How to Use Spiral Curlers

Bernice worried about how badly her hair gets affected by the warmth curling irons. Plus, the fact that she still had to worry about how the curls disappear in no time.

She hoped she could curl her hair with a different method. News flash! Spiral curlers are the best fit for her at this point. To give her that shiny curls without affecting her hair with heat.

She needed to have a grasp of how to use spiral curlers for her to get the best results from them. This is precisely the purpose of this article.

What Are Spiral Curlers?

Many people limit themselves to just spiral curlers whenever they discuss curlers. However, there are two basic kinds of this particular styling product.

Spiral Curlers

First is the one mentioned above, the magic spiral curlers. This kind of hair curlers comes in the exact shape the curls you get from using them will take also. These spiral curlers also aid the natural flow of air through it during use. That alone aids the hair set and keeps the coils dry.

Flexible Rod/Foam Rods

This is another kind of curler for spiral curls. This does not come in the same plastic form as the previous kind. It, however, comes in a foamy feel. They come in long, shaped like sticks but made of foams. 

It is excellent to give your hair those nice-looking ringlets. You only need to have your hair strands curled around it with the end of the rod curler bent to set the hair.

NOTE: These two kinds of spiral curlers do not need heat to function superbly on any hair. The absence of heat helps reduce the risk of your hair gett8ng damaged in the process. 

Pros And Cons Of Spiral Vs. Flexible Foam Curlers

The plastic spiral curlers have great flexibility. This makes it comfortable whenever it is used. This is not the same as their flexible foam rods counterparts.

It is much better as the plastic curlers also have air vents. This makes it a better option as your curls now dry up themselves and faster and are also long-lasting. Even if your hair is thick, this product is the best for you. So too, these spiral curlers do not take the whole time to set your hair curls. You even do not have to have them stay long in there for a long time before you get those spiral curls set.

These kinds of spiral curlers are also preferable as they do not need heat to give you that natural, curly look you genuinely want. These curlers, however, give discomfort when you use them sometimes. Some others even complain their scalps feel uncomfortable whenever they use these curlers for spiral curls. You then need to get the knots in your hair disentangled before using them.

Depending on the kinds of coils you wish for also, the flexible foam rods are perfect. You can either use any of the two different size options these curlers offer. If what you seek are tight coils, you definitely will have to opt for the narrow foam rods. And if what you want is the volume which does not come with a precise kind of spiral, you will choose the thicker version of these from rods.

Unlike the flexible foam curlers above, the plastic spiral curlers do not offer options in sizes. Instead, it provides opportunities in the two different colors it offers. Among the two colors, one of them allows for clockwise kinds of coils while the other color will go anti-clockwise. These will help you create a natural look if you do as well as to alternate these colors and curls.

Finally, while foam rods will be a perfect curler for both damp/wet and dry kinds of hair, its plastic counterparts are the best fit for wet ones. So, you have to get your hair wet before you use the plastic spiral curlers. This is as they will not stay for long if they are used on dry hairs even if they will look natural. This is simply how to get tight spiral curls without heat.

How To Use Spiral Curlers- Step By Step Process

Using spiral curlers for your hair would require you to follow the guide in this spiral curl tutorial.

  • Ensure every knot on your hair has been disentangled properly.
  • Use any styling product of your choice through the hair to get read of buildups.
  • Create segments in your hair. Note that the section should be small enough to make the spiral pull easier.
  • The hook now goes straight into the curler. First, twist at the root before making use of this hook to grab the part that was twisted.
  • You can now pull swiftly through the curler, and at the same time, you release the curler from the hook. Maintain a tight grip on the hair at the root as well as the curler's rubber end.
  • Watch out for any tangles or knots. And when you see any, you do not force the curler through. That can damage your hair while doing that.
  • A slicker cream for styling purposes will come in handy here to help avoid the sticky mousse.
  • Now, your hair should have sprung into the right shape. If that is not the case, then you still have to stretch out the curler, and when it folds now, the desired shape should now be set on your hair.
  • Now let your hair get dry. You can also leave in the curlers for as long as you so wish.

Before you take the tubes off, unroll them and make them flat, and see your hair come out in attractive and shiny curls.

How To Make Spiral Curls With Foam Rods

With the following steps, you will learn how to use foam hair rods. These are the primary ways to use foam curlers.

  • Decide on the size of the foam rods you wish to use. You can go for either the narrow ones or the thicker ones, depending on the kind of results you want.
  • The hair to start with must be any of these —a dry hair, a damp one or a wet one—.
  • Apply either a lotion for styling or instead apply a cream that will help you keep the set for a long time.
  • Get your hair strands around the rods and make sure they do not overlap. The strands must go round the rods in a spiral form.
  • The rod end should be bent so as not to have the hair fall out.
  • Leave the hair till it gets dried. Even though a hair blower will help, yet it can have ill effects on a damaged, frizzy, or dry hair.
  • After it gets dry, straighten the bent ends of the foam rods and get the strands out.
  • Finally, comb through your hair with your fingers to disentangle curls that have tangled up.

Tips For Applying Spiral Curlers

  • First, it is advisable to use these curlers on damp hair. When the hair has its tresses shaped just recently, the curls stay on for a while longer.
  • Create segments in your strands first that will help you use the curlers easier if your hair is a long one.
  • Start the sectioning from the back of your head, the lower half to be precise.
  • At the exact point you wish the curls to be in, make a part. Then you create even further sections.
  • Comb through periodically to avoid tangles altogether.
  • If the segments are smaller and there are no tangles as well as the curlers are used down to the roots of your hair, you will create a very natural look.

The little clamp gives a winding spiral

Ringlets or spiral curls are excellent looking for longer or long hair. If you have naturally wavy, curly and straight curl, you can do spiral curls within a short time and use a spiral curling iron. There are some steps to follow:

Brush your hair using a natural-bristle brush. Without using heat, this will help to smooth the coarse area of the hair.

Divide your hair into even sections and pin each section to your head with butterfly clips. Use one-inch wide section for your tight spirals and use two inches sections for loose weaves.

Clear the section closest to the left side of your face from its clip

Keep the end taut and use hairspray to coat both sides. This will help to make the hair curler without weighing the hair down.

Position a spiral rod next to the section, vertically on the side closest to the back of your head. Keep the root of the section on the top of the rod and then wrap the remainder down it until you go to the tip.

Pull a hair elastic at the behind of the rod as well as wrap it tightly throughout both the rod as well as the tip of your hair to prevent it from becoming undone. Use a hair elastic without metal to block creasing.

Grab one point of the spiral rod with each hand. Round the ends down, To the neck and overcome the left side of the rod on the right. Do the equal thing for rest of the hair and do your work from left to right side.

Leave the rods in your locks for a least of 20 minutes. The longer area they will sit on your hair, the longer the curl will last. Grab one part of the rod with one hand and draw it to the straight line.

Pull down it to remove the curl. Do it again until the hair loose.

Run your fingers over the heads of the curls to loosen them as desired Use spritz with the help of shine spray to soften the curl.

How to use spiral rods

When girls want spiral curls, then they have traditionally resorted to placing their hair on foam or plastic rollers or curling little sections of hair with a curling iron.

The warmth of a curling iron may lead to damage and doesn’t offer consistent results, while hair that’s set with conventional rollers is not impossible to sleep in.

Flexi sticks provide an option for those desiring glossy, semi-permeable spiral curls because they’re heat-free and may be worn while sleeping. Putting hair with flex sticks can also be less time-consuming than sexy styling and setting with conventional rollers.

  • Clean your hair thoroughly, condition it uses a moisturizing conditioner and then wring it out slightly.
  • Employ leave-in conditioner through your nose. A formulation which provides shine, moisture and controls frizz can give you the very best finished look.
  • Distribute setting cream through your hair this will help your hair maintain the curl once it’s put on the plastic sticks. Employing a setting lotion that doesn’t include alcohol, which can dry the hair out, will assist in preventing your completed curls from getting frizzy.
  • Earn a role in your hair with a rat-tail combine the coils are put on the plastic sticks, so you won’t have the ability to alter the part on your hair without destroying the curls. Side and central components are equally simple to create and fashionable.
  • Following the whole part of the hair is wrapped around the pole, coil it up on your will make sure that the rod remains on your hair. Repeat this step until all your hair was wrapped around flex sticks.
  • Leave the sticks in immediately, along with your hair fastened beneath a lace wrapping or bonnet.
  • The bats will typically slip away out of the nose as soon as they are uncoiled, provided that your hair is dehydrated.

Scrub your hair gently with a spray that is holding, holding spritz or oil sheen spray to give your curls glow and help them endure more. Attempt using a shower that doesn’t include alcohol so that your hair does not frizz up or be tacky or crunchy.

How to Use Spiral Curlers FAQs

How can I avoid frizz?

You must apply products that can tackle frizz properly on your hair even before you curl it. This will aid the look at the end 

Where can I buy spiral curlers?

You can always get a spiral curler online on Amazon or other shopping sites or in a shop around you where they sell hair products.

How can I deal with excess oil in my hair before curling?

All you have to do is wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo as this will get your hair clean before you curl it.

What care should I take if my hair is frizzy or damaged?

First, you have to ensure that you do not make use of a hair blower to get your hair dried. Wait for your hair to dry itself.

How do I achieve a more natural look with plastic spiral curlers?

 All you have to do is to make use of the choices plastic hair curlers provide with their color options. Alternate the colors to give you that natural look.

Spiral Hair Curlers Tutorial - Tangled Trends


Getting your hair curled up is excellent. Just like our friend, Bernice, we, however, do not want the heat from curling irons to have adverse effects on our hair. There is the point these curlers come in handy. The foam rods can give you different options for your curling delight.

Whether you want volume or tight coils. The plastic spiral curlers, on the other hand, will provide you with that natural look with its clockwise and anti-clockwise options also. 

You do not want to have your curls look too uniformed definitely. That makes the latter a better choice. You should not even find it difficult to get how to use spiral curlers also.