Remington TStudio Curling Wand Reviews

By using the Remington CI95AC2 Styling Wand, different salons make reverse curls. This plate is made of ceramic and offers very pleasing result for the users. Your hair looks very smooth and luster. Read the full article on Remington TStudio Curling Wand to know an expert view on it.

There is a digital display to see the reading. Remington CI95AC2 has the power to reach the temperature up to 410 degree which is a significant amount.

The cone shape of the iron is very helpful to make the different styles of your hair.

Remington TStudio Curling Wand

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  • Fantastic price

It’s a Curling wand which will leave you grinning once it meets all of your salon requirements in the comfort of your residence. It’s worth your purchase.

  • Variety of dimensions

When Searching for a more casual look, it is suggested to purchase the 1/2-1-inch dimensions to offer you thinner, longer curls. For an elegant look, chose a larger one with 1-1.5 inch which can give you sexier, shorter curls.

  • Temperature controller nozzle

This Feature especially makes the Remington pearl curling wand quickly simple and reliable since one can control the temperature which makes it suitable for most hair types.

  • Technology

The ceramic infused in the batter is responsible for the Fast heating up of this curling wand and maintains a consistent temperature. The ceramic is, hence, the reason why your hair shines Brighter than the morning sun each single time you use this curling wand.

  • The given style will give you the professional style of hair that you will get by sitting at your home.
  • The tool is highly portable so you can carry where you like.
  • It appears with free shipping.
  • With very short time the device heats up to the level of 410 degrees. So you should not wait for a long time to get ready the device.
  • The iron appears with a smooth glide, and there will be no snagging or pull on your hair.
  • The tools come with one, and a half inch barrel gives super stylized curls with good accuracy


There are some learning curls which are different from the old clamp types of irons as well as the rollers. The body becomes scalding, and the body of the wand is totally exposed. Therefore, I propose you to use a protective glove before using the irons.



There is a glove with this product. So you can save your finger from the heat. The buyers need to know the conical shape of the product. There are lots of products in the market.

But not for proper using people do not get the expected result, so they think this is not the best iron. Many customers are using the product and have got the satisfactory result, so they want to use this iron to make the curl of the hair.


How to use Remington t Studio ceramic curling wand

The Remington T Studio Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand is great as this has the digital display. Remington CI95AC2 helps to make the best curls for your hair. It may raise heat 410 degrees.


There is a clamp in this curling iron like the other curling irons in the market. Here is no clamp in this Remington Pearl, so the users need to use their hands to make the curls.

There is a glove with these curling irons. But one customer comments that the glove is not proper enough to protect the heat or save the hands. There is a learning curve with this product. You can take help from the other sources to handle the curling irons properly on online or Internet.

How to Maintenance Remington T|Studio Pearl Digital Ceramic

Remington Curling Wand offers you the salon quality service by sitting at your home. You need to be careful to use the device, and you need to maintain it properly. You need to read the manuals of the tools very carefully to perform the device well.

 The secret of Remington t studio pearl ceramic wand

This wand is made of ceramic plates, so this is very helpful to make the different styles of the hair. Remington CI95AC2 is now the big word in the world of techniques. So select a wand that is very helpful, and we would like to mention the name.

The name is the Pearl Styling Wand. Ceramic has high power to absorb heat quickly. By this wand, you can get the quality salon curl by sitting at your home. It has the great ability to distribute heat all the parts of the irons.

The secret of Remington t studio pearl ceramic wand

By using the ceramic plate, you will feel no snagging, and this is very easy to make your desired style. Remington CI95AC2 is very simple to use, and the Pearl Ceramic Wand do a great benefit for your hair.

It will ensure that it will remain with you for a long time. There will be no scratching on the iron as this is protected well.

This wand of design will help you to get the desired style of your hair. The barrels of the wand are conical formed and contraction and reduction out to the end. So this will help you to make small curl to the last points of your hair than the root.

The wand will seem more natural and original. The wand is shaped well, so this will help you to make the curl very quickly and quietly.

Buying guide of Remington t studio thermaluxe wand

Why should you need to purchase Remington CI95AC2

There is a digital display with this iron. So you will know the temperature by showing the reading of the screen. Remington CI95AC2 also has a great capacity to heat up or to be cool quickly. There is an adjustable temperature so easy to use the iron. Different barrels size is fit for various temperature.

Where Could I buy Remington t Studio silk ceramic curling iron?

The price of the product is also very reasonable. To get the product just click here. There are also many other options from where you can get this product. But be sure they will take more money for this. But you will not get the expected result. People like to have this product as the product has the assurance of honesty.

If you order the product, you will get this just within 24 hours. They will give you discreet package for which they would demand no money or extra charge. There are some embracing slogans above the package. Still, they are ready to refund all the money if any custom is not satisfied with the result he or she has got. They are willing to offer some extra assurance.

Information of Remington CI95AC2 T|Studio
  • Dimensions of the Product: 9 x 4.9 x 14.1 inches
  • Shipping Weight:2 ounces
  • ASIN: B003V265QW
  • the model number of the Item: CI95AC2

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Remington TStudio Curling Wand

Question: What technology is put inside?

Answer: The Remington Curling Wand is suggested by the professionals for the best result of the users. There is some real pearls ceramic technology to make the plate of the curling iron.

Question: How much time does it require to hold the hair in the wand?

Answer: It takes five to six for each curl.

Question: What is about the gloves of the iron?

Answer: I have not used it myself. I met some people who liked the product and wear it though I do not face burning. So it is a good thing for the beginners.


This is the great wand curling since it includes a ceramic cone. The barrel can be infused with genuine pearls, that are supposed to assist your hair in slipping up-down it as well as helping create smooth, silky nofrizz curls.

Additionally, ceramic barrels usually heat enough evenly and fast than other forms. High temperatures are fantastic for thick hair and speedy styling. However, you want to have that heat spread as equally as possible to safeguard against harm.

The Pearl Ceramic Wand has excellent security features, such as automatic shut-off. That implies that the wand turns off on its own after a time free of use. Additionally, it comprises heat resistant glove, which prevents you from fiery your hands on the heated barrel.

If you apply curling wand rather than a conventional curling iron, you’re more inclined to burn hands due to how close the wand gets into the barrel. Therefore, it’s great you do not have to buy a glove individually.

The batter does not include a caring heat shield, which is a beautiful addition since they shield you and another thing in your countertop in the barrel as this melts.

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