How To Use The Shampoo – A Detail Step By Step Guide

The shampoo is a cleaning hair product in the form of a brightly colored viscous liquid. It is also found in bar form like a soap bar.

People use and massage it into the hair then rinse it out. Some people like to use conditioner after using shampoo on hair.

The purpose of using shampoo is to take out undesired build-up from the hair. The shampoo is made from surfactant especially sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, a co-surfactant, mostly Cocamidopropyl betaine in water.

The shampoo is nice for people who have color treated hair, dandruff, wheat or gluten allergies. The company likes to use all natural, botanical, organic or plant-derived products.

There are shampoos for animals which contain medications or insecticides to treat parasite infestations.

How To Use The Shampoo

Step 1 – pre-poo by the Carmel deep reconstructing treatment

Step 2 -I begin to work with the Carmel deep construction solution. I detangle hair with coconut oil and conditioner before using the Carmel. Next time, I give a chance to sit it on my hair for about 20 to 30 minutes surely by using a shower cap.

Step 3 -Wash well. The Carmel solution is very muggy. So you have to remove it completely before you like to wash your hair.

When I washed off the hair, I noticed her curls loosen-up somewhat. Therefore it is easy to find any tangles.

Step 4 – Rinse every twisted part of the hair by using a shampoo bar. At first, I faced some problems. But now I have got a new system. I slide soap down the part; I am working with after that lightly massage the scalp. Wash it and I do the same thing up to the hair is completely clean.

Step 5 -Use E’TAE Carmelux silk protein conditioner for every section. Rinse.

Step 6 – Pat dry by dad’s coon t-shirt then use hair gloss and style.

What to avoid

Many companies are trying to reduce toxic and chemical ingredients in their products. Some companies have faced further disapproval for ingredients instead of the cosmetic industry. Many companies are trying their best to release all natural or organic private care lines.

What to avoid

Shampoo and conditioner contain a huge amount of toxic elements. Some health-conscious people use their hair-care products. Some like to apply ready-made conditioners and shampoos. There are many options for you.

You don’t need to think more about this matter. You just only notice the ingredients of the products.

Then, you will be able to know whether the product is safe or not. Here, for your kind consideration, we have mentioned 5 toxic ingredients. You should avoid these at the time of buying it.


You possibly have heard much about sulfates by now. Every brand of natural care very boastfully claims that there is no sulfate in the product. But now the question what is sulfate and why must we avoid it?

When we are talking about it, one thing is clear that these are chemical detergents. So they are not bad things.

These are very effective things to remove oil and dirt from hair. Sulfates are very harsh for your scalp and hair. These can take away the natural moisture which keeps the hair soft and shiny.


Parabens are other mostly detested collection of chemicals. Probably it has been told to stay away from parabens in your personal and beauty care products.


Parabens are xenoestrogens. It means that a same type of opus to hormones is found in human body. The Xenoestrogens are interrupted hormones and may be a pose of cancer risk.

The British scientists have got the proof of parabens in the sample of breast cancer tissue. There is no enough proof that the paraben causes cancer. There are lots of normal minded folks who don’t like to use parabens totally.


If the products come from the natural elements, it is presented in the packet clearly. The fragrance is very bad. When all manufacturers say, ingredients have fragrance. It is bad news for you.

The word ‘fragrance’ gives a chance to the manufacturers to use lots of ingredients. It isn’t regulated by FDA. When the fragrance is listed on the product ingredients lists, no need to say what is included within it.

Natural civilization even states that more than 3100 ingredients are used here. Concoct this suspicious-sounding addition for your shampoo as well as conditioners.


Triclosan is an antiseptic agent. Manufacturers added this agent to the personal concern products like a preservative.


Dr. Ben Kim notes that there is not enough evidence that it is secured for apply or not. There are also some caution signs on the other hand.

Triclosan can be taken as an endocrine disruptor. It may be dangerous in the similar fashion like xenoestrogens.

Finally, it may be added to an immune system problem, unrestrained cellular reproduction, and weight loss view of Dr. Kim.