Best Sultra Curling Iron Reviews

Are you tired to get the hairstyle? Are you thinking something new for your hair? Would you like to start a new one? Be free from you tension and think about Bombshell.

Sultra the Bombshell is the clipless curling iron which has been produced with the latest technologies. It has solved all the problems to get natural looking and shiny curls.

The primary session of making a curl with other tools may seem frustrating. But this one is the best in the sense that you would not face such type of problem.

Normally in the morning, we are very busy to catch the bushes, to go to the office, etc. The tool has solved the problem and ensured great looking hair within a short time.

Most of the women do not like to spend time for making them fit to go outside. The tools make their schedule easier as well as less troublesome.

To get the solution of all problems, you can use the Sultra the Bombshell Clipless curling iron.

It has done a revolutionary change in the world of style and beauty for the women. The tool is popular in the world of fashion named as wonder wand.

best curling iron for natural black hair

 Features of Sultra Curling Iron

Sultra Bombshell’s new addition is a great tool to make the style of hair and has a big barrel size is 1.5. The tool makes the style of hair within the short time. The traditional irons are clipless and have a twist.

There is dual heat Therma-Tru Ceramic Technology which has the dual power; one is mending, and the other is defending. The device will only take the halftime to make fantastic curl except for clips that the traditional curls take.

The patented Therma Tru ceramic is a perfect one for color treated and dry hair.

There is a ceramic barrel in this heater which can produce heat to 380 F and creates curl even for ordinary hair into a good looking one.

The Sultra curling iron has nine-inch swivel cord which is tangle free. It has an automatic shut-off system as well as has a safety management. The weight of the device is light and has the power to ensure universal voltage.

If you buy this model, you will get a styling glove and an iron pad. Though your hair is thin, thick, short, straight, dry and long, you will get very voluminous, smooth and wavy curls. You will also get shiny and fresh hair.


  • Creates soft, long lasting curls at half the time Due to its clipless layout
  • Assortment of security measure Permits You to achieve maximum performance without too much stress


  • The cost is towards the high end for just specialist level curling tools
  • Insufficient heating system settings could be a problem

The Benefits

The price of the Sultra is something more than the other ultra as they keep their reservation. You will never consider the price if you get very excellent voluminous and wavy curl lasts for a long time.

Would you like to have less than a product which won the 2014 TotalBeauty.com Curling Tool Editors’ Pick Award? We never think so. If you like to have the best quality of hair you need to wait for a long time, this will go for your hairstyling tools.

Sultra is the kind of curling iron from which you will get the desired result. As the device has quick heat settings, Sultra is very useful for hair. There is a lucrative bag with sultra so that you can keep this in your traveling bag as a companion.

You will get other benefits from Sultra Bombshell, which will keep curl to the long hair for an extended period. Sultra is the new member of Bombshell family. The performance of Sultra’s is very excellent. If you make curl for today, this will remain for a long time.

Scope of Improvement

People who gave the unfavorable review about Sultra Bombshell are not many. However, every product has pros and cons.

There are  42 recent customers who bought the device and used it, and then they present the review. 95% users have given the positive reviews.

The reviews of them stated that customers must have this Bombshell model. There are some cons of the product.

If you like to buy the device, then you should buy it from reputed online.

Some customers desire to have tight curls just like ringlets. The new Sultra is not made with this idea. If you like such thing, then choose the regular one.

The only thing that the bombshell gives is the pertains. This device comes with a long cable cord, sometimes its mess-up with you, but I think the long cord is good when you’re in travel.


Watch: Sultra Curling Iron Reviews

Controlling a Curling Iron

To control an iron you need to consider some issues. The cord will be on the way back of the head as the barrel is made of conducting metal. It is not easy to control curl into the barrel. This is very easy to solve.

Use the iron when the power is off and test where the cord is faulty. Do not keep the cord in the way of the iron and for the excess length, you can use a cord holder.

A user needs some important issues to consider for controlling the curling iron.

The main issue is the heat conducting barrel; now get to your grip. You may practice with the cord to move the barrel without touching the barrels.

At first, be sure the heating is off. Then start is making a section of the hair, hold the bottom of the hair, and wrap the section around barrel.

How to Use The Bombshell Curling Irons 

Do not simply ‘do’ your own hair; adopt your inner beauty fiend and say hello to unlimited styling possibilities. Sultra gets the quality you deserve to quickly and easily make the long-lasting and the special fashions you desire, without needing extreme heat damage.

Ours is the most technologically innovative and fashion-forward heat-styling items on the market now – designed to help save you time and maintain hair joyful.

Step 1- Wrap

Section hair into two different sections. Starting at the base of your neck take a 1” section of hair and Wrap it around the barrel of the Bombshell. Hold for just eight seconds.

Step 2 – Release

Release hair from around the back of this Bombshell and gradually pull out the iron. Permit curly hair to cool completely in the hands of the hands before discharging.

Step 3 – Repeat

Repeat measures throughout remaining parts of hair till the appearance is complete.

User Review On Sultra Curling Iron

Sultra Curling Iron Review

Fantastic Hold And Curls

Like this styling tool. I have real flat, fine, straight hair and the curl remains not for the day but the next day. This is not the case for my hair. When I hit outside, it falls out, especially on humid days.

The iron heats up quickly, simple to use, clipless, in the beginning, the glove is great and needs a couple of time to get it down. It takes half of the time to make curl and makes the curl shiny. So be happy with the iron and make the right decision.


best curling iron for natural black hair

I have used the curling iron, and it makes my life amazing and like to use the curling iron as we are getting beach portraits done and I would like to be looked beautiful. I got the mail yesterday, and I tried it at night we are going to take.

This is the view of my husband that my hair is fantastic and it is going to blow right out the water.

I said the curl would not remain the whole night. I use hairspray on each strand, and I sometimes use sutra volumizing lotion over my wet hair.

Now I am rereading the Connie Infiniti Pro one and a half inch curling iron. The box is just here; I like to say that you would not buy these in Australia. I bought it from online, and it is fantastic.

The Pro is quick, and postage is countless. I have bought four or five, and they are very terrible. All do not work at all; they make the curl of the hair. They are hot enough, but they do not function well.

I have bought a large barrel curling iron, but I do not like to use it. Now I would like to buy this curling iron as it is youtube favorite, this is the YouTube, and the tube is for all the ladies with 21 juicy sisters 07. I have got the beautiful result, and they are very great.

They are great as well as we suggest it. The pro does great work, and I order it from online. This is what I like.

People become amazed how it used and made for USA port, how the plug looks like. After that gluconate the plug. So it is just fit for Australia.

This is what I like, and there is a problem for me as I use curling knives. I would like to use less curling iron then you clamp with it that is fine.

There is an excellent barrel with it as you see it is 38 millimeters and size is one and a half inches.

You like the heat setting down, the temperature may go from 310 to 400 degrees F, and the context goes to 200 degrees Celsius. The cord is swivel, and it is fantastic.

I like to get this kind of curling iron or any styling tools as you do not like to get tangled in them. I am very much excited to use this. It is very fantastic. As soon as it comes like to add a pop converter and like to plug in.

Prepared to curl the hair and stopped dead the tracks as it does not create curl. It was less massive as I heard from many people about this and I think it is correct. If you hear ten people say this is great, the product is great.

I have visited many sites, and it seemed to me that the product is great. But the reality is different. I have done something wrong.

I exactly do not know what the problem is, but it is not doing function for me. Face no problem to curl hair. You know the exact size, and it is perfect for the barrel. The right position is in the middle. I attempt with the product and say to absorb hairspray.

I have used 201 various ways to work for me, and I prepared the videos to make the people aware. Think it is not worth for all types of hair and then ask your guys do you like to have a curling iron with big barrels that you suggested.

I desire one, and I would like to buy one and do not find on the black.

I would like to curl and make the style of my hair and like to have something that aids me to remove this voluminous curls. But now I have got something which is very disappointing, and I want to suggest you know the way of using.

If you think I am doing wrong, I tried to make curl from the end, and I attempted curling from halfway out. Let it go down and go up again. I tried to use it under the clip or around the clip and tried with a clip or without the clip.

I have tried mostly all, but nothing works for me. Tried to use the clip and under the clip. I attempted with the clip or without the clip. I would like to buy it now and would like to know details from the videos.

Product Information – Sultra Curling Iron

  • invention Dimensions: 12 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches ; 8 ounces
  • Domestic delivery: delivered only in the U.S.
  • ASIN: B003YC8NS2
  • Item model number: SU241
  • transport Weight:4 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On Sultra Curling Iron

Question: Do I need to buy glove?

Answer: There is a glove with the device

Question: The selected temperature is fit for work with the thin hair?

Answer: There is no temperature setting in it. It has one heat setting which can be really hot. If you have thin hair, I would suggest something else


Purchasing this Bombshell version Ought to Be based on factors such as your own hair type, texture, length and illness.

For people who want Shirley Temple locks; this Bombshell version provides you Sarah Jessica Parker loose waves onto a hot summer afternoon.

Iron? Everything depends upon you and the type of curls which you would like. Since this is Not a inexpensive product believing it over before making a decision to purchase is tremendously advisable.

Not that You’ll have regrets about purchasing this Bombshell version because its exceptional features are worth its cost.

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