Awesome Guide On How to Straighten Hair Men

The way of hair straightening is same for both the male and for the female. You can make the style of your hair at the beauty salon or on the DIY project.

People normally like to go to the salon as the offer permanent straightening by using chemical products to make the hair straighten, and the effect remains for a long time.

For simple straightening, people like to do it at home. The cost of the straightening from the beauty salon to another varies, it is up to the thickness, types of length of the hair.

The main difference between straighteners for men and women

The main difference between straighteners for men and women

As you do not know the procedure, some flat irons will not be an awesome choice for the users or guys.

They do not have some features that teen boys or men need to get sleek styles without no time flat. So choose the best flat iron for men who would like to have specific requirements.

Men like to have small hair generally, so they desire flat iron to use on hair. The iron makes the hair straighten well, and the users can use close to the scalp.

The design is comfortable to hold, and they will make the hair shortened without having any stress, hard work or pulling. The heats levels are adjusted to the suit, and they are a versatile choice and flexible.

How to straighten hair men

Washing Your Hair

Washing Your Hair

The first step to making styling or straightening is to wash the hair. You like to get the yesterday look; that may work out really for bedhead or surfer style. The product has a very short span of life.

You need to wash out the top of hair to remove greasy or limp. You may use conditioner or day to day shampoo to see the fantastic result.

Be sure you like to wash the hair, remove the product residue and stimulate the scalp and build up. It may clog the scalp or may seem dandruff as it dries.

Do not use nails, use fingers’ tip to massage well the scalp for at least 30 seconds. It depends on the dryness and length of the hair.

Apply a small amount of conditioner, wait for at least two minutes. Most men do not wash in this way, keep under cool or cold water for another two minutes.

Tip: Cold water sets the conditioner and revives hair follicles, making them shinier.

Wash your hair then make it dry until to the touch. At this time, you may add a product like shine serum, heat protectants, or frizz serum and use a wide comb to comb well.

It is up to the length of the hair and your desire. You need to escape the scalp and roots and give emphasis on the tresses end.

Use a flat iron

Use a flat iron

All the flat irons are generally for the girls using. The two ceramic heating plates become very hot at the time of running between the hair, makes the hair ultra straight. There are various size and temperature of the flat iron, select an iron one inch wide or smaller, for your short hair, and the temperature goes above 350 degrees F.

To use it, wait for two to three minutes to absorb preheat. Run the iron between half-inch sections of the hair between the plates and keep away from the scalp or head.

  • Do not keep the flat iron on your hair more than three to five seconds; the hair will single as the head does not move down the strand.
  • If you desire to have straight hair, blush the head with the blow dryer with cool or cold setting after heated with the iron.
  • If you have very long hair use tie or pin to the top section and begin from the bottom. This will ensure that you are working with the section, this will aid to speed up the process.
  • At the time of using the flat iron to the root, be careful as this may cause a burn of the scalp.

Get a Brazilian Keratin treatment

Get a Brazilian Keratin treatment

If you like to shell out some money, you have ultra straight or super soft hair and using the Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

This kind of special treatment is used in the salon and tasted anywhere from six to eight weeks. It works for sealing liquid keratin of each person strand of the hair. A chemical having this keratin is kept over the top to aid for the longest time.

  • There are no side effects of Brazilian Keratin treatments, but they are forbidden in the European Union or Canada as there is some chemical treatment with the process.

Use a relaxer on your hair

Use a relaxer on your hair

If you have kinky or curly locks, you may consider getting the relax done. It is the chemical version of the Brazilian Keratin Treatment and for altering the strand of your hair to make them straight.

The relaxer may be damaging but would ensure straight hair. Remember, the relaxer is a constant thing, it must use for few months or weeks to make straight the root of the hair.

  • If you like to have the natural hair once again, you have to remove the relaxed part and let it grow its root.

Natural Way to Straight hair

Natural Way to Straight hair


Pour one by three cup of milk into the empty spray bottle. Before taking a bath, use the milk on your hair before twenty minutes. Use wide tooth comb to remove tangles. Shower and remove shampoo and conditioner as well.

Castor Oil

Use castor oil between two palms and rub over your hair. Make the hair dry with hair dryer, according to the setting you need.

Comb from the root to the top as long as the naps are out and comb well except getting tangled. Pat, the hair with a damp washcloth or with the cold cloth and towel, dry altogether.

Coconut Milk and Lime Juice

Take a can of coconut milk cream with a half cup of lime juice then mix it. Refrigerate the mixture as long as it turns to cream. Use the mixture over your hair.

Cover the hair with the towel for an hour and use shampoo or conditioner. Do the same things three times a week to get a fantastic result.

Generate a paste of fuller’s earth and rice flour

Some use fuller earth just like a clay powder to use on any skin or hair product to get benefit from it. Mix one egg white with one cup of fuller earth and set it for an hour. Then wash completely with warm water.

Few Tips

Few Tips: how to straighten hair men

How To Use Castor Oil For Hair Straightening?

Massage this oil on your scalp, the cover the root of the hair tips. Divide the hair into two halves and comb well and remove tangle or knots. For wavy hair, use the blow dryer with high heated temperature.

The soil will be dried away with the flow of the exposure heat. When you finish the whole process, cover the entire volume with a towel dipped in cold water.

Wait for half an hour. This will give respite to the locks after using heat, and the maybe straightened.

Almond Oil Is Your Friend Too!

Almond is a right kind of hair straightener that holds natural conditioning properties. If you do the thing regularly, it will improve the condition of the curly hair.

For your normal conditioner, you can add it. Massage, with warm almond oil every day, will ensure you gorgeous straight hair except using a drop of the chemical-laden product of the hair. You will do the easy method for three times a week.

How to straighten hair for men permanently

Wavy or curly hair can be quite adorable, but it may also be a great deal of effort to tame daily. If you dream about having sleek, straight locks, then a fixed hair straightening dealing may provide you a look you will love. Based upon the method you pick; your right hair will last anywhere from a few months to if it takes for your hair to regrow.

Selecting a Professional Straightening Care

Pick Japanese straightening for you’ve got loose to average curls. Japanese straightening, are also known as thermal reconditioning, entails your stylist employing a remedy for your hair that breakdowns the bonds which produce your hair curled. The procedure can take around eight hours, and it’ll leave your hair glossy, shiny, as well as directly.

  • The gap between your hair thinning hair along with your hair growth will probably be evident, therefore plan to opt for a touch-up following six to twelve weeks.
  • A Japanese washing treatment may cost more than fie hundred dollars, based on the thickness and length of hair loss.

Locate an experienced practitioner to carry out the treatment. The compounds used in everlasting straightening are caustic. Ask friends and family for references or browse online reviews to locate a seasoned stylist that has a fantastic track record doing these remedies.

  • Your stylist must analyze your hair and make a judgment about the sort of the straightener they believe would work best hair loss.

Consult your inventor about the compounds from the treatment. Some everlasting hair sprays may contain formaldehyde or compounds which release formaldehyde when they are placed in your hair.

This is a harmful chemical that can irritate the eyes, skin, and lungs, and it might lead to cancer after prolonged exposure. Speak with your stylist about formaldehyde-free choices.

Whether there are some instructions, you ought to 10, ask. Before your reservation, phone your stylist and inquire whether there’s anything you need to or should not to apply on your hair until you sit at the seat.

Based upon the treatment, your stylist may tell you not to wash your own hair for a couple of days until you come in, or else they may let you clean using a clarifying cure the night just before your appointment. You might also be advised not to comb or scrape your scalp too harsh.

Hair Straight at the Home

First, use a deep conditioning mask on your hair, focusing mainly on the endings. Switch your shower on as hot as you can get that, then pin up your hair so that the last of your hair are vulnerable.

Sit as near the steam as possible not touching the warm water and then relax for twenty to thirty minutes. When you are done using the steam therapy, fix the shower into a relaxed level, then wash the conditioner out of your hair.

  • This is a superb process to help restore moisture into your hair after a specialist straightening therapy. The main reason that is great for your hair is since the steam opens the cuticles in your hair, letting the conditioner to enter the strands.

Try out a store-bought flattening ointment or lotion to blow dry your hair straight. It is possible to find straightening goods in any pharmacy or beauty merchant, the majority of which arrive in the kind of a serum or cream.

If you would like to receive the expression of a glossy salon blowout in your home, start looking for a heat-activated formulation which will protect your hair from damage brought on by the hair dryer.

  • Serums and lotions won’t moisturize your hair permanently, but they can help keep your hair looking sleek between keratin remedies or if your roots begin to grow from Japanese waxing or even a relaxer.

Employ a pure oil into your hair. The natural oils may deeply penetrate your hair, which aids your hair keep moisture. Natural oils help your hair fight moisture, which means that your hair will appear smoother no matter what is the weather is really like.

  • Search for organic oils which are full of minerals and vitamins to nourish your hair, such as olive oil, argon oil, macadamia oil, and coconut oil.

Try out an at-home keratin therapy. There are quite a few keratin remedies which you can use yourself in your home to find sleek, straight hair.

Most skincare products are employed to damp hair before blow-drying, though some must be applied to dry hair. These assert to continue anywhere from one wash around thirty days, based upon the brand you select.

  • Consult your stylist until you attempt at-home skincare on hair that has experienced non-natural straightening procedure at a salon.

How to straighten men’s hair without a straightener

  1. Begin with the shampoo and conditioner. “Post-wash, attempt to eliminate as much moisture as you can, then use a smoothing lotion or utilize leave-in conditioner into prep your hair and use a smoothing serum or oil, depending on hair type, to complete.”
  2. Utilize a towel. Although it may take hours for hair to completely dry,” it is possible to jump-start the drying process by employing Absorbent fabric such as Acquis, which helps wick moisture from the hair fast without causing harm and frizz.”

Keep cleansing your hair until it is dry. “As long as moderate fashions that sew readily, brush down wet hair and pull it tight with your hands every couple of minutes before it dries,” Angelson states. “On naturally wavy hair, this technique may provide you the undone city-chic appearance you frequently find on runways, and you can complete the way off with acrylic or pomade on the endings to smooth things out” If you are unsure about what brush, then we urge the Wet Brush. T:s that is minor-Latin

How to straighten hair men