Remington Flat Iron Reviews The Best Hair Straightener Forever

Is this an inexpensive Straightening solution? People like to get something with good bargaining. I am no exception in such case. Today I have a desire to check out all the spaces and review of the very cheapest flat iron which I get: the S5500 Remington Straightener.

In this Remington hair straightener review, I have a desire to see how the company can make iron with such cheap rate. How is it differing from other expensive cousins and whether is it worth changing 20 big ones on?

Now see what the spaces are, the customer and websites reviews to express about the Remington S5500.

Can anyone tell you which particular straightener will be perfect for you? By keeping it in mind, we are looking for the best straightener. In this case, Remington s5500 is the best product for you. It will be the best hair straightener for you. It totally depends on the style of your hair.

Features of Remington Flat Iron

  • 1” Ceramic Plates – You can create smooth and beautiful styles of your hair with the 1-inch Ceramic plate which somewhat extra long for precision styling.
  • 410° Heat with Turbo Boost – Obtain salon quality heat as well as styling hair within a second. It has turbo boost quality which rapidly increases the temperature to the maximum level within the second
  • 30-Second Heat Up – 30 second is enough to make the wonderful style of hair with the unit
  • Auto Shutoff – After 60 minutes the tool will automatically shut off that is a great plus for you to enjoy peace of mind
  • Digital Controls – The intuitive button controls the temperature and power. Besides it has clear view LCD screen displays heat level.
  • Swivel Cord – Swivel cord: you can make the style of your hair for having salon length swivel cord

best remington straightener

There is anti-static technology in this style, so it reduces the negatively charged particles at the time of making style. It reduces frizz. There is a long ceramic plate which leaves less damage, and the long floating plate helps easy glide. The floating ceramic plates allow you to have more control over the style and reduce flyaway 50% more than the previous models.


  • Heat reaches to the up position very rapidly
  • There is no possibility of tangling of the cord. The cord is swivel. At the time of using it is very convenient
  • Somewhat small. I have used others and they have little bit smoke and burnt smell for the first use
  • Three buttons rather than the total pad of them. Screen lights up normally
  • Discreet lock button. Some people say there is no button, it does. It is not exposed as it is a hinge.
  • Limited preference of temperature


Remington flat iron frizz therapy

Next generation ceramic plates along with special properties have been added to the blend of frizz resistant micro-conditioners emit at the time of styling. The frizz resistant micro-conditioners appear on the surface at the time of heating and working time of the flat iron. It goes to the hair to save them from the humidity for all the day. These conditioners remain the rest of the life as the product departs no oily residue.

Temperature Questions

I have got a Remington Straightener. There is minimum heat setting is very high. The lowest level of temperature setting is 310 degrees. For which people damage the fragile hair. They need much lower than that.

You are using Remington hair Straighteners. I do not know what temperature setting you like to get. You desire a straightener which has lower temperature setting as you like to escape broken, charred and irreparably damaged hair. As you tresses are very beautiful or quite damaged, why do not you like to check out my article for the best type hair straightener for the damaged hair? In my Heat Precaution article, you will get the idea of protecting your hair from more damage.

1 or 2 of the Remington Wide hair straighteners and anti-static one-inch ceramic hair straightener state that the irons give up odd chemical smell if they are very hot. The company says that it is not a great issue and there will be no damage to hair for it. After few uses, it will burn off. We are interested in making you aware of the fact as you are very sensitive to smell.

Why you want this: Read the Remington flat iron reviews

The Remington has a floating plate which helps to make the style of the hair easily. The heating capacity is very consistent. There is no possibility of burning your hair or leave any spot on hairs.

The floating plate will take only 30 seconds to heat up to 410 degrees. There is a digital display of temperature setting by which you can see how much heat the iron absorbs. You will get exact heat by the digital display of temperature settings.

Buying guide of best Remington straightener

How to get Remington s5500 flat iron

How to get Remington s5500 flat iron

Search on online; you will see a lot of products. Some of the products are original, and some of the products are full of fake. You need to be serious to select the product. You should be smart to choose the product.

If you have no proper knowledge of the product, you can read the reviews of the users, and you can watch YouTube videos. But be sure, you need to buy the original products. Overseas are producing lots of products, but the service you get is not very worthy. To have satisfactory result buy the best product.


Where can I purchase Remington s5500 hair straightener?

Remington Digital Anti-Static Ceramic Hair Straightener has good quality and effectiveness. People like to buy the product. The valoffor the product is not high. On online, there have lots of shops that are selling the same product. If you decided to buy the product just click here.

You will get a pack of the product after passing 24 hours. The company will send you a discreet package of the product. On the cover of the product, you will see some attractive slogans.

If you are not satisfied for any cause, you can return it to the manufacturer. They are always ready to refund all your cash. There are still some assurances for the product for you.

Remington hair straightener – Assurance

For some reasons, you are not eligible to get the warranty. The factors are from where you have bought the product, the use of the product, which you are purchased from, etc. if you have any question, ask the manufacturer by reading the whole reviews.

The straightener has two years limited guarantee. The price for the product is not much. The manufacturers are trying their best to offer their best service to the customers.

Product info – best Remington hair straightener

  • Product Dimensions: 1.1 x 1 x 11.8 inches ; 10.4 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Domestic Shipping: delivered only in the U.S.
  • ASIN: B003S516XO
  • Item model number: S5500


Watch Remington 1 inch flat iron: Remington flat iron reviews

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Remington flat iron

Question: How is the new plate than the previous version?

Answer: The floating plates are very long and render you more control over your flat iron at the time of styling. It will reduce the flyways of hair and offer 50% more than the previous one.

Question: How much time does it take to heat up?

Answer: It takes thirty seconds to absorb the heat well.

Question: Does it has an auto turn off the system?

Answer: After sixty minutes the device will turn off automatically to offer peace in your mind.

Final Words

The Remington S5500 has dual voltage capacity, whereas the current version has no support of this. So the advantage of the device is that you can carry it with you at the time of traveling. The best flat iron is very cheap though it has dual plates.

The Remington S5500 is a good option for the affordable price. After reading the article on Remington flat iron reviews, it is cleared that the flat iron is the number one on the market.

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