Solia Professional Ceramic Flat Iron Review

A flat iron is supposed to be a tool that has simple technology. You need something that gets hot and comes together on your hair, so your hair looks neat and smooth. The more you look into hair styling products, the more you see different things you've never seen in different tools. 

Solia Professional Ceramic Flat Iron is a tool that comes in improved technology and operation. This product doesn't just produce heat, and it gives heat with negative ions. This negative ion is what prevents the hair from frizz and gives you a fine finish. 

If you desire to have a product you can bank on always for your hair, this review is for you. We have carefully put together details and features of this tool. Also, you'll get to see the advantages and why you need this product. This will help you in your choice of purchase.

Solia Professional Ceramic Flat Iron Review

Solia Professional 1¼" Ceramic Flat Iron

The Solia Ceramic Flat Iron is one of the best flat irons you can find in the market. The flat iron has an alignment system that makes the plates close and ensures they're always working together.  

Solia tools are manufactured for meeting the different requirements of different hair types. They are known to be effective for styling hair and giving it a look of perfection.

The Solia Professional Ceramic Flat Iron features a ceramic plate that helps to move smoothly over the hair. It also distributes heat evenly om the hair for perfect results. This product has a temperature range of 170°F-450°F, and this makes it suitable for different hair types.

The temperature is just right for your hair at once, and you don't have to go over and over before you achieve a result. The Solia Flat Iron comes with negative ion technology that keeps your hair smooth and moisturized. This tool also helps to prevent frizz in hair.

Solia Flat Iron is suitable for all hair types. It gives your hair beautiful looks that you desire always. This fantastic product is known for its durability. You can use it for as long as you want with no issues coming up.


  • Ceramic plates: the ceramic plate feature helps to provide volume and shine to the hair. 
  • It has multiple temperature settings: this enables it to be suitable for all hair types. You can switch between temperatures to achieve the style you want.
  • Negative ion technology; helps to keep moisture locked in the hair and prevents frizz.
  • It comes in different bright colors: this makes it attractive to users.
  • It has a temperature of 450°F
  • Has a 9-inch long swivel cord

Pros & Cons of Solia Professional Ceramic Flat Iron


  • This product provides smooth and soft hair and helps to prevent frizz.
  • It is suitable for all hair types due to the presence of multiple temperature settings. 
  • It is easy to use and gives a professional outlook to your hair.
  • It is durable and lasts for many years. 
  • It has a firm grip.
  • It comes in different colors, so you get to choose whichever color you want.


  • The outside of the iron can get very hot during use. But it is not much of a big deal, and you can switch off the iron when it's getting too hot. 

Why Solia Professional is The Best

There are two popular types of irons in the market named Tourmaline Ceramic Ion flat iron and Titanium flat iron. The second one has got the most popular for its beautiful performance. If you like to have smooth hair, you need to have ceramic tourmaline flat iron.

The Solia flat iron made of tourmaline ceramic plate. The design is very excellent and has the cutting edge method. Women and girls are using the device for an extended period. So the iron has got much popularity. The motto of the device is to straighten the hair, promotes the smooth finish.

How to Use Solia Professional

  • Use the plug in a wall outlet (110v)
  • After setting temperature turn on the device
  • To see the flash of the light, you will know the device is ready
  • The light will show off if the temperature is low when the temperature is high, the light will be flashing.
  • Finishing your work, unplug the device

Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron

Solia Professional Ceramic Flat Iron Review (FAQs)

1. What is flat iron used for? 

A flat iron is also called straightener. It is specially designed to straighten the hair. 

2. Is titanium flat iron better than the ceramic one? 

Titanium flat irons heat faster than the ceramic ones. But ceramic flat irons gave the perfect temperature settings for thin and soft hair. Titanium is more suitable for those with thick hair.

3. Can I produce curls with a flat iron?

Flat irons produce a lot of heat, so having to hold it much longer in your hair to produce curls can cause damage. If you want to produce curls in your hair, use a curling iron. 

4. Does it possession technology? I replace a flat iron named Solia Professional flat iron. The device has a blue plate.

My iron has a blue plate… but the picture is somewhat different. I attempted several others but went back to Solia again.

5. I have thin hair. My hair burns to the end if I use a flat iron. Can I use it for my hair?

if you use 370-degree temperature, please do not keep the iron on your hair more than eight seconds. By doing so, your hair will not burn. It is better to cut off the end of the hair and use conditioner at least 1 or 2 times a month.

6. Is there heat sleeve?

I have one without a heat sleeve.

7. Is it possible to use with 100-240v?

You can use only with 100 volts.

8. Why is my flat iron pulling my hair? 

Accumulated dirt and product buildup in the hair can cause the iron to pull your hair. The product residue turns into small particles that latch on to your hair strands. Dirt in the flat iron can also cause this. 

9. What is the highest temperature my hair can withstand? 

Your hair can take a maximum temperature of 450°F before burning. Any temperature higher than this is not ideal for your hair. It can cause heat damage to your hair. 

Final Thoughts

Generally, it is known that Solia Flat Irons are one of the best product you can find in the world of hairstyling. This product comes with the advantage of advanced technology features and professional-grade features. 

Solia Flat Iron ones at a reasonable price and it is durable. Investing in this product will give you a salon-like result in the comfort of your home. If you desire to get new flat irons or replace the one you have, then Solia flat iron is what you should go for. With its amazing features and pros, you won't be disappointed.

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