A Very Useful Guide on How to Use a Curling Iron

By using the curling iron, you can get the different styles of your hairs. There are many kinds of irons on the market and the size, the diameter and the materials, and the shape is different. Smaller barrels make the spiral curls, and large tubs create shape and volume of the hairstyles. Read the full article on how to use a curling iron to know the experts view on it

Curling irons are made of Teflon, tourmaline, titanium, and metal, and each has merits and demerits. The barrel is made of a cylinder and reverses cone, and there is a brush with this and has double and triple barrels.


  • You can get all types of curl by sitting at your home. The iron is also very comfortable.
  • It will remain with you for a long time. You will pay for this for one time, but you will get a benefit for a long time. So you can save money to buy a new one hair iron to make the curl.
  • The curling hair which is high quality is saving to use. There is no chance of overheating, so no possibility of damaging hair. It ensures very consistent curl.
  • This iron will distribute heat equally to all the sections, so this will make the curl gorgeous for the users.
  • You need not go to the salon to make curl to your hair. It is not very expensive. You can do the curling by yourself. You need not desire any help from others to make the curls



  • It can do harm to your hair if the standard is very low
  • The iron is very expensive though the quality is very high


Easy Ways To Know how to use a curling iron Faster

There is spring loaded in the curling irons, and Marcel and clippies handle. Spring-loaded irons are very accessible to the women. The name Marcel iron has come from the Marcel Gateau.

There is no clip in the wand, and the customer only uses wraps around the rod. There is a Kevlar Glove in the Clippies rods, so this saves the hand from burning.

how to use curling iron

Some are electric, and they are very easy to use. Different types of irons are found in the market from large to pencil like irons. Size does not matter. Your desire is to make the curls to your hair.

Various irons have different systems, so this is tough to handle the irons and has different temperature settings of the irons. There is an updated version of irons in the market, and you can make your hairstyle by sitting at home.

At present, the irons are made of plastic, or electrics which are very easy to use. The barrels have been changed a lot now.

Women usually like to have very wonderful curls for their hair this is very natural. There are many kinds of curls like the loose curls, the small curls, and the tight curls, etc. by using a curling iron you may get your desired curl that you always dream for. You need not visit the salons to get your desired curls.

Curling Iron characteristics on how to use a curling iron

The heating speed of the Barrel

The irons that have very quick heat settings will give you very professional curl very quickly. The irons that take more times to absorb heat will create spaced curls and gives pleasing results.

Irons made of ceramic plates will make you the desired heat very quickly, and there are also some other irons in the market which will heat up within some seconds.

Changeable warmth settings

Different kinds of irons have different heat setting. One is off, and the other is on. Many women like to have this kind of irons which has different heat settings.

For coarse and thick hair women can use high temperature, and for thin and beautiful hair one can use the lowest temperature. Different kinds of heat will make different kinds of curling locks.

Most of the curling irons have two heat settings, and there are ten heat settings irons are found in the market. If you like to use the highest temperature for your hair, then you need to use hair preventer for your hair.

If you like to use the highest temperature for your hair, then you need to use hair preventer for your hair.

The size of the Barrel

Different sizes of the barrels offer different kinds of curls. A 3 to the 4-inch barrel is fit for all length, and a one to the two-inch barrel is suitable for the large as well as loose curls, and this makes the hair more waves. Lastly, for making very tight curl, you can select five to eight inch and three to eight-inch barrels.

how to use curling iron

Heating shield material

Most of the salons use an iron that is made of tourmaline or ceramic plates or a combination of these two metals. These two metals have the high power to make the iron warm very quickly and can save the hair from frying away at the time of making the hair curls.

Curling irons are made of metal can be found in the market which is less expensive than the ceramic or tourmaline plates.

Interchangeable barrels

If you like to make large and soft and beach like curl then you can consider an iron that has the interchangeable barrels.

The base is made in such a way that all types of barrels will be set here. The professional 1110 will help you to make different mass and shape of curls for your hair.

How to Use a Curling Iron on Short Hair

Using a Curling Iron on Short Hair

Step 1: Choose the right curling iron.

The first and foremost thing for a person is to opt the right curling iron for your hair. You have to choose the barrel according to the need of your hair.

The barrels normally comes an increment of an inch. The starting point is 5/8 inch all the means to 2 inch. If the barrel is smaller, it produces tighter and smaller curls. This kind of iron is ideal for shorter hair.

The reason is the hair hasn’t enough span to ring around the barrels to make a ringlet. We suggest you buy a ¾” to 1 ¼” thick barrel for medium-length hair.

Any larger, and the curls barely form a bump—but if that’s the look you’re going for, well and good! # beach waves

Step 2: Shampoo and condition.

We would like to start with the fresh hairstyle. You may not have a clean canvass. Oil, dirt and product filth can render unexpected slip and limpness to your hair, prematurely flattening your curls mid day.

Unclean hair fails to take up styling products and harder to make the style with.

So proper washed and conditioned is a must to use iron on the hair. A clarifying product or shampoo thoroughly leaves and cleanses primed of the product.

Step 3: Protect and prep.

It is a good idea to use thermal protectant before using any styling tool on hair. If you are incredulous and chalk it as a fine step, think not of having potholders if you get freshly parched cookies from the oven.

Scald is real and wet locks are vulnerable to get scratched from it. Creams can be heavy for fine or short hair and may do some limp age. Therefore we really like to use sprays from the basis to the tip.

Step 4: Blow-dry.

Before using an iron on your hair, you must be sure that your hair is completely dry. You can use a blow-dryer to do so. Sometimes the hair seems dry but it feels slightly wet.

Like an innocent girl wait for up to 90% dry that is a healthier way for your threads.

Step 5: Section your hair

Make your hair at least 6 sections and secured each one with a duckbill or darby clips. If you have long hair, you can use a clip for a top left, bottom right, top right, top middle, bottom middle and bottom left.

This is not a very stick rule as some short hairstyles may do with few sectioning.

You can‘t believe how speedily you can make the curl of your hair within the short time.

Step 6: Begin curling.

We prefer curling long tresses far from the face to open up our characteristics. But we like to mix up curling direction for chunkier and fresher looking short hair.

If the section of the hair is one and half inch thick, the curl will be more appealing.

Begin from bottom partings, go ahead to twirl every segment just about the iron, winding up to your go near ear height. Before twirling, keep about half inch hair uncurled at the ends.

When you leave it, you may get a modern feeling. Keep the iron around ten seconds to have a concrete curl. Do the same thing on all summit sections.

When you use a curling iron having a clamp, catch the prongs open at the time of caricature locks around the barrel. Clamp prongs altogether if you have reached half an inch close to the end.

To get wands, go from the top of the section and move downwards, keeping the similar amount of payment to the end for a good curl. Use heat carefully.

Step 7: Shake it off.

If you complete curls of all section, you may move ahead to fine-tune the sections around the line of the hair. It all depends on the style you like to get from.

You may use your finger to slightly split the ringlets. Additionally, you can brush your hair for more natural and softer look.

How to use a curling iron for loose curls

A very common complaint about the curling iron is that it creates ringlets. Nobody likes to get perfect ringlets if they are Shirley Temple.

Using a curling iron or a straightener without a clamp is an option for creating loose waves.

Both of these tools are very difficult to master. It helps us more to be master of the curling iron.

Now use what we have got. You can get loose waves of your hair if you know the right procedure of using a curling iron.

Here’s how


Do you like to avoid annoying ringlets? If you like so, you have to do two things at the time of curling your hair. At first, does not use curl to the end of the hair?

When you use a curling iron on your hair, you must keep one to 2 inches untouched under the clasp.

The next thing you can do is vary the positions of the curling iron. I curl the piece far away from my face.

Then I alternate between the curling iron and my face. It helps more to get a very natural wave.


I use spray on my hair with a flexible hold hairspray. So when I loosen the curls, they don’t fall apart.

You have to use the spray from six to eight inches away from the head so that a light mist envelops your locks.


This is the secret of getting loose waves by the curling iron. If your head is curled, you can flip your hair forward and backward.

You have to do it double if you possess long and thick hair. You can run your finger to break up ringlets which are left intact.

How to use a curling iron without a clamp

First, let’s get this out of the way: yes, it looks like a dildo.

But it is not. This is a curling iron without a clamp. It is going to add life, therefore more manageable.

When I was a freshman, my roommate taught me the way to get the desired curling hair I liked.

I don’t like to get a clamp on my iron and wrap a 1-inch section of hair around the whole barrel, spiral-like.

I hold it for few seconds then let it flows down. I have possessed long and wavy hair to begin with. I have used this method for five to ten minutes.

I have no idea that clampless curling iron exists as long as I was an intern in June in 2007. I have taken Enzo Milano curling iron. I have got this iron six years later.


Watch: How to use a curling iron

Difference between a Curling Wand and a Curling Iron

 Which Is what?

A curling iron includes a grip and can be utilized to make glossy ringlets (loose or tight). On the contrary, a curling wand has no grip and can be used to make organic waves.

What Are They Used For?

The curling wand generates glossy ringlets, which slips downward. It is possible to produce everything out of tight curls too.. While the instrument does produce ringlets, you are able to break them up with your palms to seem more like waves.

How Do I Use Them?

While using a curling iron, the cable must be kept downward, and while using a curling wand, the cable must be upward.

Get a Closer Look

The curling wand generates natural waves. Think about a wavy line, it bends back and forth but remains horizontal. The instrument is supposed to make natural looking waves (such as beachy waves) to give you a natural hair feel.

See the Difference?

The difference is visible in the waves. The curling iron makes this little more polished and resilient, while the bending wand makes more relaxed, natural waves. I enjoy having both in my toolbox so that I can use the iron whenever I need my hair to look more polished, such as for an occasion or job. The latter is my favorite for casual or weekend hangouts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On How to Use a Curling Iron

Question: What is the direction to use the curling iron?

Answer: Make section of your hair at first before starting to make the style. This will help you to make the desired style of your hair. To have a natural look, you need to keep the styling tool away from the face. You will use the tool in the forward and backward direction from the right to the left.

Question: How much hair can I take to make the hair curl?

Answer: To curl too much hair at the same time is a not a good idea, this is the view of Melville. If you take a little more hair, you will get a loose wave of your hair. It is not possible for you to distribute heat properly for all the sections. To make wonderful curl, wrap a small section of hair on the barrel. The system is stated above. Taking too much hair is not a good idea at all.

Final Words

There are many benefits of using the iron. Like other tools, this has many demerits. The good information is that you can prevent the drawbacks or avoid the disadvantages. You should check some things to get the desired results. To do so, you can do the following instructions.

  • If you like to curl your hair, the first thing you need to do this is to choose the best kind of curling iron for your hair. Meaning that you should use the best quality iron
  • High-quality curling does not mean that you should spend more money on your iron; you should join us the best kind of iron to make the curl
  • Follow the instruction of the manufacturer well to get the desired result from the irons. It will prevent the damage to your hair
  • Be sure your iron is the best iron. If you see any harm, you can use iron cautiously. It is the end of how to use a curling iron for the time being



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