The Best Natural Etae Product Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Who is Kisha Hudson? Do you know how the Caramel Treatment formulated? Kisha Tompkins-Hudson is the pioneer figure to started “E’TAE Natural Product.

She was a famous hair stylist from Philadelphia, PA. In 1999, Kisha started to search for ingredients that could manage her four years old daughter’s hair.

She formulated the Original “Caramel Treatment” taking best etae caramel ingredients and used the product to manage her daughter’s hair.

To assist you to get the best etae product we have made the Etae Product Reviews below. You may check the chart plus reviews below to find which etae product suits your needs best.

Etae Product Reviews 2018 – Comparison Chart

Check NowItem WeightEditor's Rating

Carmel Deep Reconstructing Treatment

1 pounds4.5 out of 5 stars

Carmelux Deep Penetrating Treatment Shampoo

13.6 ounces4.6 out of 5 stars

E'tae Conditioner Carmelux Silk Protein

14.1 ounces4.3 out of 5 stars

E'tae Estate Buttershine

2.4 ounces4.7 out of 5 stars

Kisha used it in her salon for the clients. The clients saw the overall improvement of hairs, and they desired to buy it for use in the house or the family or themselves.

The expert realized the usefulness of the product, and she started her business, established the company. In this way, the product is now selling all over the world. It is now a great product for the women to get healthy, beautiful, strong and manageable hairs.

Benefits of etae hair product

  • I do use it once a month on my daughter’s hair. Before washing it, the hair remains the same.
  • I use it on my daughter’s head once a month. The hair remains straight until it washes.
  • The Carmel Treatment is simple to use and wash out within seconds
  • It saves the hair from damage and promotes hair growth and keeps it manageable.
  • It also provides the butter shine moisture for the hair.
  • The hair will go back to its natural curl pattern if I mist it, there would be no damage.

Why Do You Like ETAE Products

We must keep in mind the value of the product. You have to get the best product by spending money.

The company likes to give the best quality product for the satisfaction of the customers to have maximum utility.

Here we are looking at some important things at the time of selecting four best etae hair care products for the reviews.


The things we like to consider here are the ingredients which the company applies to manufacture the products for the hair.

Every compound of the product will aid in the growth as well as the development of the hair.

They are sure that they are giving more attention to providing products that are safe for use on your scalp or hair. All are made from the natural ingredients.

You have to consider only for the allergies to be sure that after using you have any reaction to these products. All products give great results and have no harsh effect which comes with non- natural elements.

Top 4 Best Etae Product Reviews 2018


Carmel Deep Reconstructing Treatment

E'TAE Natural Products - Carmel Deep Reconstructing Treatment 8oz

The product is made only for taking care of the hair. It is made from bananas, honey, olive oil and some other lots of ingredients.

The product helps to create natural shine hairs. It is the most attractive feature of the product.

For this special feature, the product is famous than the other products.

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  • Makes body along with body
  • Softens secured and deeply moisturizes
  • The product is messy as well as sticky for using


Carmelux Deep Penetrating Treatment Shampoo

ETAE Carmelux Deep Penetrating Treatment Shampoo

The shampoo contains no sulfate, and there are twenty special ingredients in it.

All the ingredients of the shampoo are very useful for the health of the hairs.

I am pleased with the result of the product. I am a sensitive man, and when the shampoo comes, I was bit confused.

In the shampoo, there are lots of ingredients, rather, a smell which makes my hair shrill clean.

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  • Saves hair strands
  • Free from sulfate
  • Mends damage
  • Encourage a stout scalp
  • Regain Luster back for the hair
  • After use it is dry enough, require conditioner


Carmelux Silk Protein Conditioner

Etae Natural Products E'tae Conditioner Carmelux Silk Protein 12oz for Natural, Relaxed, Color Treated Hair (1 item)

I am very sensitive to the shampoo, but when it comes to the conditioner, I am happy.

Reviews do not show me what I look for, what the product contains claim most.

The conditioner improves texture, eliminates breakage and creates volume and body of the hair.

I have a lot of hair in my head.

So I do not think about volume, but I notice less breakage and a huge amount of shrinkage.

I never look my hair shrink up very fast. I like the shine and slip that the shampoo offers.

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  • Moisturizes detangles and softens hair
  • Silk protein conditioner
  • Nothing at all

Estate Buttershine

E'TAE Natural Products - Buttershine Moisturizing Hair and Scalp Cream 2oz

In butter shine, you will get moisturizing elements. I have used it before, but I did not bother about the great change after using it.

Before using a flat iron, I used it on one section of my hair.

Then the hair weighted down slightly.

I would not like to use much as it does not have the hair weight down elements.

I would again see the etae buttershine ingredients review, and I do some normal blowout with some other products.

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  • Heat protectant
  • Moisturizes scalp and hair
  • Adds excellent natural shine
  • Smoothes and softens hair
  • Wonderful for flat ironing, curling locks, wash and go’s, braid sets, twist outs, buns and for all kids style
  • Nothing at all


The stages applying the system –  what does etae do for your hair

  • Moist your hair
  • Use Carmel (Deep reconstructing treatment) to moist hair
  • Keep a plastic bag on your hair for twenty-five minutes
  • Take out plastic bag as well as rinse 2x
  • Use Carmelux (deep penetrating treatment) shampoo rinse (repeat step)
  • Utilize Carmelux (silk protein) conditioner thoroughly comb and rinse
  • Flatiron
  • Utilize Buttershine
  • Section hair into four parts and blow dry

Etae products on relaxed hair

At present, if you see around yourself, you will see new products are gearing up for natural hair. The purpose of these products is to develop the condition of the hair.

The reason lies that there is an improvement of the ingredients removing oil, sulfate, and petrolatum which are the reasons for dryness in relaxed hair. Companies are upgrading their standard by adding these ingredients to their products to move towards natural hair. This is a good decision to use natural hair care products for the relaxed hair.

Conversely, relaxed hair demands certain ingredients that are not found in natural hair care products.

In natural hair care products, there are some mixture rich ingredients aiming for dry hair. The reality is that in the relaxed hair there is a certain level of moisture to increase the length and elasticity of the hair.

The name of the ingredients in butter and heavy oil that make hair weighed down as well as still for using frequently.

Nowadays many shampoos found in which we find the presence of natural hair care products that support moisturizing and detangling except using sulfate.

Etae ingredients

E’tae is a very famous company that has a reputation for producing natural products. In all products, they use natural ingredients. Therefore it has olive oil, honey, banana, tea tree oil, molasses, apple cider vinegar, Aloe Vera, bergamot, rosemary, milk and egg protein, lavender, shea butter, sage, clary sage, burdock root, silk protein, jojoba oil, ginger, oregano, basil, flaxseed, wheat protein, oregano, vitamin E etc.

To produce a complete product, the listed ingredients are added to it:

CARMELUX- Shampoo: Cocamide DEA, Vegetable Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cocamidopropyl Betaine and Citric Acid.

CARMELUX- Conditioner: Panthenol, Vegetable Glycerin, and Cetearyl Alcohol.

*note- Cetearyl Alcohol is a kind of moisturizing agent

Tips / Recommendations for Using Etae Products

Now measure the quality and expertise of the E’tae product. A person is normally able to assess his caliber. E’tae has given customers long-lasting and simple way to use the product.

E’tae has been produced totally from all natural ingredients, and this is the best part of Etae as there is no side effect of it.

Therefore you need not worry much about in this regard. You can just try one to see the result on your hairs.

For this advantage, Etae has gone through the market like a storm. Customers like to get natural ingredients and best result. Finally, Etae has fulfilled the demand of the customers.

Etae ensures you wonderful result and ingredients are completely natural.

Just use one for yourself and want to know about the caliber of Etae products. We are convinced that you will like it very much.

One product is enough to measure the quality and the result. Look, it will bring the same results what we desire to have.

If you are happy with the result of Etae, we can say that it will be your complete hair care product. You can buy the product individually or the whole bunch.

When you buy the whole bunch, you will get combo deal which may cost less than the sum of an individual product. It is highly recommended for you when you like to get the whole set.

Click here to get the product from online and reserve a total set of hair care products of E’tae which come with a reasonable price.

The deal comprises:

  • One conditioner as well as shampoo
  • 1 Caramel Treatment as well as buttershine
  • One hair gloss along with a nutrient replenished
  • A free hair club Plastic comb (Assorted Colors)

To expose more or to have an appealing personality, hair care is a must. Therefore choosing the best hair care product and applying it in a good manner are more crucial.

You must be sure of the side effects of the product and sane percent reliability of the product.

You do not like to compromise with your health by spending more money no doubt. Therefore etae comes with all natural products and shows users the right path to move safely.

Why do we use Etae products? It has tried more to include all natural elements with the product and lessened any health hazard associated with ingredients and the products.

Homemade caramel treatment

When you will fully understand the aim of every ingredient, you may able to adjust the recipe each time. You will choose the product that will fulfill the demand of your hair.

  • Honey – An outstanding humectant good to ensure moisture
  • Olive Oil – Use to get lubrication and aid with moisture preservation.
  • Bananas –Useful for protein benefit and moisture as well
  • Molasses (Treacle) –Other wonderful humectants along with some protein benefits.
  • Water – So far it is the best natural moisturizer and applied to slender the mixture.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – to ensure shine it communicate with the hair.
  • Cornstarch – to enhance thickness
  • Wheat germ oil – to add potency and lubrication

Below there is an outline of simple recipe dependent on ingredients mentioned above:

  • Honey – six tablespoons
  • Molasses (Treacle) – Three tablespoons
  • Olive Oil – six tablespoons
  • Water – four to six tablespoons
  • Bananas – two to three overripe and very soft
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – one tablespoon
  • Cornstarch –Use one or two tspn depending on how thickness mixture you like to get.
  • Wheat germ oil – one teaspoon –This is a good alternative of some other natural ceramide having oil of your preference.


Keep all the ingredients in a blender except using water and process it as long as it becomes smooth. You will add water bit by bit if ingredients are very dry.

Be sure there is no banana in the mixture; sieve it by a fine sieve.

Pour mixture into a saucepan and use medium heat while stirring continuously. You do not like to cook the mixture but you want the cornstarch to make it thicker and it will take sometimes.

You have to add more water to mix the mixture very thin. When it becomes very thick, add some cornstarch as it is very runny.

You desire to have a caramel colored mixture which is the consistency of a chunky batter. Because the mixture is very thin, it starts dropping from the hair when you use it on the hair.

Keep the mixture in a container, up to the length of your locks; this may be enough for two applications.

When you like to use it, make 3 to 4 sections of your hair and use clip to fix it. Begin from section one, make a section of hair and use to the roots big-heartedly rubbing by the fingers.

Use from the roots of the part and apply the mixture all the way to the ends. Finish all sections in that way and once done, wrap the hair with a plastic cap. Keep the mixture on hair from one to two hour or for the whole night for dry hair.

User feedback on etae product – e’tae hair products near me

I like the product much. I am a great supporter of this product. My daughter suggested me to make this video. She likes and loves the product for getting very natural hair. I have to wait to get her appointment. We would like to offer thanks for making such wonderful product.


User feedback on etae product - e'tae hair products near me

Great product

I would like to share this product with some ladies. It would be a great investment I think. I bought the E’TAE product with faith, and I am not disappointed with the product.

I used the product on my head and my baby’s head. Both were in great surprised to see the wonderful result of the top hair growth product. It makes the hair soft and manageable.

You will get very natural hair without any problem. We have various curl patterns, we used it and got a great result. You will get relaxed looked without a relaxer. The kind of hair you desire; it is ready to give you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – etae products

Question:  Does it help to change the curl pattern or straight?

Answer: No, E’TAE has no capacity to change the curl pattern or straighten the hair. The pattern will remain the same.

Question: Does e’tae aid to eliminate frizz? Does etae work?

Answer: yes, E’TAE aids to eliminate frizz, you have fully blow dry the hair to eliminate all dampness.

Question: if I use e’tae, will my hair remain straight if I perspiration in my tresses?

Answer: Sweating may not be the cause of reverting. This is up to the person.

Question: can it turn the curl pattern using the E’TAE?

Answer: Yes, after using the E’TAE, the natural curl will return to its previous state. If you use to heat the pattern of the hair may change, and hair will lose for applying heat.

Question: How long will natural straight remain?

Answer: Your hair remains straight until you use shampoo again. The result varies from person to person. If there is no sweat on your scalp, it will remain for a long time.

Question: Does E’TAE able to convert my heat damaged hair to natural curl pattern?

Answer: E’TAE will not reverse your heat damaged hair. If you use a little amount of heat on your hair and continuously use E’TAE, the loose curl may go to its position again. You can see here for hair growth.

Final Verdict

E’tae hair product makes wonderful styles, but they are great for making silk press result. Carmel Deep Reconstructing Treatment is the device which is instructed to go on the tresses first. It contains olive oil, bananas, honey and lots of other natural ingredients.

Also, Carmelux Deep Penetrating Treatment Shampoo is free from sulfate and is pregnant with 20 natural ingredients. It has Carmelux Silk Protein Conditioner to lessen breakage, create volume and body as well as improve texture. It is very favorable to everyone. Besides, the buttershine is full of moisturizing ingredients.

Finally, the etae product is a great thing learned from the etae product reviews. You will get moisture and shine with great silk hair by proper styling tool or apply the right procedures.


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