Infiniti Pro Conair Curling Wand Review – Best Iron For Beachy Waves hair

I would not like to say anything against the curling wands it is not right though it seems to me they are an excellent idea. I never feel like I can accurately use them. I end up with a line to the end of the curl which looks crispy, and my curl never stays uniform. I have done one think very successfully that is the straightening. Ironic Right?

It may be the issue of using materials is the lack of my knowledge. Do not think me wrong. I am pro curling iron, but I would not think me bad as my hair ends up with the look. Ok, maybe it was right.

Regardless, manufacturers are now making curling wands with the similar materials to make wands and straighteners which are pretty handy for me. There are lots of positive reviews of using ceramic straightening iron as they give consistent heat. They give me the idea that it would be perfect for my curls.

We have made lots of research from the customers, and they have given us the information that the iron is very simple. Anyone can use it. The price is very affordable. It has all the latest features.

Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand

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Features of Infiniti Pro Conair Curling Wand

  • Tourmaline Ceramic™ Technology
  • releases natural ions to remove frizz
  • leave no damage spot on the hairs
  • dominant Ceramic Heater
  • Uniform temperature heating temperatures
  •  Restore high heat at the time of using this device
  • Ultra-High Heat stages 400°F
  • Full heat within 20 seconds
  • Turn off automatically
  • 5 LED heat settings will show you the reading of the iron.
  • Professional length cable


  • Includes a slick design and does not seem or feel clunky during usage.
  • This is very helpful when I am in a hurry in the afternoon.
  • Simple to use and cuts the time spent curling. Again, very helpful for getting ready in the evenings.
  • Various heat settings. I love to use the lowest setting to get more of a loose, beachy look. The higher the heat, the more distinguishing curl you may get.
  • If you forget to turn off it, · Security off feature. It might be convenient although I have used this feature. For curling irons, 10, this is essential today.
  • Tapered barrel produces a soft curl shape, so you don’t have a massive block of quantity in the endings like that I used to have with width curling irons, together with how my hair is trimmed.


  • Due to the tapered barrel, my hair does Are Inclined to slide down if I do not grip the barrel at a certain angle

Performance and Versatility

People who Buy this iron Version from Conair to utilize in their short hair are extremely glad they did. Characteristics including five different temperature settings (Max 400°F) plus also a 1/2″ to 1″ tapered barrel provide you with the options and flexibility you will need to curl your hair.

The barrel also includes ceramic tourmaline extract. This Means the Infiniti Pro by Conair Curling Wand will heat evenly and doesn’t have harmful hotspots which are generally found on other kinds of curling iron barrels.

Additionally, it goes a long way to get rid of frizz and unsightly flyaway hairs. Tourmaline crystal straightened barrels are famous for providing your hair a bit glow when it is styled too.

Security and Convenience

There’s not anything fancy about the way this curling iron functions. It’s quite a natural LED light temperature choice and a typical size 8-foot power cable. The power cord does include an attached swivel end to keep the rope from pops up since you use it.

The installation that Conair supplies for this curling iron make It safe to use.

What makes this curling iron successful on hair that is short?

Hair, it needs to get a more compact size barrel. Wand has got that covered. For short wrap hair round but besides, it provides you with a variety of curl choices.

This curling iron is. Also, compact and lightweight. That’s a huge bonus since Need to angle it into tighter areas to capture your hair too.

How to Clean Infiniti Pro Conair Curling Wand

Before opening the curling iron, you need to be sure that the barrel is spring loaded or not. The spring loaded barrels are affordable and common. The professionals like to use the spring loaded as it has no spring to break though used for a long time.

The professional model becomes hotter and absorbs heat better. Be sure of the type then clean it with lint free cloth and with a salon grade Barricade plus disinfectant.

It saves the tool from the rust. Buyers face disinfectant in a salon store, online or beauty salon. If you get the iron is cool, clean it. If it is spring loaded, clean under the handle.

Infiniti Pro Conair Curling Wand

The clip-free You Curl offers shiny and smooth hair without any kink. The device is made with the cone shaped barrel, so this is very helpful to make the natural hairs.

Enter small sections of your hairs to make tight curls and romantic curl, and for trendy and wavy curl you can give the wider part of your locks.

Special thanks to the tourmaline technology as this offers shiny and smooth hairs in every use.

To eliminate frizz, this iron offers negative ions, and the easy glide surface creates smooth and beautiful hairs.

At the time of using this iron, the temperature remains fixed to the point so no possibility of damaging the hairs.

The Conair will save your time as this can raise the heat up to 30 seconds. It has the power to maintain the temperature so you can watch the desired style of your hair.

You may use the lowest heat for the thin and shiny locks and for the coarse and thick hair you do use the highest heat settings.

Medium setting is best for the color treated hairs. The top level of heat setting up to 400 degrees is the best for the ultra thick and hard locks. The iron has the great capacity to maintain the heat to all parts.

There is five ultra heat configuration in this iron, so this is fit for all types of hairs to make the style. For fine and thin hair low temperature is the best, and for thick and coarse hairs the heat is the best. You can choose the diffident heat settings for your desired styles. 

How to Use Conair Tourmaline

  • If you like to make, the tight curl makes a small section of your hair and then put it into the barrel for few seconds.
  • If you like to make loose curls, make wider sections.
  • To make the modern look, please do not wind the barrel up to the root. Keep 2 inches straight to the source

To get the desired result use the best products for the markets. Take a one-inch wide section or locks and begin around two inches from the scalp. Hold the top section of your hair for five to eight second to make the curl, and then unwind the hair. No clamp will offer you bending without kinks.

Best curling iron for beachy waves short hair

Please do not use combs and brush on the hair until this becomes cool completely. Do the process again and again to get the desired result.

You should not do the same thing in some particular areas of your hair as this is up to the texture.

You have gathered some previous experiences to use this device. If you do the same thing again and again one day you will be the expert in this field.

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Buying Guide of Conair Tourmaline Infinity Pro

There are lots of features with the irons. The most important feature is that it has heat protective shield which saves you from an accident.

The heating shield is rested on a hot barrel to save wandering fingers at the time of cooling down.

We are ready to fulfill the desires of the customers. So without any hesitation, you may buy the product. Spending money for the iron is not waste of money at all.

Talk to the expert and spend more time to know the product. Do not regret to take your ultimate decision.


Product Info of Infiniti Pro Conair Curling Wand Review

  • Product magnitude: 8 x 11.8 x 9.5 inches ; 13.6 ounces
  • Transport Weight:4 ounces
  • ASIN: B003F2T0M4
  • Model number: CD117RR

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Conair Tourmaline Infinity Pro

Question: Where can I get the model number for my appliance?

Answer: All products have the mold imprint model number on the handle. Notice a rectangular mark on the plastic and get the model number. If the model number cannot be located on the tools.

Question: Where could I buy the replacement and the accessories parts?

Answer: You may get the accessories and the other parts of the units from the retailers. You can visit the www. Conair – store.com for the parts and the accessories. You can also buy the parts from the service centers directly.

Question: What do you mean by tourmaline ceramic?

Answer: Crushed Tourmaline jewels give off the concentration of ions. It is generated from far infrared technology. This emits the additional ions from the hair and makes it healthy and shiny.

Question: What do you know about ceramic heat?

Answer: There is far infrared technology in this flat iron. The far fared technology penetrates through the hair and makes the hair drying it from inside out. It helps to make the drying process faster and more gentle. Ceramic heat plates minimize the hair damage and make the hair smooth and manageable

Final Verdict

We have come to the conclusion that the product is the best one. The Conair Infiniti Pro Nano Tourmaline is a good type of iron for the spring based hair.

The tools are fruitful for all types of hair. The important features of the iron are the digital screen, automatic shut off abilities. These kinds of features are not available in other similar types of product.

The product has five years manufacturer warranty. The warranty period is longest compared to other products.

In the conclusion, we can say that the Conair Infiniti Pro Nano Tourmaline curling iron is an uncommon tool for making great looking curls.


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