Can Flat Irons Kill Head Lice

Hair lice are parasites that can be found on people's heads. They spread from one person to another by having contact with the hair of the infected individual.

Head lice give a tickling feeling that something is moving on your head and is mostly affected by children. They cause an infection called Pediculosis. This infection is widespread and has been around for a while. It affects over 6 million people annually.

Beyond head-to-head mode of transmission, these infections can also be gotten by contact with infected person clothing, using infected comb and brush or laying bed with an infected person.

Head lice are usually found near the neckline at the back of your neck and scalp behind the ears. It’s rare to find them in other parts of the body. These head lice have hook-like claws at the end of their legs used to attach to human hair.

Many people confuse head lice with dandruff, no they are different. The latter can be seen by just combing your hair, while the former is firmly attached to the root of your hair. Can Hot Iron kill lice? Read this review. 

What are lice and nit?

Lice are a tiny wingless parasite that is found on the head and feeds on the blood of its victims. It spread through contacts and personal belongings. There are three types of lice: head lice, body lice, and pubic lice.

What are lice and nit

Symptoms of having lice are intense itching, a  tickling sensation from the movement of hair, and small red bumps on the scalps, shoulder, and neck.

Lice eggs are also called nits, they look like the pussy willowed buds, and are sometimes confused with dandruff. However, unlike dandruff, they cannot be easily brushed out of the hair. 

Head lice Vs. heat

Head lice cannot survive extreme hot or cold temperatures. Hairdryer kills lice, so, to deal with live place, your beddings in hot water and the dryer for close to 30 minutes. Put your comb brush and other hair accessories in nylon and freeze for close to 30 hours.

Head lice Vs. heat

Park your car in the hot sun with all doors and windows locked. Vacuum rugs and other upholstered furniture. It's best to discard your pillows. We would advise that you don't fumigate your house in a bid to fight lice. It's not necessary.  

You quarantine a room for 48 hours after all beddings have been placed in the dryer for a specified period. Lice are not a dirty man disease, and they can be transferred from one person to another through contact. However, heat kills lice.

Can lice survive Hot Iron?

Can lice survive Hot Iron

Hot irons kill hatched lice and remove other infections caused by them. It takes just 30 minutes for Hot Iron to get all these done.

Hot Iron blows hot air through your hair, and in the process, it drys out lice and nits. Over the years, lice are known to have grown resistance to chemical treatment like shampoo. But, they hardly resist Hot Iron when used.

Hot iron has access to the root of your hair and kills lice and nits hanging in there. Before you use a hot iron,comb your hair to expose the lice and nits. The good thing about these methods is that it prevents further brooding of lice on your head. It works well. 

At what temperature do they die?

Lice and nits die at a temperature of 125oF. Exposing them to such temperature for ten minutes kills them all. Put all your beddings in the washing machine and rinse with warm water for about 20 minutes.

At what temperature do they die

For non-washable items, expose them to dry heat for 20 minutes. Expose all comb and brush to a temperature of 150oF. If heat will damage your type of comb, put them in phenol solution for an hour.

Use Vacuum to clean your rugs and cars thoroughly according to the manufacturer's direction. 

Flat iron for lice egg.

Without a doubt, Flat Iron can kill lice eggs. However, there is a way to go about it. It has been proven that flat iron can remove all the eggs in the lice in the hair at once.

Flat iron for lice egg

If you found lice in your hair after you have used hot hair, you may come in contact with an infected person after the treatment.  

If you have long hair, comb your hair thoroughly before using Flat Iron. Lice eggs next to the scalp and those further down the scalp can be brought to the surface by combing your hair.

Ensure that you choose a brand that doesn’t damage your scalp. Some Hot Irons are capable of damaging your scalp.

Any risk of using Hot Iron to kill lice?

In using a hot iron to kill lice, the dangers that lie in using that include getting your hair burnt or scalp damaged.

Any risk of using Hot Iron to kill lice

Understand that Hot Iron works at high temperatures, and if you know how to use them well, you may end up hurting yourself instead of killing the lice.

Also, overexposing your hair to hot iron can cause permanent damage to your hair. Hot iron kills lice, but it comes with its ugly sides too.

Safety concerns for children

Lice mostly affect children, and the infection is easily transferred to them through head-to-head contact when they are playing in the garden or other places.

Safety concerns for children

In using a hot iron to cure lice in children, you have to be careful. Children's hair fragile, and their scalps are not yet strong like that of an adult. Exercise caution in using a flat iron to treat lice in children.

You won’t want to get your child hurt. If you have to do that, let a professional handle it. Bringing a heating device close to your children's hair may be dangerous. You can destroy the child’s hair follicles and inflict permanent damage in the process.

How to get rid of lice

You can get rid of hair lice using a flat iron. You can use a hair dryer to kill lice, the details of doing that have been discussed in the piece. But there are other ways to deal with this menace.

How to get rid of lice

Though using a flat iron is believed to be the best way, other ways of getting rid of lice from your hair are, using insecticide lice shampoo and using fine-tooth lice comb.

Using a fine-tooth comb can be a very tedious process, but if correctly done. It can get rid of lice. There is a side effect of using insecticide lice shampoo.

Before you use flat irons on your hair, comb it very well. Plug the flat iron. Apply gently, starting from the base of your hair. Because not to burn or injure your scalp.

The Growing Problem Of Chemical Resistance

People like using chemical lice treatment again and again. Moreover, they are really beginning to develop a confrontation with them.

True and tried head lice treatments are becoming less effective for every successful treatment.

This makes problem no doubt. What should we do if our treatment stops to work?

Killing Lice pt.2

Can Flat Irons Kill Head Lice FAQs

1. Can hair lice live on and burrow my pillows? 

Hair lice only survive on your hair. They can't survive on any other surface unless the hair is attached to them. Lice feed on your blood to survive. Even if they are on these surfaces, they need access to the blood supply to survive.

2. Can hot water kill lice? 

Lice cannot survive any temperature of more than 125oF for 10 minutes. If the temperature of the water is more than the lice can bear, it will die. 

3. Does straightening hair kill lice?

Flat irons kill lice, that can’t survive the temperature that comes with making your hair gets straightened. However, be careful not to get your hair and scalp damaged while doing that. Overusing flat irons in killing lice has its ugly sides too. 

4. How can I kill nits before they mature into lice? 

Use fine-tooth combs to brush your hair regularly. Avoid using shampoo for some time. If this is done for two weeks, your hair will be free from nits. 

5. How do I check my head for lice?

The first thing is to know the sign of having lice on your head. If you have been experiencing a tingling sensation in your head, get a fine-tooth comb to comb your hair thoroughly. Check the base of the comb for lice. 

6. Will shaving my hair get rid of lice? 

It may work, that is, doing that will get rid of all nits on your head. However, if you get in contact with an infected person after your hair has grown, you will have it again. 

7. Can life walk into my ears?

Lice live mostly on the human head. They need human blood to survive. You may find them close to your ears and scalp. But hardly will you find them inside your ears.


Flat irons can kill lice and nits, no doubt about that. The temperature at which flat irons straighten hair is unbearable for nits and lice to survive. So flat Irons are effective in killing hair life.

One must exercise care when using a flat iron to kill lice in children's hair. Those innocent creatures have fragile hair and scalp; attention to detail is needed in treating lice in their hair. In all, if you are looking for an effective way to treat lice, using a flat iron is a choice you should consider.