How to curl short black hair

Wash and Dry Your Hair

Wash well your hair with water and make it dry to use the blow dryer. Be sure the hair is totally straight by using the flat iron or the blow dryer. Using the flat iron, you may get bouncy curls.

Save the hair from the heat damage, and you may use the hairspray to resist damage. You may use the best styling gel for your hair and confirm the curls will remain for a long time and but not much.

Comb and Separate Your Hair into Sections

Comb and Separate Your Hair into Sections

The next thing to make curl is to comb the hair separately into the section, making very simple to make a curl. Section the hair from the bottom layer to the top layer. Begins work from the beneath.

Use the baby pins so that the hair may not fall back at the time of curling. What size of curl do you like to have depended on the size of the flat iron? Large hair curling irons aid to create big curls which are somewhat loose for short hair.

The irons are used to make the thinner as they add thinner curls that are best for the short hair. To make curl for the medium hair is also simple and easy.

Curl the Hair Now

The next system is to make curl for the short hair with the flat iron. Hold the iron away from the fact to escape injuries. Hold the iron on the hair for five to ten seconds.

Do not keep for a longer time as it may cause burning. If you desire to be creative and you like to alter the direction of the curls between sections. The looking of the curl would not be monotonous or uniform.

Curl Short Hair with Curling Iron

Curl Short Hair with Curling Iron

Pre-Preparation to Curl Short Hair

Pre-preparation is an important thing for you to curl hair. You should wash your hair well to remove dust, pollution, and dirty locks save from any damage. For getting smooth curling hair, you may use shampoo or conditioner for your hair.

You should have to dry the hair well to get an excellent curl. Make the hair dry on its way or use a hairdryer. The wet hair split end or leave damage for hair. The hot iron damage the texture of the hair. So do not use curler over the wet hair.

When you have finished drying, you may use the iron. You may use a moisturizing cream or styling gel or conditioning mousse, the small amount it great. You may use hairspray from tip to top. They will save hair from more heat. Be sure you are using the best quality hair protector.

Divide the Sections

Complete your washing as well as drying; the time comes to make a section of your hair at the time of heating up the hot iron. Making section aids in uniform curling.

You may use clips or pins to fix up the section, tie the top of your head. The section will aid you to make the curl perfect one after another.

Use medium setting to preheat the curling iron. When you get the section two inches width, start from the root and wrap the hair around the barrel of the curling iron.

Start the Curling Process

Start your curling session by taking a small section of hair from the ahead and wrap the hair around the iron barrel.

You are sure that you are holding the barrel far from your skin. You need to handle the curling iron from the back of your head which enables to roll the curl away from the face.

Sometimes we have to leave end strands for more length as this saves awkward curls and ensures more length. Short hair requires having their ends.

When you are using curling iron by the clamp, clamp down the hair separated parts. Hold the curling iron from the bottom before you rolled it upward.

Catch the curl for some seconds. You should handle the curl for some time to know the accurate time you should curl the section accurately. Do one or two to do it properly.

The time will be scheduled for the type of curl you like to make.

For loose waves, you need five to six second and after that remove it. If you like to have ringlets, you need to hold it for seven to eight seconds. Do not touch any curl until it becomes cool completely to escape frizz.

How to Pin Curl Short Hair

How to Pin Curl Short Hair

Step 1: Make section of your hair by using rat tail end of the comb. Make section and separate them from the forehead from the nape of the neck into the one-inch section, the smaller section will hold a very tight curl. Comb the section until it becomes smooth well.

Step 2: Use hairspray on the one-inch section or use a spritzer bottle filled with water. You can use them both to see the best result.

Step 3: Hold the section of hair, with one hand hold the flat against the scalp, then curl the hair with pinwheels around the fingers keeping the base of the hair with fingers of the contrary. For a complete circle or two, it is up to the length of the hair. Hold the curl down against the head, use the baby pin to pin it to the place or clip over the middle of the curl.

Step 4: Be confirm the ends of the hair are inside and saves to stray or frizzy ends.

Step 5: Do the same job on the one inches hair section, from the head to the nape. Divide the hair into strips on both side of the center strips, finish the way, work from each side and from the forehead and from the side of the head to the scalp. Do blow dry or air dry. Remove clips and pins or shake or brush out the curls.

Using a Headband

Using a Headband

Wash your hair

There is no heat method of making curl of the hair. The best one is to start from the fresh or washed hair. Rinse your hair well and perform it dry naturally until it is slightly damp.

  • If you see the hair is still dumped, you may use the hair gel or cream or an anti-frizz serum.
  • You need to keep the headband for the whole night as it will give the best result. To get best, you may do it in the evening.

Take a stretchy, fabric headband

A thinner headband may do an excellent job in this case, and about half inch in width. Keep it round your head- pale on the hair back of the head instead of underneath it. In front, the band will be halfway down the forehead.

Start wrapping pieces of hair around the headband

Begins from the front, select a small section of locks and tuck the hair under the headband, then twisting lightly as you will go.

  • Hold the section, add it to the first one and tuck it under of your headband similarly. Keep the head covering uniform sections of the lock around the headband.
  • The tighter wrap the lock, the tighter you will get your curl or vice versa.

Finish at the back

As you wrapped all the locks with a headband on both sides, you may leave the single strand of hair to the back. Twist it until the curls upwards near the scalp and then use a bobby pin to secure the lock.

  • To confirm more volume at the front, press the headband upon the upwards towards the hairline. This may make volume and save you from getting the red line around the forehead.

Leave overnight

Now you have to go to sleep with securing your hair with the headband. If you are still thinking about frizz, you may use plastic shower cover on the whole of the head.

Remove the headband

In the early morning, take out the baby pins from the hair and softly remove the headband from the hair.

  • With the help of finger softly part the hair and make your desired shape. Now you will get plenty voluminous and glamorous hair.
  • Make style of hair with your desire. If needed, use a curling union to fix any fly away.

To spritz your hair, you may use a medium hold hairspray.

Rag Curl on short hair

Rag Curl on short hair

Making the rag strips

Utilize the scissor and cut T-shirt two into eight strips. Shake and stretch them while finishing cutting, it will remove lint made. You will see the picture of the material and curled in a bit; that is very fine.

Wrapping the hair

For damp hair, make the section and use clips to fix it up. Make a part, leave two into two on the scalp. Select the strand, keep a small amount of gel or mousse on the strand.

Hold the end of the strand and then wrap up to the scalp. Hold the ends of rag to hold closed. Do the same thing until you finish all the hair.

Let dry

If it is pleasant for you to keep it for the whole night, keep it for that time. You may speed up the process by using the blow dryer.

Undo rags and enjoy

Unwrap the lock or untie the rags. Make style as you like. See the before and after picture. The most attractive were left in overnight.

The bottom one will take ten minutes to make dry. The longer you leave, the tighter curl you will get. Enjoy and comment on the picture you see the result.

Some other way to curl short Hair

The Curling Wand

If you like to make a curl or would like to use heat at the same time, you should better use another tool named wand to make short and eye-catching curl for your hair. Again, you may use the good thermal protectant to save your hair from overheat along with curling.

Bantu Knots for Curls

Bantu Knots for Curls

You like to use the process, but that does not require heat. Wash the hair with good conditioner. Make sections of your damp hair.  Use some curling based moisture cream to aid the curling process.

You can make many sections or four sections. The smaller section will make the largest parts visible while doing knot out.

To get this style, twist the hair, wrap the hair into a single ball and seal off with the rubber band.

Do not use very much tension as it will develop the risk breakage. To secure hair, you may use a scarf or a stocking for six to eight hours. You will be sleeping while your hair is making molding.

In the morning, make the hair dry well before making the hair Bantu knots. If the knots are down, let it keep for sometimes to relax the curls.

If you are happy with the curl, do not spend much time for relaxing. The focus should be given on the parts of your hair that were invisible from the morning.

User Tips

This is up to the tight of the curls that you like to have, You may use the hair wrapped around wand to verify the length of time.

To get loose waves, use the iron for a particular place for five seconds, then remove the curls. To get tighter ringlets, you can do it for ten seconds or more than that.

As you have removed the curl, spritz it slightly with the hairspray. The process will aid to hold the shape of the hair. If you like to have tighter curl, keep it for few minutes to relax before using hairspray.

How To Curl African American Short Hair

How To Curl African American Short Hair

Heat straightening is not difficult as most of us like to make curl for our hair. Curling hair makes the body of the hair and bounce and ensures the life of the locks. There are lots of cute curly styles for the Black hair.

Curl African American Short Hair
  • Use shampoo, rinse well and dry the hair. Make section of your hair from four to six parts. The use the butterfly clips to keep the hair in its place.
  • Then use serum, straightening cream, or heat styling product on your hair from the roots to the tips. At the time of using heat treatment for black hair, you can use Fantasia IC Heat Polisher. The product is great no doubt.
  • To straighten your lock, you may use the blow dryer. If you possess natural black hair, you may use a flat iron with the lowest settings. Let not use more heats, as you are using more heat to straighten your hair; that will help to get the hair straightener. Use a wide tooth comb when you finish the curling.
  • Take one-inch barrel curling iron for short type of hair and use two inches for the long type of hair. Use top most heat setting for the iron, turn it down if the temperature reaches very hot position. Do not forget to much heat for black hair may cause brittle or break instantly.
  • Do not keep a wrap on the head not more than ten seconds, slide the iron out and you will get a curl. You may use duckbill clips to keep the curls in its place until you finish making curl for the whole head.
  • To get freshly curled hair, you can use your finger and finish with using lightweight oil seen spray. Use Conditioning Spray or Motions Oil Sheen that you may get in the Black aisle of every drugstore.

How to curl short black hair