A Very Necessary Remington AC9096 Hair Dryer Review

The Remington Silk Ceramic Ionic AC Professional Hair Dryer offers the best blow dryer for natural hair. Remington has the great power to make the hair dry quickly.

It will give you the salon like hair in your home. The hair dryer will make the hair smooth and shiny. The motor of this dryer will dry the hair very quickly, and this is 50% faster than the traditional dryers.

The AC motor has four years guarantee, and this will last for a long time. Read the detailed article on the best blow dryer for natural hair to know the huge tips.

Remington AC-9096 Silk Ceramic Ionic AC Professional Hair Dryer



  • The product is something quieter
  • It takes very short time to make the hair dry than the other traditional dryer
  • It has some interesting and useful bells, and There are some bells and some whistles of this product. Whistles (two speeds and three temperature settings, some necessary attachments)


  • This device is heavier
  • It is very long for the users as having more attachment
  • Many women possess long hair, and they have experienced the sucking of the hair, no problem for the women who have very short hair

Remington AC9096 Hair Dryer

Remington SILK Ceramic Ionic AC Professional Hair Dryer is the best hair dryer and does not take the time to make dry of the hairs. It is fit for all types of hairs. The dryer has silk ceramic technology, so this emits negative ions, and the hair becomes dry very quickly.

The hairdryer fights against the frizz. There are different heat settings and has the diffuser and concentrator to fix the curling hair. You will get the quality salon service at your home. So you can enjoy the styling hair and beautiful curling locks for the near future.

There will be no damage to the hair. It is 90 percent faster than the traditional curling irons of the market. The power of eliminating frizz from the hair is 50% quicker than the traditional hair dryer. So you will get beautiful and shiny and wavy with silky hair very quickly.

Features of Remington AC9096 Hair Dryer

Remington Ceramic Ionic AC Professional Hair Dryer

At first, wash your hair and make the hair conditioning first using conditioner. Then very gently wipe the hair with the towel and explore the hair with a wide toothcomb before using any hair dryer.

There are different letters for different speed and temperature settings. You can just switch on the button, and you will get your desired temperature.

F – Middle-speed setting

E – Top speed setting

N – Short warmth,

O – Intermediate heat

P- High temperature

For high heat, you can use the 11 mm concentrator. For super smooth style you can use the 7mm concentrator and the product which is round.

To make the curing hair add the diffuser near to the dryer, move your head upside and down then put your hair in the diffuser bowl slowly if you like to have the curl. Remington will make the different kinds of curl for your hair when it’s completely dry. Drying from the upside makes the hair more voluminous in the root. In this way, you will get the curly hair charming and wavy. It is the best kind of hair dryer no doubt.

How to Use Remington AC9096 Hair Dryer

There is no cap at the end of the dryer, so there is the possibility of holding hairs in the motor. I have got this kind of situation three times at the date of using the dryer. I had to curl the metal of the dryer to make the hair free. So I used the last part of free from  I have also experienced the same situation. So my suggestion is to add a cap at the end to save the hair from sucking.

Solution of overheating?

Hair dryer becomes very heated, and thermostat becomes turn off when it is clogged by the hair or by the dust. Brush the grille and screen filter. Tighten the screws now and then so that the moisture or hair does not enter the house of the hair dryer

 Buying Guide of Remington AC-9096 Professional Hair Dryer

 What qualities make the product something especial?

Remington is the best blow dryer for fine hair in the market. There are different heat settings and the temperature settings in this dryer. So you can make good styles of your hair with this dryer. The price of the device is reasonable. There is also cold shot setting in this device. It is very safe to use. They dryer also saves time. The product has four years limited guarantee against any defect. The manufacturers are giving some private assurances of the product.

How to Buy Remington AC9096 Hair Dryer

You need to be aware of some information about the product before buying a product you need to know whether the product is certified or the quality of the product is good or bad. Some of the products are entirely unauthentic and would like to deceive the customers. There are many options also by which you can choose the best products.

You can observe the reviews on online; you can observe the reviews of the users and the last option you can observe the YouTube videos of the products. Many countries of the world are producing the product, but the standard of the goods are not good. So you should select the best product and then buy the product.

The cause to purchase the Silk Ceramic Ionic AC Professional Hair Dryer

So Silk Ceramic Ionic AC Professional Hair Dryer product is the best dryer product in the market. The price is excellent. So you should select the best product.

There may have many stores who are also selling the same product and taking two or three times more than the real price, and the service is not okay. People would like to have this product as the product is authentic and have the fidelity.

You will get the product at your hand just within 24 hours after giving an order. They will offer you a circumspect package for which they would stipulate no charge. There is some gorgeous slogans cover of the pack.

You will get the cash back if he or she is not satisfied with the result of the product. We are on the way for all the times to give some assurance of the product.

What Others Says About Remington AC9096 Hair Dryer

The blow dryer we analyzed and assessed was an ionic hair dryer. Much like the Elchim and Conair versions we discovered. This blow dryer utilizes negatively charged air to wash your hair quickly.

The silk ceramic and ionic technology use genuine silk protein-coated grill using a silk ion generator for quicker drying. Moreover, the dryer also decreases frizz. These attributes add glow and stop the hair cuticles. It is best for natural hair. The silk ion generator generates 90 percent more ions compared to most other versions.

The video below indicates the drier attributes. Enjoy the blow dryers. The Remington Silk ionic supplies two speed settings and three heats. Additionally, it has a cool shot button that is comfortable for you.

The system includes both diffuse and concentration attachments. You will be able to easily straighten or curl.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Remington AC-9096 Professional Hair Dryer

Question: How long is the life span of the dryer?

Answer: The dryer’s salon quality AC motor will remain four times longer than the traditional dryers. It has a motor or 1875 watts which generate the same airflow like the salon and works well with a comfortable experience.

Question: How loud is the hair dryers?

Answer: It is not very loud at all. Most of the dryer are loud.

Question: Does the cool air button squeeze-activated or switch activated?

Answer: You need to hold the button down.

Question: Is it fit for curly hair?

Answer: My hair is, of course, curly; the style is well, and I use the curling iron after

Final Verdict

So this is very hard and tuff to select the best dryer for the natural hair.There are so many dryers in the market. You need to select the best one among them. I like this one as this has given me the desired result. The price of the dryer is very reasonable.

The weight of the dryer may seem heavy, but this dries my hair within only ten minutes. There is no feeling of overly dry or frizzy. I feel my hair is smooth and straight as if I used the flat iron. I have the option to use the round brush to make curl at the end of the hair dry.

Remington is quicker than the most of the hair dryer in the market now.. The back of the dryer has a smaller end to suck the small amount of hair. The dryer could be the only choice for everyone. Thanks for reading the article on the best blow dryer for natural hair in the website.

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