Can Flat Irons Kill Head Lice

You may have heard that heat is a big enemy of head lice. You will be wondered to know that flat iron is a good solution to kill lice.

Does a flat iron take the life of nits and lice? Now have a look at why people use the flat iron to get rid head lice and their eggs.

It is true that head lice are possible to destroy by heat. If lice are submitted more than 40 degree Celsius temperature or 104 degrees Fahrenheit, all lice will die automatically.

When you use a flat iron or a hair dryer with such temperature, you can kill adult head lice and some nits.

Surely, you can kill adult lice with the flat iron. If you can kill all the adult and live head lice by the flat iron, it is doubtful that you will be able to kill all the nits.

If you notice any nit remains alive in your hair, you may get newly hatched lice crawling on your hair within seven to ten days.

Very importantly, you know it well that both adult lice and lice eggs remain very close to the scalp. Using heat very close to the scalp may be dangerous especially for the children.

Why? Because you run a risk of burning your scalp or your children’s scalp.

Plus, when you will do this, it will destroy your hair and hair follicles more. As a result, your hair will suffer damage at last.

This is why it is not recommended to use a flat iron for lice.

For example, you have dead nits far from the scalp. You can use a flat iron to make these nits less visible. Nits are invisible if you have long hair. In such situation using a flat iron is an excellent idea as you don’t like to use flat iron near to the scalp.

You have to understand that using a flat iron is not the only solution to treat lice. It may cause lots of damage to your hair and scalp.

There are lots of effective and safer treatments. You can also apply them. Sometimes home remedies are very effective to fight against nits and adult lice.

The Growing Problem Of Chemical Resistance

People like using chemical lice treatment again and again. Moreover, they are really beginning to develop a confrontation with them.

True and tried head lice treatments are becoming less effective for every successful treatment.

This makes problem no doubt. What should we do if our treatment stops to work?

Hair Straighteners Are Not Enough

The problem you face to use the hair straightener is the head lice treatment is the eggs.

It is true that the straightener is very hot to kill the nits or louse eggs. It is typically placed to the root of the hair or on the scalp where hair straightener fails to reach.

So you can possibly kill most of the adult lice of your head or your child’s head. But the unscathed eggs may survive, and the invasion may resurface.

For this cause, it is not wise to rely on the hair straightener only to treat head lice.

What last on Can Flat Irons Kill Head Lice

Lice are nice cool critters. But you don’t like to make them something you would like to get around.

During the winter months, infestations are raising more. We like to leave head louse season just now. It is a good idea I think.

There are lots of questions regarding louse. But we aren’t prepared to answer all these questions.

Because they are right at this intersection of medicine and entomology. Though the treatment advice is going on, I would like to repeat what I said at the beginning.

Companies can take more advantages of having lots of loopholes. For this features, they may skip efficacy and safety testing which is a part of FDA approval system.

It is wise to take advice from the physician before using any treatment. You have to buy something which has got the approval of FDA.