The Best Natural Etae Product Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

One of our biggest concerns is the constant hair fall. Hair loss can be a result of severe issues, including genetic, hormonal changes, or medical conditions.

Who wants a receding hairline? You must have used all the products necessary to resist hair fall. However, nothing ever seems to work, right? Perhaps you are looking for the wrong products.

Most products tend to be infused with chemicals that does more damage than improvement. Herein, Etae is a renowned brand which offers absolute nourishment and healthy growth of hair. They use all natural ingredientsto create hair care products ensuring proper sustenance for your hair.

Thanks to Kisha Tompkins Hudson, the owner of this wonderful line of products, for allowing your hair to retain the natural glow.

Our Top Picks Best Etae Product Reviews

Hair products are available in an immense quantity in the market. Lucky for you, we have done all the necessary research to present you with the finest selections.

Etae Natural Products Carmelux Shampoo Conditioner Gloss E'tae Carmel Treatment Combo Kit

Time for the Etae Carmelux review! The Caramelux deep penetrating shampoo is enhanced significantly by adding aloe vera to its features. Aloe vera consists of proteolytic enzymes that work by repairing dead skin cells on your scalp. Unlike other chemically induced products, it aids in hair growth and prohibits itching.

Furthermore, Etae hair products' ingredients include flaxseed, where Omega-3 fatty acid is in abundance. Talk about necessary ingredient for hair growth; it also harbors nutrition to your hair follicles and shaft in resilient and robust hair. This all-over contributes to the smooth and shiny appearance of your hair.

When it comes to Etae hair growth, they do it by allowing the product to eliminate all dirt, unnecessary oil, and other harmful residues from the scalp. Etae products for natural hair ensures that your natural nutrients and oil stays intact. Moreover, for those of you using dyes, it provides the color that does not fade.

The Etae hair kit comes with one conditioner which consists of lavender and helps make hair silky, soft, and provides hydration. It also includes a caramel treatment that deep condition your hair with its produced ingredients of honey and bananas. Plus, it has Etae hair gloss, which moisturizes your scalp with induced crucial oil.

Pros & Cons of Carmelux Shampoo Conditioner Gloss E'tae Carmel Treatment Combo Kit


  • Softens hair
  • Provides essential oils
  • Makes the follicles strong
  • Cleans all dirt


  • Thin hair
  • Dry hair

2. E'tae Carmel Treatment Natural Products Combo Kit (3 items)

Etae Carmelux Shampoo Conditioner E'tae Carmel Treatment Natural Products Combo Kit (3 items)

When it comes to Carmelux shampoo and conditioner reviews, the customers are fully satisfied with their product. The shampoo successfully removes dirt and impurities without removing the moisture from hair. Get ready to welcome bouncy and vibrant hair with a healthy hair shaft to withstand against any damage.

Moreover, the shampoo is devoid of sulfate since it results in cleaning out essential oils. As for the conditioner, those of you who suffer from dehydration of hair, it is an ideal choice. Etae products on natural hair consist of protein extracted from all-natural ingredients that help recover the damage of hair, including split ends.

The elements used in the conditioner include panthenol, Cetearyl alcohol, and vegetable glycerin. All of these combine to achieve moisture and volume, also to succeed in the Etae hair growth challenge.

On top of that, it contains caramel deep constructing treatment, which ensures your hair remains soft and resilient throughout. The essential natural ingredients used in achieving lustrous hair are olive oil, bananas, honey, and many more. It has a rich source of potassium, minerals, and vitamins.

Along with the products, it also offers an 8-inch comb and a shower cap. The comb is available in various colors to match your preference.

Pros & Cons of Etae Carmelux Shampoo Conditioner E'tae Carmel Treatment Natural Products Combo Kit (3 items)


  • Keeps moisture intact
  • Removes impurities
  • Provides potassium, minerals, and vitamins
  • Restores healthy growth


  • Pricey
  • Does not detangle

3. E'TAE Ultimate Bundle

E'TAE Ultimate Bundle

According to the Etae natural hair product reviews all over the world, it is holding in the highest of regards. Let's begin with Etae butter shine; this product is replenishing with natural ingredients counting shea butter and essential oils. Also, it garners enough lubricant inside the scalp to inhibit proper hair growth.

Moreover, it allows damaged and brittle hair to restore itself to be smooth and shiny. The Caramelux silk protein conditioner helps retain moisture in hair by canceling out dehydration. It prevents the breakage of each strand through its all-natural elements. With provided nutrition, nourishment is achieved.

When it comes to Etae caramel treatment reviews, rest assured it is all good. The deep reconstructing treatment helps restore vitality to the hair through its abundance of vitamins, minerals, and potassium. Furthermore, its battle against humidity and curly hair is strong, as this product softens and strengthens your locks.

This particular Etae review of the deep penetrating treatment shampoo is exceptional since it contains ingredients such as aloe vera and flaxseeds. These ingredients ensure your hair is cleansed without removing important natural components. Furthermore, it reinstates proper sustenance to your hair follicles.

Pros & Cons of E'TAE Ultimate Bundle


  • Free of sulfate
  • Softens and improves hair texture
  • Moisturizes hair sufficiently
  • Inhibits dryness


  • Buttershine is messy and sticky
  • Shampoo may dry

4. Carmelux Shampoo 12oz and Conditioner 12oz Duo

E'TAE Natural Products - Carmelux Shampoo 12oz and Conditioner 12oz Duo

Etae Carmelux reviews offer a great deal of insight to make the purchase easier for you. For instance, let's talk about Carmelux shampoo. If you are suffering from split ends, thinning of hair strands, and excessive breakage of hair, this may be your shampoo.

The added ingredients of aloe vera and flaxseeds are a remarkable combination. Aloe vera encourages hair growth by restoring dead skin cells, whereas flaxseeds consist of Omega-3 fatty acids, which strengthen the hair follicles.

Besides, the shampoo contains 20 natural elements, including vegetable glycerin, cocamide DEA, Cetearyl alcohol, citric acid, and Cocamidopropyl. All of them assist in cleansing the hair without damage.

When it comes to Etae natural hair products review, the Carmelux silk protein conditioner tops the chart. No matter how much you change the shampoo, your hair remains dry, then this conditioners aid in softening and smoothing out your hair with its added moisture.

Moreover, the Etae products on relaxed hair consist of lavender, which has antimicrobial characteristics. This factor suggests that it aids in preventing the formation of bacteria in your hair, which causes severe damage.

Also, lavender helps soothe itchy scalp and helps cure common issues like dandruff.

Pros & Cons of E'TAE Natural Products - Carmelux Shampoo 12oz and Conditioner 12oz Duo


  • Silky and smooth hair
  • Detangles hair
  • Fights against dandruff
  • Cleanses scalp from dirt and impurities


  • Shampoo is dry
  • Mild tangles

5. E'tae Carmelux Shampoo Combo Kit (6 items)

Etae Ultimate Kid's Bundle, Kids Shampoo, Carmel Treatment, Conditioner, Hair Gloss (4 items) w/ eHairClub Shower Cap

As for Etae butter shine reviews, you will find topmost moisturizing elements present in this product. It is prepared using shea butter inundated with vital oils that promote healthy hair.

Moreover, the Carmelux treatment reviews of the deep constructing treatment suggest naturally healthy hair by the aid of ingredients such as bananas, olive oil, and honey.

The mechanism of this treatment mainly involves reinstating moisture and improving the natural radiance of your hair. Furthermore, the lightweight deep moisturizing hair gloss consists of all-natural oils that not only provide hydration to your scalp but also repairs your already damaged and fragile hair.

Another essential product is their shampoo, which deep cleanses all the impurities out of your scalp. Plus, it is sulfate-free to ensure soft and thorough purification.

Besides, it includes a silk protein conditioner that manages to restore suitable sustenance for your hair growth and gives your hair soft and silky appearance.

And another astonishing product is Etae’s herbal scalp replenisher. It helps restore nutrients and balance the pH of your scalp through its natural ingredients and herbs.

Also, it succeeds in eradicating impurities and unnecessary oil. This product further stimulates healthy hair growth. Moreover, a plastic comb and a shower cap are additional gifts for you.

Pros & Cons of E'tae Carmelux Shampoo Combo Kit (6 items)


  • Enhances hair growth
  • Shower cap and comb
  • Balances pH
  • Smooth hair appearance


  • Changes hair texture
  • Itchy scalp

6. Etae Ultimate Kid Bundle (4 items)

Etae Ultimate Kid's Bundle, Kids Shampoo, Carmel Treatment, Conditioner, Hair Gloss (4 items) w/ eHairClub Shower Cap

Etae has proven itself to be a versatile brand and an all-rounder by introducing its kid's section. Their products for kids provide you with Carmelux silk protein conditioner. The protein is obtained from its 20 different all-natural ingredients.

Any sort of chemicals can prove harmful for the baby’s skin. Herein, this bundle compiles poriducts that offers mild cleansing to their soft skin.

The Carmel treatment ensures complete nourishment through its natural components, which include bananas and honey. Bananas contain plenty of potassium, natural oils, and vitamin, which helps shield and sustain the softness of hair. On the other hand, honey is a moisturizing agent that prevents loss of moisture.

Additionally, Etae offers hair gloss to kids aged from 1 to 12 years. The hair gloss is capable of providing all-natural oils that retain the healthy and natural radiance of your child's hair. It protects the hair from heat and damage and prevents the scalp from drying out.

Moreover, the shampoo bar ensures your kid to have a chemically induced tear-free experience. Also, this product softly cleans the hair without causing any damage. It tends to the fragile and sensitive scalp of the little ones. The nutrition provided in the bar helps strengthen the baby's hair.

Pros & Cons of Etae Ultimate Kid Bundle (4 items)


  • Tear-free experience
  • 20 natural ingredients
  • Tender and effective
  • Retains nutrition


  • Shampoo may dry hair
  • Expensive

7. ETAE Hair Product Combo Set


Wouldn’t it be nice to ensure your scalp all impurities-free? The nutrient holds various types of herbs to remove all unnecessary dirt and oils gathering in your scalp. Its ability to rinse your hair and reinstate the pH to normal is astonishing.

By doing so, it achieves a total decline in dandruff and dryness. Your pores remain unclogged, resulting in relaxed hair. Etae Hair Food, a noteworthy hair product, works by instigating its magic of strengthening and thickening your hair.

From all the hair food reviews, you can understand that the natural ingredient of fruits, vegetables, and plant extracts aids and increases hair growth. If you suffer from hair fall, it reduces shedding significantly.

Besides, Etae offers Carmelux conditioner, which restores nourishment by introducing essential proteins and moisture to your hair. Furthermore, it protects against damage of hair that results in being frail. Another added benefit is its ability to soften your hair to attain a silky and sleek look.

It also helps soothe your hair follicles. As for the hair gloss, if you have colored your hair, this product is perfect for you. It is filled with obligatory nutritious oil extracts that uniquely repair any damage by providing required moisture.

And its Carmel treatment protects and softens your hair. Moreover, it ensures your hair growth is optimal with a healthy glow.

Pros & Cons of ETAE Hair Product Combo Set


  • Hair maintenance decreased due to soft hair
  • Moisturizing effect on the scalp
  • No sulfate
  • Repairs damaged hair


  • Hair tangling
  • Expensive

8. Carmel Deep Reconstructing Treatment

E'TAE Natural Products - Carmel Deep Reconstructing Treatment 8oz

The product is made only for taking care of the hair. It is made from bananas, honey, olive oil and some other lots of ingredients.

The product helps to create natural shine hairs. It is the most attractive feature of the product.

For this special feature, the product is famous than the other products.

Pros & Cons of Carmel Deep Reconstructing Treatment


  • Makes body along with body
  • Softens secured and deeply moisturizes


  • The product is messy as well as sticky for using

9. ETAE Carmelux Deep Penetrating Treatment Shampoo

ETAE Carmelux Deep Penetrating Treatment Shampoo

The shampoo contains no sulfate, and there are twenty special ingredients in it.

All the ingredients of the shampoo are very useful for the health of the hairs.

I am pleased with the result of the product. I am a sensitive man, and when the shampoo comes, I was bit confused.

In the shampoo, there are lots of ingredients, rather, a smell which makes my hair shrill clean.

Pros & Cons of ETAE Carmelux Deep Penetrating Treatment Shampoo


  • Saves hair strands
  • Free from sulfate
  • Mends damage
  • Encourage a stout scalp
  • Regain Luster back for the hair


  • After use it is dry enough, require conditioner

10. Carmelux Silk Protein Conditioner

Etae Natural Products E'tae Conditioner Carmelux Silk Protein 12oz for Natural, Relaxed, Color Treated Hair (1 item)

I am very sensitive to the shampoo, but when it comes to the conditioner, I am happy.

Reviews do not show me what I look for, what the product contains claim most.

The conditioner improves texture, eliminates breakage and creates volume and body of the hair.

I have a lot of hair in my head.

So I do not think about volume, but I notice less breakage and a huge amount of shrinkage.

I never look my hair shrink up very fast. I like the shine and slip that the shampoo offers.

Pros & Cons of Carmelux Silk Protein Conditioner


  • Moisturizes detangles and softens hair
  • Silk protein conditioner


  • Nothing at all

11. Buttershine Moisturizing Hair and Scalp Cream 2oz

E'TAE Natural Products - Buttershine Moisturizing Hair and Scalp Cream 2oz

In butter shine, you will get moisturizing elements. I have used it before, but I did not bother about the great change after using it.

Before using a flat iron, I used it on one section of my hair.

Then the hair weighted down slightly.

I would not like to use much as it does not have the hair weight down elements.

I would again see the etae buttershine ingredients review, and I do some normal blowout with some other products.

Pros & Cons of Buttershine Moisturizing Hair and Scalp Cream 2oz


  • Heat protectant
  • Moisturizes scalp and hair
  • Adds excellent natural shine
  • Smoothes and softens hair
  • Wonderful for flat ironing, curling locks, wash and go’s, braid sets, twist outs, buns and for all kids style


  • Nothing at all

How to Choose Best Etae Product

If you have gone through the Etae hair product reviews, you are inevitably familiar with all the attributes the products offer. However, it is always better to jog your mind on the features to consider before purchasing. So, buckle up!


While going through the Etae products review, you must have witnessed the moisturizing ingredients. The ability to restore natural oils is essential since it helps eliminate dryness and glaze the hair follicles with smoothness.

Color Protection

Most of you tend to dye your hair, and why shouldn’t you? You look fabulous! But to fight against color fade, one must ensure enough minerals and vitamins are available in the product.

Smooth & Silky

Hair being brittle and consisting of split ends is a real issue. Your hair must have the essential ingredients which can be easily absorbed by the hair cuticles to prevent split ends from occurring.


Does your product contain a rich source of protein? Ask yourself that before purchasing, because protein intake by your scalp helps expand the hair cuticle, which inhibits your hair is thin.


One of the most important aspects is whether or not the product can be used by kids. If a product contains all-natural ingredients that are both safe and soothing for a child's hair, then you are good to go.

The stages applying the system – what does etae do for your hair

  • Moist your hair
  • Use Carmel (Deep reconstructing treatment) to moist hair
  • Keep a plastic bag on your hair for twenty-five minutes
  • Take out plastic bag as well as rinse 2x
  • Use Carmelux (deep penetrating treatment) shampoo rinse (repeat step)
  • Flatiron
  • Utilize Buttershine
  • Section hair into four parts and blow dry

Etae products For relaxed hair

At present, if you see around yourself, you will see new products are gearing up for natural hair. The purpose of these products is to develop the condition of the hair.

The reason lies that there is an improvement of the ingredients removing oil, sulfate, and petrolatum which are the reasons for dryness in relaxed hair. Companies are upgrading their standard by adding these ingredients to their products to move towards natural hair. This is a good decision to use natural hair care products for the relaxed hair.

Conversely, relaxed hair demands certain ingredients that are not found in natural hair care products.

In natural hair care products, there are some mixture rich ingredients aiming for dry hair. The reality is that in the relaxed hair there is a certain level of moisture to increase the length and elasticity of the hair.

The name of the ingredients in butter and heavy oil that make hair weighed down as well as still for using frequently.

Nowadays many shampoos found in which we find the presence of natural hair care products that support moisturizing and detangling except using sulfate.

Tips / Recommendations for Using Etae Products

Now measure the quality and expertise of the E’tae product. A person is normally able to assess his caliber. E’tae has given customers long-lasting and simple way to use the product.

E’tae has been produced totally from all natural ingredients, and this is the best part of Etae as there is no side effect of it.

Therefore you need not worry much about in this regard. You can just try one to see the result on your hairs.

For this advantage, Etae has gone through the market like a storm. Customers like to get natural ingredients and best result. Finally, Etae has fulfilled the demand of the customers.

Etae ensures you wonderful result and ingredients are completely natural.

Just use one for yourself and want to know about the caliber of Etae products. We are convinced that you will like it very much.

One product is enough to measure the quality and the result. Look, it will bring the same results what we desire to have.

If you are happy with the result of Etae, we can say that it will be your complete hair care product. You can buy the product individually or the whole bunch.

When you buy the whole bunch, you will get combo deal which may cost less than the sum of an individual product. It is highly recommended for you when you like to get the whole set.

Click here to get the product from online and reserve a total set of hair care products of E’tae which come with a reasonable price.

Etae Natural Products: Does It Really Work? Step by Step Tutorial

Video Credit: Germaine Miller

Etae Product Reviews  (FAQs)

Even after going through all that, you must still have a few questions which need to be answered. Let's have a look. 

1. Do Etae products grow hair?

They are infused with ingredients that rejuvenate your hair follicle for efficient growth.

2. Does it help to straighten your hair?

No, it cannot straighten your hair, although it makes your hair silky and smooth.

3. Does this product reduce frizz?

Yes, through its ingredients, it is capable of transforming frizzy hair into soft and sleek hair.

4. Will it ruin your hair pattern?

No, if you have curled or straighten your hair, it will help retain it properly.

5. Can men use it?

It is recommended for all adults, including men.

Final Words and Recommendations

Overall, we can give assurance of the fact that the products are remarkable. The result of using the best Etae product is delightful since it ensures ultimate hair growth and proper sustenance. To cut to the chase, the Etae product reviews are offered to you to make the purchase easy.

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