Etae Carmel Deep Reconstructing Hair Treatment Review

I would like to use the product at first. Then I post my reviews on online, though this post has been a long time coming.

A friend is added to the Instagram posts. Then I have decided to buy E’TAE hair product for my children.

Etae Carmel Deep Reconstructing Hair Treatment


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What I have understood from the post that you can straighten your hair without heat damage. Your hair also remains straight up to the next time wash.

I think this might help me to go with my hair struggle. Moreover, the product is made from all natural ingredients.

I have damaged my hair by using many products from the market. So I was quite hopeless to get a good solution for my hair. Then finally I decided to give an attempt at this product.

The result I have got is very satisfactory. It loosens the curl for the first time we used it. I have got detangling which is less painful. Styling is less problematic and matting has reduced even in between washes.

I like the kid shampoo bars as well. But sometimes I also like liquid form. I am bit miser in such case as UK salon doesn’t carry this range. I have found a friend who lives in the US. She purchases it and posts it for me in the UK.

There are many things using E’tae product. You have to follow these steps very strictly if you desire to get a wonderful result.

Features of Etae Carmel Deep Reconstructing Hair Treatment

  • Deeply Softens moisturizes and protects.
  • Makes body and volume of the hair.


  • Free from a side effect
  • Simple to use
  • Natural product


  • None

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Etae Carmel Deep Reconstructing Hair Treatment

Question: Is it a genuine product?

Answer: Yes

Question: I use my hair curly during the summer season and straight it during winter. Does the system affect the curl pattern?

Answer: Yes, 8t began to break my hair its garbage.

Question: Is the straightener enough to aid the standard of the hair?

Answer: There is the presence of silk protein in this product. Therefore it is better to use straightener tool if you used shampoos and conditioners before.

Question: How shiny the hair looks after? Does anyone use it regularly?

Answer: This is a normal shine for my daughter and me which is presented in the videos.

What Others Say About Etae Carmel Deep Reconstructing Hair Treatment

I have read lots of reviews of the users. It seems to me that people are using this product to soften the child’s hair. They desired to use a flat iron for the hair.

The product ensures a longer straightened timeframe. What is about the natural hair? Flatiron can’t go through the natural hairs.

My daughter has naturally curly hair which I usually notice in a mixed person. I know her hair is dry and instantly suffers breakage.

I want to get a product which gives moisture, promotes growth and minimizes frizz. I wouldn’t like to use a flat iron for her hair to enhance moisture and sound of the hair. Is the product made for this purpose?

Etae Carmel Deep Reconstructing Hair Treatment


You have to wait few weeks to see the effect of the shampoo. After the wash of the hair, it is very easy to brush and untangle the hair.

I have got super curly and thick hair. This is made to take care of my hairless stressful. I don’t need to have a big chop again for having this or relax them. This is very natural since I am hooked.