How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair

Vaseline or petroleum jelly may be the worst thing found on your hair. As it has an oily texture, water insolubility, and does not respond with the shampoo or soap.

Vaseline or petroleum jelly is very tough to remove from the hair. It makes the hair greasy or stringy. I am not saying that there are any advantages of using this product.

If you correctly apply the proper amount of this product, there are some benefits on the scalp or hair. This is used to suffocate lice and escape from the wad of gum and saves scars after surgery.

If it sticks to hair be available to feel much annoyed. Sometimes kids like to use petroleum jelly on hair and then start the real trouble.

Steps before Beginning the Remedy

Clean Out Excess Vaseline

You can start with running a hair dryer on your hair. This will liquefy the excess vaseline. Then use an absorbent paper towel. Do the same thing again to remove the most of the product with the same way.

Comb Your Hair Thoroughly

If there is excess Vaseline on your hair, use a fine-footed comb through the affected area. This will take out the excess Vaseline from the hair. When combing is finished use absorbent towel, do the same step again. When finishing these two easy steps, you may move to the remedy process.

Removing Vaseline from Hair

Method one: Using Dry Ingredients

Step By Step Tutorial On How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair

Use a light layer of cornstarch on the affected area. The cornstarch is mostly absorbent and can hold the oil based petroleum jelly. This is known as maize starch or corn flour.

  • As there is no corn starch, you may try baby powder or baking powder.
  • It does not matter what you are using, but the matter is you should be careful to use it. Do not inhale any particles. Extraordinary delicate or irritate your tissues of the lungs.

Pat the corn starch into the hair. Rubbing may damage your hair or may be dangerous for your skin, or you may use the powder to reach the vaseline in the hair. Pat it with the push help the corn starch into the hair. Keep the corn starch for sometimes and permit to absorb oil.

  • Use the cover of Vaseline coated hair using corn starch. You would like to use as much as vaseline absorbed as you can. This will resist you to do the same thing again.
  • Rinse your lock with hot water and use a clarifying shampoo. For cold water vaseline may thicken or congeal, makes it harder to remove from hair. Clarifying shampoo will help to remove the excess oil from hair and remove the oil build up from hair.
  • Shampoo the hair twice by the smeared of clarifying shampoo. This will make the hair dry out but will eliminate as much as oil it can.

Rinse your lock well, making sure you have removed as much corn starch, shampoo, and vaseline as possible. Towel blot the hair dry and let it air dry.

Repeat in 12-24 hours if there is still some remaining residue from the Vaseline. The clarifying shampoo or corn starch will strip or absorb as much as natural oil from hair. Ensure more time to recover the damage, and this will ensure the long life of hair.

Using Wet Ingredients

How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair

Wash your locks with the natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil. It may be found strange, but dissolve it, you have to require more oil. Massage an enormous amount of oil on your hair, wring out as much as you can.

  • Rinse your hair with shampoo or warm water twice
  • The bonus is the oil may moisturize the skin.

Find a product that is allowed to remove heavy-duty grease from your skin

You know that makeup remover will only remove the grease paint makeup from hair. You can try out the product. The product is also using printers, mechanics, and engineers to eliminate grease from the skin.

The product is made to remove or dilute the grease. You can use it to break down oil from the petroleum and remove it from hair.

  • Use the product on the affected area carefully. Wait for sometimes to wash, permit the product to work like Vaseline.
  • Wash it again and again if you think it is essential
  • Use the products that are suggested to use on skin and be careful to use it. Be sure that you do not permit to enter any drop into your eyes.

Use liquid dish soap with degreaser to cut through the oil

The method is not beneficial for your hair, this will make your hair dry, but many people like to use it.

Use dish soap such as shampoo on your hair and then wash it with warm water. Do the thing twice and pat your hair dry with the towel. You must like to condition the hair after that; the method will strip all the natural oil from hair.

  • Do not let any detergent to enter into your eyes. For rinsing your hair, you may use a detachable shower head- hold it just up of your scalp and use the free hand to make a shield of your eyes.

How to get Vaseline out of hair for a child

Your kids will see you, and they will like to imitate it. When they see, you are using the product; they will also try it. Petroleum jelly or Vaseline is very hard to remove as they are not water soluble. Make a search on online for this subject.

As far as I know, many parents are trying out much to remove it from the children’s hair. For some cases, children use Vaseline themselves, for many cases parents use it on their child’s head to remove lice from hair. Here are the tips to remove vaseline for the parents and the beauticians:

  • Facial Tissues: Use soft facial tissues to bolt for removing as much as vaseline as possible.
  • Corn starch or baby powder: Use a little amount of baby powder or corn starch on the hair and pat it to consume petroleum jelly. After that shampoo with clarifying shampoo. Use warm water with the shampoo, as the cold water may conceal the Vaseline.
  • Baking soda: Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with the baby shampoo, then wash and rinse well. Do it again if you think it is essential.
  • Baby oil: Saturate your hair with the baby oil, rub well the hair entirely and squeeze as more as you can. After that wash, your hair with liquid dish soap or warm water, keep in the dish soap for few minutes to permit it to function.
  • Liquid dish soap with degreaser: Shampoo your hair for few times with dishwashing liquid by the help of degreasing agent like Dawn.
  • Liquid laundry detergent: Shampoo the hair with liquid laundry for few times like Wisk.

Other Options Besides Cornstarch

As you do not have cornstarch or would not like to mess or used the cornstarch but have not got the desired result, for you some famous remedies have got success though not same as cornstarch treatment.

Take a seat under the hood hairdryer and use a hand held blow dryer to smoothen the gooey mess. As heat is applied here, the vaseline will be liquid and can be blotted with the paper towels.

The more vaseline you remove, the better you will get the result. If you like, choose cornstarch step after removing Vaseline from the scalp and hair, after that wash with the shampoo.

Why do you use a clarifying shampoo? The formula is invented to remove excess oil from the hair for environmental build up or for excess styling product on hair. The are famous for removing pomades or hair grease.

  1. Blot of the vaseline as you can. After that slather with the peanut butter. People are having bad luck with this removal method. Some reported that they have better luck with using cornstarch.

If you are not sure of the result, use a small amount of plain, peanut butter, not crunchy to vaseline the infused hair which has been blotted with the paper towels. After that rub softly and remove with the paper towel.

As the peanut butter do the trick, use the rest of hair and finish with the clarifying product or this removes the grease or grime.

  1. A GooBeGone or some similar product aid remove vaseline after blotting with the more paper towels. Attempt blow drying vaseline, blotting paper with the towels and then use the goo removal product. Some report that they have a good result. Some do not be afraid as well.

Some other important ways to remove a beaten egg worked within the vaseline seared hair, wash various times with apple cider vinegar and wash with fresh lemon juice.


I think all of you have read this article and have come to know the usefulness of Vaseline. Vaseline is a great product to create faux dreads for any locks.

You have the desire to use Jennifer Anniston Dreads for a short time, use a real soft hair paste or hair grease. Edwin Paul’s Uncle Bubby is a kind of soft hair grease which works great and washes away easily with the shampoo.