Xtava Flat Iron Review The Best Flat Iron For Curling Fine Hair

The Xtava is the best curling iron for fine, shiny, natural and silky hair. Ceramic technology is applied here, so the head distributes all the parts and makes the hair smooth and fine. This iron penetrates into the deep of free from makes the thick hair curl. To know the all about the iron read Xtava flat iron review.

There is a dual plate technology in this iron, so this has the high power to maintain the heat equally all parts of the hair. The high temperature for the coarse and thick hair, low temperature for the thin hair and medium temperature setting for all types of locks.

Xtava flat iron review

As this has the great power to distribute temperature, there is no possibility to damage the hair. There are ten different heat settings in this iron and range of temperature is from 265 to 445 degree F. this has the greatest power of consuming heat to the top level within 90 seconds.


Besides this has the most significant power to recover the heat in a quick mood.  This article the best flat iron for curling fine hair could be great for you to take a final decision




  • You can adjust the temperature according to your need
  • A button protects the cord of the dryer from being wrapping which keeps the dryer straightener close
    Have large plate to make more curl or hair at the same time
  • Pleasant, smooth black dull color.
  • Infrared rays aids to distribute heat to the surface of the dryer
  • Short times to absorb heat
  • Appears with a good big bag



  • The buttons are at the side of the curling irons where you keep your hand. There is the frequent change of the temperature in this iron. But this is the very rare issue

Why is Xtava titanium flat iron unique?

The infrared technology makes the hair shinier and leaves no damage to the hair cuticle. It is saving money and time daily. There are two inches wide floating plates in this flat iron. This is best for the user to make the style for the large section of hair at the same time.

The iron has dual plate technology; you will be sure that the most amount of heat will be absorbed in the ceramic plating for an easy and quick style.

There is a microprocessor which has ten different heat settings up to 445 degrees F. within 90 seconds the temperature will rise to the top position and has an auto turn off a system. This makes styling work easier. The device has eight feet long 360-degree swivel cord.

Features of Xtava steam straightener

  • Automatic turn off Mode
  • Raise heat up to 455 Degrees
  • Plates are made of Tourmaline Ceramic
  • LCD of the Temperature
  • 8 Foot Swivel Cord That having A 360 Degree Swivel
  • Infrared Wave Technology To defend Hair
  • Warm Up within 90 Second

Xtava hair straightener

Hair offers natural and shiny hairs that will remain for the whole day. If you regularly use the iron, then your hair will be damaged and frizzed. This iron penetrates into the deep of free from you can make the hair curl even to the thinnest part of the hair.

The Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic technology is applied here, so this ensures the healthy shiny and frizz-free hair.

How to use Xtava professional flat iron

Infrared technology is applied here to make The XTAVA Professional Infrared Flat Iron. The xtava Pro creates the soften curling hair as the heat goes into the deep of the cortex.

It has the great power to absorb heat, so this saves the time to make the curl of the hair. Water, Tales from the hair, breaks into small drops and being absorbed by the hair. So you can get the wonderful curling hair.

As there is no moisture on the hair, this will prevent the hair from growing any bacteria or other chemical effects.

Watch Xtava straightener video: Xtava flat iron review

Where will you purchase Xtava Professional Flat Iron?

Visit An online to buy the product

Buying guide of Xtava hair straightener

Reason to Buy The Best Xtava Flat Iron

Traditional dryer will give wavy in the near and the middle segments. Xtava Pro does not plunge into the deep to make the beautiful curls. As this short infrared ray creates heat to the surrounding air of the hairs and this conducts the hot air to the upper portion of the hair. So the heat from the conduction may cause frizz and dehydrated and damaged locks.

xtava steam straightener

Way to Buy The Best Xtava Flat Iron

Before buying a product, you need to know whether the product is certified or the quality of the product is good or bad. Many countries of the world are producing the product, but the standard of the goods are not good. So you should select the best product and then buy the best Xtava flat iron.

Some of the products are entirely unauthentic and would like to deceive the customers. There are many options also by which you can choose the best products. You can observe the reviews on online; you can find the reviews of the users and the last option you can observe the YouTube videos of the products.

I have taken a copy of manufacturer’s warranty from the manufacturer. You have the chance to make the guarantee copy from the manufacturers directly. Have the opportunity to see the information about the product on online or you can watch mailing address.

Manufacturer’s warranties will not apply to the following causes like the use of the product, where the product was purchased, or who you bought the product from. Please have a look at the warranty carefully and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.

Product info – Xtava time to shine steam straightener

  • Construct Dimensions:2 x 12.4 x 7.6 cm ; 771 g
  • Boxed-product Weight:771 g
  • the model number of the Item: XA0043

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Xtava Flat Iron

Question: Is it fit for wet hair?

Answer: It is not wise to use on the wet hair.

Question: is the ceramic plate coated or solid?

Answer: I do not confirm, but I believe it is coated, and the iron is very great. So you can use it and choose the styles of your hair.

Question: Can it be used for the thick and thin hair?

Answer: People who have thick and long and curly hair can use this flat iron. It works great for thick, thin and wavy hair

Final Verdict

The heating technology is very good, so this adds much to make the hair silky and shine which will remain for the whole day. The xtava Pro flat has a double speed to make the hair curl than the traditional hair dryers.

It has the great power to make the frizz and injure hair curl. There is a long swivel cord, so you need not any extra cord for the outlets.

The length of the cord is eight feet. The cable does not tangle as this is just rotated for your desired. Dual plate technology is applied to make the product.  

The flat iron could be the best choice for you. If the article on best flat iron for curling fine hair is helpful for you, then it would be the great achievement for us.

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