones with the best heating plates available to deliver optimum salon performance. It gives it as a user, just the same satisfaction as that which anyone who uses a salon will get. With its frizz-free results and equal heat distribution, the product is sure to give your hair a sleek look.

The design of this product also makes it an efficient hair styler even on the go. The dual voltage feature of the product makes it an effective hair care product even when you are traveling. Wherever you wish to go, be sure that the Brilliance New York Flat Iron will deliver equal satisfaction.

Brilliance New York - 1.25 Inch Diamond Ceramic flat iron - 2 in 1 hair Straightener and Curler - Frizz-free and Anti-static Ionic Plates - Dual Voltage

The brilliance New York hair straightener comes with a warranty to last you as a buyer your entire lifetime. The brilliance New York flat iron warranty guarantees you as a user ageless optimum performance. The company considers its users first always.

Brilliance New York surely has their customers in mind all along with the production of their Brilliance flat irons. The product respects the importance of your hair staying healthy. Due to this relevance, the brand decides to create their flat iron from the best-infrared technology. This technology ensures that your hair is heated all through. With this level of impact, you do not have to worry about causing damage to your hair scalp.

This product comes primarily as a perfect fit for hair treated with keratin. Brilliance New York Flat Iron and Brilliance New York Curling Iron has a unique design. This design, in its way, suits hair treated with keratin. With a temperature of about 232 degrees Celsius (450° F), will not damage your hair in any way. They would instead give you a premium salon performance in the comfort of your home.

That is not all of it. The fantastic features of this product endear it to buyers all around the world. The different features pay attention to the needs of the different hair types out there. The features also satisfy the different hair trends you might want to rock. In all, their products are miles away from other products with its level of optimum performance and customer satisfaction. This product will give you a better styling experience and result in the shortest time.

Pros & Cons of ​Brilliance New York Diamond Ceramic flat iron


  • Designed to ensure safety.
  • Automated Power Control.
  • Ever cool tip.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • LCD screen for precise temperature control.
  • Salon standard results.
  • Equal distribution of heat.
  • Enabled with infrared technology.
  • Enabled with dual voltage.
  • Frizz-free and sleek results.
  • Super-ionic Generator.
  • A wide range of color options


  • The color options do it hold the best texture but still gives a great look.
  • The price is more than that of similar brands. But the quality atones for the price.
  • It requires enough attention due to the heat emission level.

Brilliance New York Pro Flat Iron-Hair Straightener

Brilliance New York - 1 Inch Pro Diamond Titanium flat iron - 2 in 1 Hair Straightener

The secret of the great hairstyles lies on the great tools. The unique 1” Pro Diamond & Titanium Flat Iron utilizes Diamond Technology gives more volume or body to your hair.

It has far infra technology which ensures even heat distribution for all part of the plates. It raises heat up to 450 degrees F.

The iron comes with digital heat setting for which you can see the temperature accurately very easily. It has user-friendly and professional features by which you can get salon like the result at your home.

Brush your hair well so that there remain no tangles or knots. Begin from the ear line and make a section of your hair with your fingers or a comb. Then clip the top section up.

Begin from the root as close as possible. Keep the 2-inch section of hair between the two plates of the Brilliance New York Diamond Iron.  Then close the style with a fine grip. Take out the styler from the hair carefully and slowly, permit the hair glide through the Diamond plates.


  • Perfect for professional salons
  • Hundred percent Titanium plates
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Maybe great for a curling wand
  • Is great for Keratin treatment.

Pros & Cons of ​Brilliance New York Pro Flat Iron-Hair Straightener


  • Do not think about warranty
  • Great for medium hair
  • Simple use


  • Nothing serious

Brilliance New York Women’s Pure Ceramic and Diamond Ultra Flat Iron

Brilliance New York - 1.25 Inch Diamond Ceramic flat iron

The product is great to do your job. However, you will get a better flat iron with the half of the price which has an automatic turn off the system with the half of the price.

As it has high heat setting and forgets to shut it off just after your use, it can burn the surface on which you keep it.


  • Raise heat up to 450 F
  • 1.25 plates with 100% Ceramic Flat Iron
  • Far infrared lessens frizz
  • Diamond and ceramic infused plate to distribute heat evenly
  • Ionic technology aids seal the cuticle for stout hair.

Pros & Cons of ​Brilliance New York Women’s Pure Ceramic and Diamond Ultra Flat Iron


  • Appropriate plates for all kind of hair
  • Exact temperature


  • Color textures

Brilliance New York 1.25 Inch Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Brilliance New York - Flat and Curling Irons Set: 1.25" Diamond and Ceramic Flat Iron

The plate is made of diamond ultra smooth plates and from pure ceramic. It distributes heat evenly for all the plates of the iron.

The negative ions in the hair Straightener seal the hair cuticles protect your hair from humidity. The infrared heating technology aids the hair growth and develops the conditions of the hair.

The Nano silver technology Gem INI Technology improves the condition of the damaged hair and dandruff. The plate is made to adapt the universal voltage.

Take away the styles from the root of the hair carefully and softly. Do the same thing repeatedly for your hair, section by the section as long as you finish it.


  • Perfect for professional salons
  • great for Keratin treatment
  • Flat Iron, Lifetime warranty by Brilliance New You’re the authorized sellers,

Pros & Cons of ​Brilliance New York 1.25 Inch Flat Iron Hair Straightener


  • Hundred percent ceramic plates
  • May be applied for a curling wind


  • Need to be care to set the hot level

How To Choose Brilliance New York Flat Iron

Brilliance New York is not limited to the production of hair curlers or straighteners. The brand also parades a host of other products. The brand also produces skincare products as well as hair styling tools. But for this Brilliance, New York Flat Iron Reviews, we will consider only the flat irons.

Understand also that the brand also produces a host of flat irons. From this range of products made from either ceramic, tourmaline, and other materials, which is best? To answer this question, you need to look out for the following.

The Materials Used In Making Each

This use of the best is essential. It makes most of them unique in their output and the satisfaction they offer to their different users.

The Style Each Delivers Best

Every hair product is a master with a specific design. A product might be best for straight hair, curls, beach waves, or natural waves. Choose your preferred style and go for the Brilliance New York Flat Iron that fits your chosen style best.

The Amount Of Heat Your Hair Can Contain

The amount of heat each Brilliance New York Flat Iron provides is different from the other. You need to pay attention to your hair texture and condition to choose the best Brilliance New York Flat Iron.

The Length Of The Cord

This aspect is another important one. The element is even more critical for those who would use the product on the go. Also, if you will use the product in a salon, you have to consider the cord length.

Apart from these aspects, you also have to ask yourself the following questions:

Which product has the best plates for my hair type?

Which product fits best for my hair type to give me optimal satisfaction?

How easy is it to use the product?

How is firm the grip of the product's handle?

Answering all these questions adequately by any of this Brilliance, New York Flat Irons makes it just the best.

Brilliance New York - 1.25 Inch Diamond Ceramic flat iron - 2 in 1 hair Straightener and Curler - Frizz-free and Anti-static Ionic Plates

How To Use Brilliance New York Diamond Flat Iron

To make use of the Brilliance New York Diamond Flat Iron, follow these steps:

  • Comb or brush your hair until you are sure you have gotten rid of every tangles or knot.
  • Divide your hair into sections beginning from your ear line. You can make use of a comb or your fingers.
  • Take the top part of each section and clip it.
  • Choose a point from each section. But, ensure the position is close to your hair roots as safe as possible.
  • From the chosen point, place each section between the plates of the Brilliance New York Diamond Flat Iron.
  • Glide your hair through the Brilliance New York Diamond Flat Iron plates gently from the roots your hair.
  • Do the same process on each section of the hair.
Duel Voltage Travel Iron

What Makes The Brilliance New York Advanced Professional Diamond Flat Iron?

The optimal performance you get when you make use of these products is due to the extent of technological inputs. Brilliance New York dived deep into their state of the heart technological resources to produce such a masterpiece. This state of the art technical inputs reflects in various ways.

State Of The Art Production Materials.

The company makes use of just the best materials to produce their plates. With an infusion of quality diamond stones in a hundred percent titanium material, these top-quality plates come to be.

Brilliance New York simply stands out with the input of this quality. The quality further increases the result and the pace of delivery.

Amount Of Heat Generatable

The level of heat emission of this styling tool is another particular reason it stands out. The product can reach a temperature peak of 450° F (225° C).
This level is at least fifty degrees more than the number of heat similar brands' products can emit. This heat makes the result you get sufficient.

Safety First

The product comes with safety as the focal point. The product is ever cool tip, has an even distribution of heat, precise temperature control, and automated power control.
All of these features are ways the Brilliance New York Advanced Professional Diamond Flat Iron ensures the safety of users.

How Brilliance New York Diamond Flat Iron Works

A fast heating plate of diamond and titanium permits the iron to distribute heat across the whole plate, resists the damaging spots and lessens styling time. Besides it infuses lots of negative ions that smooth out frizz, therefore, strands rise easier and shiny to manage.

How to Style Messy Beach Waves - Brilliance NY Iron

Brilliance New York Flat Iron Reviews (FAQs)

1. Does This Product Have A Timer?

The automated power regulator has a timer to ensure users’ safety.

2. What Is The Size Of The Iron?

It is not a mini-sized flat iron. The flat iron is of the usual size. 

3. What Type Of Plug Does It Have? The European Or The American?

The products come with the American plug type.

4. Can I Have A Change In The Plugs?

Yes, you can get a change in the plug by ordering an adapter to use the European plug type.

5. How Can I Avoid Fishtails After Using The Flat Iron?

It is simple. Keep the hair in the center of the plate and apply it gently at the tip of the hair.

Final Words and Recommendations

Understanding the fact that the Brilliance New York Flat Iron comes at a high price, the quality serves you equally. The results the product gives is just as good as that of a salon treated hair. The finish is highly professional.

All of this optimal quality is as a result of the best features Brilliance New York inputted into the product. Get this product's detailed explanation in this Brilliance New York Flat Iron Reviews. The product is an answer to all of the questions you need to ask.

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