Herstyler Curling Iron Reviews The Best Curling Iron For Thick Hair

Herstyler Baby Curls is the best tool for tight, and ringlet hair. The barrel is tapered from 18 to 9 mm, offer you unique curl that is faster for the scalp, and significant to the base. There is a ceramic barrel coated with ceramic.

Tourmaline is a natural gem which makes more negative ions than traditional ceramic or titanium irons. Read the article on best curling iron for thick hair in detail and it would be helpful for taking the decision.

Herstyler Curling Iron Reviews

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There is a negative ion which helps to remove frizz from hair and offers you silky as well as smooth hair. The iron has an infrared method, which heats locks from the inside out quickly and you will get faster styling experience.

The device will leave no damage to your locks. The materials of the invention are aerospace technology, so the weight is light and durable along with very simple to use.

Features of herstyler curling wand

The Herstyler curling iron has improved heat technology makes the better style of hair which will be very robust and durable. There is hundred percent ceramic and tourmaline method. HerStyler all you to get curl without plugging.

You can carry the device at the time of making a tour. The Herstyler Baby has an innovative design and safe Kevlar Glove. The curling iron has dual voltage from 110 to 220 fit to use all countries. The performance is very excellent.


  • quickly absorb heat
  • simple to handle if you have the knowledge to handle the iron
  • makes small curls (pencil/baby)
  • think Taylor Swift
  • Long chord
  • Ensures voluminous and will remain for a long time (with minimal touch up)


  • Not at all

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Buying guide of herstyler baby curls wand

The weight of the curling iron is very light, and this can raise heat less than 30 to 35 seconds. The device has no indicator signal. The tool has a swivel cord that I like most. The tool has 18 mm tapered shaft and 8 inches long. By this device, you will get tailor like hair.

The other size is called grand, and this does not same offer. There is a large glove usually for most women; The iron is fit for long hands. It may seem like the regular glove.

You would not wrap the hand around the iron, as the iron has no fiber, it may burn your hair and hand. Use the glove if you like to restrict it to be fit for.

Herstyler Baby Curl Curling Iron

Herstyler’s Tourmaline/Ceramic barrel makes wonderful silky and smooth curls. There is infrared technology which gives you the fast result and leaves no damage. One iron is all for all types of hairs like thin, thick, wavy and coarse hair.

How to buy herstyler baby curls

best curling iron for thick hair

A lot of products are now found on the web, and they are selling the same curling irons or sometimes the wrong products to the customers.

They also demand more than the real price, even sometimes two or more prices. So you need to be conscious of selecting the Herstyler product.

You need to know the details about the Herstyler product. You can take help from the reviews on online, or you can visit the various pages of the web.

YouTube could be the very reliable source to know the product. You need to be serious to select the product before buying the Herstyler product.

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Where could you buy Herstyler Baby Curl Curling Iron?

Herstyler Baby Curl Curling Iron is the number one product on the market. To purchase the product you can click here. The price of the Herstyler region is very reasonable.

You can find many stores in the world who are selling the Herstyler iron, but the charge is two or three times more than the real price. People like to buy the Herstyler iron as the iron has the frankness and responsibility.


You will get the warranty of all styling tools for any defect of the materials and workmanship. You would not be able to get the service if you buy from unauthorized dealers. The other factors are where the device was purchased, who you buy the device from and use of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Herstyler Curling Iron

Question: How much is the diameter? 

Answer: The base is three to four inches, and the end is one to two inch. It offers shiny and tiny curls.

Question: Is there auto off method?

Answer: There is no auto-off method.

Question: Confused by description, it says to “clamp” down the hair, but this photo looks like a wand. Which is it?

Answer: I have no picture of the product. The iron is similar to the wand and has no clamp. Does function well?

Question: Do you see any difference between purple and pink color?

Answer: There are more differences in the color if you have some more questions read the reviews/ tutorials. Is it the best device for tight as well as small spiral curl?

Question: How long will it lead to curling your locks? I am speaking about 1-1 1/2 feet.

Answer: My lock is about 22 to 24 in. It takes a long time to make curls.

Question: The size of the curl is 1 – 1/2″ – etc. what size of the item able to?

Answer: The iron has two different sizes. The smaller size is 9-18mm, and the wide is like the time to the base and tapers as of there. The other one is 18-25mn. The curl is a quarter at the base and tapers up from the width of a dime to the tip. For the method, it provides looser curl but not tight.

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Product Info – Herstyler Curling Iron Reviews

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 Final Verdict

I got the device is simple and easy. No endurance to get the best style of my hair. I keep the iron 2 to 3 inch far from my scalp, select a small section and wrap it around the iron, moving to the narrow tip.

If you cover small section, you can pull it like a string; move the iron to the scalp. If you have long hair just like me, you might wrap loose, so you may keep scooching the locks downhill the ray to adjust. Though the product is good enough in every aspect, you can buy the product from here.

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